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Winner revealed!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has emailed, tweeted and Facebook messaged me about the death of my kitty Fezzik. I disabled comments from my last post as the kind things people had said on my private Facebook and elsewhere were so touching, they just made me cry even more, so it was only in an effort to pull myself together! But thank you everyone who either sent me nice thoughts through the aether or nice messages through the interweb… you are all so lovely.

I buried the Fez yesterday, in a lovely shady spot just by my parents’ pond. The perfect resting place for him! My remaining baby Inigo is being very sweet and affectionate – I am worried about how things will go as he realises Fezzik isn’t around… I hope he will be OK, if not, I may have to get him a new friend. No new kitty could ever replace my Fez though. RIP little fur-man!

ANYWAY! Here are the results you’ve all been waiting for! Not as many entries as last time, despite greater follower numbers. But thanks to my ‘clever’ comment system, doing the draw has been much easier, not to mention quicker. Sadly, it’s less visually exciting, but hey ho. Are you ready? Dun…dun…duuuuuuuuuuuh!

The winner is the poster of comment number 96, which by my calculations is none other than …

Deborah of Fondant Kiss! Her blog and Etsy shop are lovely – I’m so glad you won so I discovered them and can direct people to discover them too! Go and have a look ladies!

Deborah, do email me on the address on the left of my blog, and I’ll put you in touch with Playful Promises to sort out the sending of your lingerie. Sorry to all the other entrants… thank you for entering and stay tuned as I’ll be hosting many more such giveaways in the future.

Don’t forget that if there’s anything you fancy at PlayfulPromises.com or at their East London Boutique at 136 Bethnal Green Road, you can get 20% off for another week, using the code ‘vintagegirl’. Happy knicker buying!

Lots of love to you all,

Fleur xx


Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage

I have had fur babies pass and had to try to find a way to handle the remaining kitty's loneliness. It will pass sooner than you think, especially with a little extra lovin' (which I'm sure won't be an issue!) I have seen herbal remedies for stress for kitties at pet stores. I haven't tried any with my 3 babies but a girlfriend says they work great. They are used when you move or when you go on vacation and the cat is under a lot of stress. May be something to look into for your little sweetie, if he gets really down in the dumps! Good luck, darlin'! xoxo


Congratulations to the winner! I would just like to say that I'm really sorry about your beloved Fez. I know what you are going through, I have lost two kitties so far and it was so hard. I have two cats now and one of them, my beautiful Himalayan Chewy, has Leukemia and I fear of what the future will bring for him. But I can't help but love him and take care of him for as long as God wants him to live. My best wishes to you! xoxo


Hi there
Wow I am over the moon (so is other half….why????).
I didnt realise you had been having such a rough time, I am so sorry for your loss and hope time heals with lovely happy thoughts about fab Fez.
I have emailed you and look forward to hearing from you when you feel up to it.
Take care
Deborah (FondantKiss) x


Oh I have to say how sorry I am for you. I read the earlier post and it made me cry a little. We too let our cat go out, I know it's risky. But we can't stop it now since he has done it his whole live (he's 6 years old). Losing an animal friend is truly horrible, I know know from experience.. I wish you everything good and hope you will start feeling better. 🙂


Congrats to the winner!!

Imso sorry about your loss. Two weeks ago, my dear kitty Yuki died…and she was only 15 days old 🙁
I completely understand you, so big hugs on your way missy <3333


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