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New girls and old dames

Hello blog-land!

Well it’s been an absolutely delightful couple of days in Blighty, weather-wise. Spring is really here, and in fact, it’s been warmer than some of the summers of recent memory! Today has been the first Swirl day of the season, and I’ve worn not one, but two of my Swirls! No pictures of the dresses, I’m afraid (one is old and one is new and never-before-and-still-not-pictured), but I do have a latest purchase to show off.

Tomorrow I am participating in the Tweed Run, which is a leisurely 12-mile jaunt through London’s sights, with all participants setting off from Central and stopping for Tea in Kensington Gardens, before carrying on to the finish in the East End.

I am being sent to cover it for my column in The Chap, though I haven’t owned a bike since my beloved BMX was nicked from my student house in my second year of university. I thought that they were simply issuing me with a press pass to be allowed into the various parties along the way. But, as it turned out this morning, I am allowed to actually ride in the Run, so there was nothing left to do but go and find a nice old-lady bicycle.

I set off this morning for Burt’s Cycles, a lovely independent and long-established shop in a nearby town. I was informed by a friend that they would have something cheap and cheerful, and she was right; although as soon as the nice chap in the shop showed me the 1930s ladies Raleigh he had, nothing else would do. It wasn’t exactly cheap-as-chips, but at under £100 for something so well-built and of the ‘right’ era, I couldn’t say no. One wicker basket and chain-guard later, the old dame was all mine!

Please excuse the phone camera photos! I got her home and took her off for a spin to the next town to visit my best friend at work. Four miles each way, and I can definitely feel I’ve done some exercise! I am a bit worried I’ll ache tomorrow now, so keep everything crossed…

I stopped off for a 99 by the river on my way home… now that’s the way to spend an afternoon!

I’ll be reporting back on the Tweed Run itself of course… I won’t be wearing tweed, though I will be in my summery, vintage best!

Now for the first part of the title. The fabulous Naomi of Vintage Secret has written a blog, which really struck a chord. It’s about a movement she is calling the ‘New Girls’ Club’, and is about the fellow small-business-women she is proud to call friends and associates. Well I am even more proud that she counted me among them! She says,

I belong to a coterie of women movers and shakers of which I am quietly but I think justifiably proud. Who are these dynamic women though? Well, dear readers, let me bestow on them the title of (thunderous drum roll please) The New Girls’ Club’ or NGC.

Many of my NGC heroes overlap with Naomi’s, but I have my own to add. These are all ladies who have helped me, involved me and inspired me, and I hope I have helped back in return. I’m sure I will forget someone too, so bear with me if this gets updated!

Shona van Beers of Heyday Vintage
Katie Halford of What Katie Did
Hannah Asprey, designer of Era Magazine
Fiona Culshaw of Notorious Kitsch
Kaye Grant of Rocket Originals
Miss Matilda of Able Grable
Nina of Nina’s Hair Parlour

But the biggest hero of all…

Naomi Thompson
of Vintage Secret! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Naomi. Big kiss to you, you gorgeous lady!

Have a read of Naomi’s blog about it and if you feel you belong in the NGC, then why not do a post of your own!

Have a great weekend!

Fleur xx

PS. I just noticed that I have hit 1,000 followers! 1,001 to be precise, at the time of writing. I never thought that my little blog would take off in such a way, so I am rather humbled to find I’ve now passed four figures! I think it calls for a celebration of some sort… I will get my thinking (and networking) cap on for a giveaway!



Okay, first of all, this is Canada calling and we don't know how it happened, but it seems we've been sent your weather by mistake, and you seem to have got ours. GIVE US OUR WEATHER BACK 😉

Second of all….I seriously just need to move to England because I cannot even believe the number of AMAZING vintage things and events!!! A tweed run on a 30s bicycle? SWOON.

Can't wait to see pics of the Tweedie event!

I LOVE the idea of the NGC. Really awesome!

Congrats on the well-deserved 1000 + 1 followers!!!

Yesterday Girl

Mmmm…I want a 99. Love the new wheels, I would love a bike but am scared of big lorries/buses etc on scary London roads, so take care on your Tweed Run! I have just booked tickets for the 39 Steps vintage night, have been meaning to go and see it for ages, and what better excuse?! Congrats on your many, many, many followers, well deserved indeed!xxx

Straight Talking Mama!

I'm very proud to be a member of your NGC! We do have an amazing number of fabulous ladies who run businesses, events, movers & shakers don't we?!

I think we should all have an annual get together – when we're not all working, tough huh? – ladies only of course!

Miss Emmi

It isn't very stylish but I do hope you will all be wearing helmets!

Congratulations on the 1000 followers! You're an inspiration to so many.


This event sounds fabulous! I'd love to participate though I haven't ridden a bike since… well it's been a long time!!! Can't wait to see your beautiful pictures! :))

Catwalk Creative Vintage

Eeek! Love your bike and for under £100 is an absolute bargain! I'd never heard of the Tweed run. Funny you mention Naomi – she's a fellow Vintage Fashion Guild member – small world! It's reminded me that I should check out her blog and get updated with what's been going on in her world – it's been a while. I'm now a follower of your blog. 🙂


Hello! I've been reading your blog for quite some time, and always love reading about the different vintage events you attend. I'm so jealous! You live a lovely life, for sure!



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