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A Riot of colour!

Where does the time go? I feel like I’ve hardly sat down for five minutes in the last week, so you’ll have to forgive the rather long delay between returning and reviewing Rhythm Riot. It’s so long that I’ve forgotten most of what I was going to tell you! Here goes nothing anyway!

I set off on Friday for the long drive down to Camber Sands. In order to get into the mood for a rocking long weekend of 40s and 50s fashion and music, I listened to… Metallica all the way there! hehe!

Arriving at the chalet that I was staying in with Monsieur Tony Nylons and Claire, manager of the What Katie Did boutique and makeup artist extraordinaire, I quickly unpacked and went off to investigate the special Rhythm Riot pinup photo studio! I was doing the hairstyling for a variety of lovely ladies. We had three fantastic scenarios set up – a plush pink boudior, a cute picnic and a seaside scene.

We went out for the evening, but I am sorry to say that this old lady can no longer cope with long party nights, and the early start Saturday morning was hanging over me like the proverbian Sword of Damocles. No photos either! (I am a terrible style blogger!) I had a pathetically early night of about 1am (given the dancing and carousing goes on until 5!) and arrived on ‘set’ at 10am sharp for our first pinup. I was fairly dressed down, as I was there to work, and not swan about. I tried to take a mid-morning breather in the beach’s deckchair, but I found myself menaced by Claude the crab.


Tony was hard at work all day, shooting our fabulous amateur pinups, as well as the divine Miss FanTeasy who was helping out all weekend. Here he is being very useful on set, demonstrating the art of the suspender-flash.

Miss FanTeasy’s dress is from Vivien of Holloway, and the shoes are from Rocket Originals

Saturday night is the big night, for bands and for glamour. I wore my Able Grable Ann Darrow yet again, and got tons of compliments!

The best part of the night was seeing Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry live! ‘Aint Got No Home’ is one of my favourite ever songs to dance to, and it’s also in one of my all-time favourite films, Lost Boys!

On Sunday, I was feeling extra, super, mega tired, but had a lighter day of hairstyling. I got to meet the incredibly beautiful Jenny, whose blog Yesterday Girl is well worth a read! Her blog also contains much more entertaining and informative photos, which show you what it was really like at the Riot! One day, I hope I can go as a guest as you really can’t get the full experience when you work. Ho hum!

Me, looking crumpled and lipstick-less with the gorgeous Jenny!

I got to do a little bit of modelling myself, too! Here I am in the brand-new 40s Fairisle jumper from Rocket Originals! I love the square neck so much. In fact, I am wearing it right now as I type this! (Their full shipment of the Fairisles is on its way, so check back with them in a couple of days’ time!)

The shoes and bag are also from Rocket, the trousers are my good old Heyday ones

In the right-hand one I’m also wearing my AMAZING new glasses from Dead Men’s Spex! Have a closer look as they really are special!

I ended up going home on Sunday night as I was so shattered, so here endeth my tale of Rhythm Riot for this year. I have some really fun things to tell you all about soon, and I will try a bit harder with my next post, promise! 😉

Toodle pip!

Fleur xx


Shrinky Inky

You are so fortunate to have such lovely events!

I love that new sweater from Rocket Originals! I've been searching for a Fairisle and was feeling like I might have to knit one myself—off to see if they have it on their website!

Betty Lou

i saw that new top yesterday and it's already out of stock 🙁

you look fab as always! i whish my lips could look like that without lipstick

Fleur de Guerre

Inky and Betty – it's not out of stock – they haven't had the shipment in yet! They only had 34" busts at Riot, and they came up large (as you can see as my bust is 37"!) They will have the full range of sizes soon!

LisaF: I got it from a girl in Ital whose company is called Trouble MacKenzie – I think only their myspace is working though. She custom made it for me, though as you saw Vivien of Holloway have new ones, though they are only suitable for giants like me. They will be having them recut!


I just love that first pic of you with the menacing crustacean…and I am a big fan of Yesterday Girl, so it's so wonderful to see her on your lovely blog!

Must look into snagging one of those Fair Isles. Gorgeous!

Love, the blogger former known as "Letters from the Home Front" and "Frivolous Flapper."


I think you look nice even when crumpled, tired, and being menaced by crabs 😀

Your outfits are fantastic – I like your Fair Isle jumper especially. Fair Isle is my mum's favourite thing to knit, so I never run out of those 🙂

Glad Rhythm Riot was fun – Don't feel bad about going home in 1 am – I'm a few years behind you and midnight is late for me. 😉

PS. I've worn your faux bangs all week this week – Millions of thanks for that tutorial!

Shrinky Inky

thanks Fleur!! I see they are going to have more but sadly i already have a stone and olive sweater from Rocket Originals so I don't need a second – but i am eyeballing the new red one with square neckline – or perhaps navy…or…or…or…..i need a fairy godmother!!

Nadja, Lillen och Lillens pappa

Looks like Claude the crab would be a nice pet 😉
You always look so lovely!

(and now to an "of topic" question- how do you get the ends of your hair in to your hotsticks? I have just got mine and I cant get the ends in… Have you got a trick for that or is it just practice?)

"The Golden Girl of the West"

Looks like a swell time, and I absolutely love the new sweater from Rocket Originals! I just got my second pair of shoes from them in the mail yesterday!As usual you look gorgeous darling! Oh! before I forget to mention. You have a little blog award on my humble page too!



These are such fantastic photos. This is my first time at your blog. I like it a lot. Have a cool and swingin' weekend. Cheers!


Oh my, Miss Fleur–you really have been a busy bee! 🙂 Thank you for keeping us up to date with things, though–I always love seeing what inspiring and exciting events and such you've been doing! I must say: you look absolutely gorgeous in each of these pictures (even the lipstick-less one ;)! I am in envy of those new glasses too… Simply wonderful and so unique!

Hope you can get a bit of rest soon. 😉

♥ Casey
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