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Something for the Chaps…

I do know there are some people of the male persuasion who read my blog, and some of those sport some superlative sub-nasal smashers. So I just wanted to tell you all (and those ladies who have hirsuite other halves) about a rather spiffing new product that has been created by a friend of mine, who, incidentally, has by far the best waxed and curled moustache and beard combo I have ever seen. Better even than the chap at Whom The Bell Tolls last weekend!

Bounder Moustache Wax comes in two forms – Extra Firm and Mentholated, and it’s handmade in Blighty to the elusive Mr Wax’s own tried-and-tested formula. It contains pure British beeswax, Caribbean Rum and all sorts of other fabulously natural ingredients. Obviously I haven’t tried it myself, but I am assured by its creator that a gentleman using it can certainly be sure of a stiff-upper-lip all day and night! Perfect for a Christmas present for your chap, should he be the moustachioed sort, girls!

Click the picture to visit Mr Wax’s webular site.

Chin chin (or should I say, upper lip!)

Fleur xx



Your post is timely. This is unlikely to mean much to you but Taylor's moustache wax lacks the necessary strength to rein in my whiskers, whilst the once mighty Pinaud Clubman seems to be getting positively feeble of late.

This is just the sort of valuable service that Public Information Films should provide. Well done!

Mr. Wax

Fleur – I have been positively overwhelmed with the response from your readers and followers; all of whom are not only utterly splendid people but demonstrate the most impeccable taste with their interest in Bounder. Thank you, one and all!


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