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My 7 Days of Chic!

Chaps, this went up yesterday and I completely forgot to tell you all! You may remember me mentioning back in July that I was filming an outfit diary for FashionAir, well… here it is! Unfortunately I can’t embed it, so you’re going to have to watch it over there.

Fleur de Guerre’s 7 Days of Chic!

It’s rather fun to see what they edited out so it fit in the time, some of my outfits are lacking in explanation… and in the bit about my Betsey Johnson sunnies, they took out my line about how thoroughly they clash with my look – but I don’t care! Love them anyway.

By the way, my ‘striptease’ at the end is kinda deliberately hammy – I have never and could never manage to do something like that in a genuinely sexy and seductive fashion, even if I tried! Shona was giggling away behind the camera, in fact all my cameraladies were. πŸ˜‰

Do let me know what you think if you watch it.

Tinkety tonk!

Fleur xx


Stefanie Valentine

Wonderful! It's lovely to hear you talk about your outfits, i love your pinafore dresses. I have my eye on one from etsy but i don't know if it would suit my body shape. Your stripping at the end was hilarious! xx

Shrinky Inky

that was such fun to watch! it's like spending a day in your closet. which sounds a lot weirder than it should πŸ˜‰ Love the strip tease!

Andi B. Goode

That was brilliant! You are adorable. I liked the 'striptease' at the end. Haha. It was great to hear you talk about the outfits, too. =D
-Andi x


hahah that was great! Your accent makes you even more lovely! I just watched your youtube hair videos last night ! I am going to have to try the fake bang! Also loved the end of the video ahahaha so funny!


I really like what you've done with your hair here. Vintage hairstyling is one of those skills I'd like to pick-up. πŸ™‚


your lovely personality is your most charming accessory. really, tres charmant, fleurre πŸ™‚


Loved the video! It's always nice to actually see and hear someone after you've been reading their blog for a while. Now I can hear your real voice while reading your words.

I don't know why you said your Remix Vintage L'amour wedges aren't to everyone's taste…I think they're totally gorgeous and they look so very comfortable. They're some of my favorite shoes ever and I've been dying to have a green pair!

Thanks again for posting the lovely video and keep up the wonderful work!


How fun! πŸ˜€ I loved watching this video of all your outfits (and listening to your beautiful accent)… I'm seriously envying several of them (can I steal your wardrobe?! haha!)! Especially those pinafore dresses.

Congrats on the video feature! πŸ™‚

β™₯ Casey
blog | elegantmusings.com


Loved watching the video. It was so interesting to see what you wear on a daily basis, you looked flawless every day!

The playsuit and striptease at the end was a brilliant finish too!

Love your blog.


Ohhhhh… that was soooo nice. I loved those green trousers and the green dress and also that navy kinda style. LOVELY!
I'd really love to see more of you in "moving pictures"!!!


Lovely! I'd be very interested to know how you did that roll hairstyle that you wore with your 1930s outfit, I thought it looked great!


I wanted to hear EVERYTHING you had to say…dam those edits!! Loved it so much..love your look…xx from a Downunder Vintage Lover


That was really enjoyable to watch! I absolutely dread to think what my 'seven days of chic' would be… but it was lovely to see how your put your outfits together. Makes me long for sunny days… take care!

Darla: Retro Ways

So awesome, you looked stunning as always. I never can get enough of your clothing or seeing you model all of your lovely vintage finds!


By the way you inspire so many girls and maybe some guys to be just that much more gorgeous each and every day!


I absolutely LOVEED the seven days of chic. What wonderful outfits. Just lovely!
I found your blog today through Casey's Elegant Musings. It's wonderful!


What a lovely little video. Particularly love the red/white candy stripe frock at the end. Would love you to do a make up video/tutorial one day … your eyeliner is perfect & would love to know which brand/type you use and to see how you do yours!

The Vintage Housewife...

ooh Feur…what a pure delight sight! i love it…i also love the last photo of this post! anywho…i thought to offer my services…if you are ever in need to get those darn white adorable delightful shoes your way…you have a friend in the states…every april see mr.remix in person!so i am a email away…tootles! have a rocken' day

Ashliegh in Wonderland

LOVED it!!! What kind of dance was the weekend for…I just recently went to a Lindy Hop camp here in Australia…Never had SO much fun! I am now all inspired to jump on eBay and buy my next 100 vintage dresses, oh and remix shoes aaaahhhh swoon!


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