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Let it snow!

It’s been snowing all day here, which has made me feel rather festive! It’s not settled much though, and the ground is just wet, so it’s fairly rubbish when you’re actually outside. However, since I put my tree up a couple if days ago and many have been sharing pictures on their blogs, I thought I’d show you all! It’s not at all vintage, but I like it.

It’s a little, white, artifical tree with white drop lights, silver baubles, miniature mirror balls and little feathered birds.

The top one comes on a clip so it can actually double as a hair accessory!

The cats have already been having a go at the tree – it’s what prevents me from getting a bigger one, or going more heavy on the ornaments! I expect I will come back to carnage after my Christmas dinner. 😉

Fleur xx


Laura C-dot

Isn't that cute! 😀 You'll have to show us if you wear the birdie as a hair clip. I like your white tree!

My dad and I got a nice 7' balsam fir for my parents house, and I decorated it with ornaments my mum has collected since before my older brother was born. It's always so much fun. But her putty tat thinks its a big plaything, just like your putties 😛

Hooray for snow! Its finally snowing over here too – it certainly came late this year!


I can just imagine putting little feathered birds on my tree with my two cats! It would be Christmas come early for them (and for me, as I view the wreckage). I love the idea though, and your tree looks lovely. 🙂

John B

OK – maybe the tree isn't vintage, but its passes admirably for the white artificial tree our family had in 1969-73. We went with red lights, red balls, and birds, just like yours. My folks still use all that, but they go for a real tree now; not the same.

Merry Xmas from NYC.


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