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Romance and cigars

The weekend before last, I finally went to an event that’s been running a while, but which I hadn’t yet managed to attend – Die Freche Muse. It’s a night packed with burlesque, live swing bands and music to dance to until dawn. Literally, as it goes on until 4am! It’s held in a private members club (or someone’s house – I couldn’t work it out), which means that you can smoke inside. Now while I am certainly not a smoker, this was a revelation for my chap, who is. It was also an opportunity to relax with a drink and a cigar – a large manly sized one for him and our friend Lukash von Morgan, and a girly sized one for me.

Lukash in his genuine Hussars jacket, with genuine cuban cigar. Whether rolled on the thigh of a virgin, I couldn’t say…

Me with the ladies’ version

There was a rather talented photographer there called Boris Conte, who took some rather splendid pictures of us. We didn’t know these were being taken!

Go here to see the rest (hoping that it works if you aren’t friends with him…)

Fleur xx



Fab photos,so romantic. I have only just discovered your blog. It's lovely.
Melbourne, Australia


Wow Fleur, those photos are beautiful! I always love reading about your adventures. You have such an interesting life! 😀


wonderful photos.
are yer off to hep cats this weekend?
my favourite Italian bands there THE GOOD FELLAS
Ciao joan in italy but heart still in London


I'm not ashamed to admit that that first b & w photo of you and 'the squeeze' gave me a little chill. It's the height of romance…perfection. You both are dishy, too. 🙂


Hi, been following your lovely blog for a while now, but these splendid photographs have prompted my first comment! The first sepia of you two is simply stunning 🙂


You look absolutely gorgeous, and all the pictures are so very beautiful – I can't believe you didn't know they were being taken: that means – you actually look *even better* when you're not posing?
Aww, I'm so jealous. Everytime someone takes a picture of me without me knowing, I end up look nitwit, sleepy or simply horrible – not that I can avoid looking dumb even when I'm posing! 🙂


The photos by Mr. Conte are stunning. They capture the warm feeling of being with friends and having a perfect Manhattan, or perhaps a cigar!


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