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The weather outside is frightful…

It’s been a bit brass monkeys out there for the last few days, but I snatched a few minutes in the December sunshine last week to snap some photos for Miss Matilda in her Lutie Mae 1942 dress! I tried a few locations in the garden, and quite liked the lens flare effect we ended up with… even if you can’t see the details of the dress terribly well! (Sorry Miss M!)

I’m wearing it with my Showgirl fully-fashioned tights from What Katie Did, and my getting-rather-old pair of winter booties I bought from New Look a couple of years ago. Whilst not exactly accurate repros as they have a wedge heel, the suede and faux fur cuff definitely harks back to the overshoes of the 40s. I will cry when they wear out!

The belt is not included, but I liked the way it looked as part of the outfit! (Please excuse the creases – I was so keen to wear it that I put it on straight from the package!)

Here’s the whole outfit… obviously a cardigan was essential for the season, too! Without the arty-farty flare effect you can see the richness of the velvet. I am now totally torn about which of my lovely frocks to wear on Christmas day! What are you wearing?

Fleur xx


Betty Lou

Wow! Lovely dress, you look great in it. And the booties are cute!
I have a pair of Clarks, suede also. Nothing retro with them, but they do keep my feet varm


That dress is gorgeous and so christmas-y!!! I'd wear that if I had one! lol.

I am wearing a 60's dress in jewel toned plaid/check/tartan.

Merry Xmas


Such a lovely colour dress, the sleeves and neckline shape are really nice. I love the boots too!

I am wearing my sarong style barkcloth dress which I made last month, doesn't sound too festive but it is red, white and green! Pairing it with some early 50s green velvet heels with diamante trim.

Yesterday Girl

Hi Fleur, Love this dress on you, the colour is gorgeous. I am desperately in need of some booties, gee whizz was it cold today…my tootsies were frozen!xxx

Stefanie Valentine

What a lovely dress, such a beautiful colour, and cute booties too!

For xmas day i am wearing something stretchy that won't be too restricting after i've eaten all that food 🙂 xx

Laura C-dot

That deep red really suits you, you lovely creature!

I picked up a late 50's red satin dress at a movie studio costume sale for $15.00. A wee bit of tailoring, plus a glittery black cardigan and heels, and my outfit is done! This is for a military dinner at my sweetie's armoury, so I can go fancy.

Those boots made me squeal when I saw them – Too darn cute.


You look so beautiful, Fleur! This is definitely the perfect Christmas dress–the color is amazing on you! 🙂

♥ Casey
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Fleur de Guerre

Debs: It is slightly stretchy too, so if I wear it, I will forgo the belt 😉

Betty Lou: Have you seen the cute suede wedges at Clarks now? I am coveting a pair!

Glamour Daze: Thank you, I liked it too!

Angel: That sounds divine!

Kally: That sounds even more divine! I am so jealous of gals with vintage shoe sized feet!!

Kathy: Yes they are warm, but Chicago warm… not sure. You might be better off with some wooly/cable/ribbed tights!

SH: Thank you kindly 🙂

Jenny: Yes it's been a bit parky! I only left the house to go to the shops and that was bad enough!

Stephanie: I hear you… this dress does stretch though.. making it ideal!

Laura: Ooh that sounds amazing in the extreme!

E. Driscoll

What a lovely dress!And those booties! You wouldn't believe it, but just two minutes before I popped on here, I was admiring that dress on Able Grable.

My Christmas outfit will be for the Southern Hemisphere summer – a pair of red high-waisted pleated skorts, a white chiffon top, and a pair of candy cane striped wedges.

Miss Matilda

Thanks ever so for the pictures, as ever, looking good!!

I'm working on Xmas day in the afternoon, I'll be wearing black trousers and a red blouse, the scartlet street I made for me.

New Year is my thing, so will be wearing the Lutie- Mae!!


That is a beautiful color on you and perfect for the holiday for sure! I'm not sure what I'm wearing yet, still hoping to slim down just enough to fit into by 50s embroidered cherries dress! lol

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Andi B. Goode

That certainly is a dreamy dress and looks lovely on you.
I shall be wearing a dress my mother made me in a Christmas fabric that I chose. I ended up steering clear of fabrics with Santas and reindeer on them, much as I wanted something uber tacky.
-Andi x


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