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My loss is your gain

Chapettes of the former colonies, please all take advantage of Amazon.com’s mega Remix Vintage Shoes sale immediately!

I am heartbroken that the gits won’t ship these shoes to the UK, because the Corazon Sandals I have been dying to get for the summer are on offer for only $80 (from $162):

Size (US) 10 for me please! 😉

They also have the stunning Spectator pumps (although not in navy, which is what I want) for $91 instead of $167:

I realise these prices are not necessarily cheap, but they are certainly a bargain for Remix. For those on this side of the pond, the lovely Clark’s Originals shoes I posted about a while ago are also on sale.

Also in black and purple, down to £39 from £59. I am waiting to see if they drop further. Because I is well skint, innit.


Fleur xx


Laura C-dot

Fleur, do you have PayPal? I'm in Canada but they ship here. If you can't get an American friend to help you out, I will for sure, because you can get me some WKD stockings 😉

Betty Lou

Oh damn that they don't ship outside the us, and that i don't have any money!

I got the Clarks in black from my boyfriend, last autum. Just changed the laces.


Hi Fleur – If you've got your heart set on Re-Mix shoes, this won't be of interest to you, but here I go…

There's a dance shoe store here in the States that ships internationally. They are carrying swing dance shoes by Aris Allen that are every bit as cute and are always 1/2 the price of Re-Mix shoes! They aren't made of leather, usually, which is what keeps the price down. I bought a pair of the 1930's red velvet oxfords and I've been thrilled with them.

You can check them out at DanceStore

I still want some Re-Mix shoes someday, but while my purse is still skinny, I'm happy with Aris Allens.

Miss Emmi

I have… 'difficult' feet to buy for, so I'm not comfortable buying shoes online. Even so, I feel these tugging at my resistance!

Yesterday Girl

How bittersweet it is for me to see the Clarks shoes in the sale as I bought the black ones full price….on the other hand perhaps I can now get another colour, i quite fancy the taupe!x

House Of Le'moore

I am sorry for that I never knew that. Ugggg But the shoes are so cute I am sure if you prawl the internet you may stumble upon some just the same.

Good Luck!! 🙂


I've got a bit of Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, and this is sooo tempting… Yikes! 😉

♥ Casey
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Miss Jess

I adore those shoes, so beautiful. I must resist! I second the comment about Aris Allen shoes, I use them for dancing but they are also good for streetwear. The red wedges and the spectator flats that I own are both made of leather, very good quality. However, my wedges were about $80, so I would rather buy Remix for that price!

Fleur de Guerre

C-Dot: Bless you! I think I just have to resist sadly, I noticed they only have one pair left on Amazon too – it's a sign! Eeeeek.

Nancy: Thank you for the info – I already have a pair of AA mesh peeptoes from DanceStore! 😀 They unfortunately can't be worn on the street in the damp old UK though. I save mine for dancing!

Everyone who is skint: Resist!
Everyone who isn't: Go for it!! 😉


I ADORE the Clarks Originals in purple, I saw them in the sale in Jones Bootmakers just before Christmas, I wonder if they still have them in a size 5, and ideally a lot cheaper…

Gutted about the lack of UK shipping for the Remix shoes on Amazon, the Spectator pumps are just darling! Oh, this isn't fair! I am also skint…

The Vintage Housewife...

oooh sweet fleur!!!! Wow thanks kitten i would have never known to check out amazon…thanks kitten! eekkk running now! I am such a sucker for remix shoes they are sosooo comfy! How many is too many?

Thanks doll! Now on a sad note…for me i love Rocket orig…and i am green with envy for your green pair…but alas…they run small…and cost just as much to ship…boo hoo!Remix will have to do…thanks Gal!


Great post! Those shoes are gorgeous. I very much want a pair now. I showed them to my mother and sister who then told me they were quite ugly. But what do they know, lol.

Jackie Harrington

Why not get a US posting address? There's quite a few companies out there that offer this service – they will receive the goods on your behalf, then package them up and send them onto the UK for you. It isn't super cheap (for example, I wouldn't buy Gap jeans via this service as, by the time you pay postage and customs fees, they would cost the same as they do here), but it's great for getting items that you just can't get in the UK (like the Remix Vintage Shoes!). I've used Borderlinx in the past and they've been excellent. If you Google them, they should come up pronto!


Fleur, I see they only have half sizes. Would you recommend sizing up or down for Remix shoes? I'm very much a 9.5, and never know if I should try a 9 or 10 (usually the 9s are too small and the 10s too big and I'm out of luck). Thanks!

Born too late

Thanks for sharing. I love love love Re-mix shoes but you are right, they are quite pricey esp. when you add import duties and postage. They do sell a small selection of re-mix on Pinupgirlclothing as I found a pink pair of Rita there which were cheaper. I have ordered some more effordable Aris Allens though!


Why don't you just post them to ME you daft women, and I'll forward them on to you?!?!? DUH I AM YOUR US ADDRESS… we've only been IRL friends for how long and its the least I could do!!

Taylor M

I love re-mix shoes. The owner/designer is a great guy and quite a character. He said those sandals were based off a child's shoe but he thought it was too cool to not make. Also, the soles are super durable rubber so they make great street shoes. I have the spectator wedges…so nice to find a cute shoe with some hight that is comfortable too!


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