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As scooters can be…

Regular readers of my blog will know all about Tart, the event I co-host with Mr David Carter and Miss Naomi Thompson, but our next instalment this coming Saturday is a little bit special. Not only do our gorgeous ladies get to eat delicious Vintage Patisserie cakes, try on What Katie Did corsets and sample divine cocktails made by burlesque star and bartender extraordinaire Emerald Fontaine (in addition to all the pampering and shopping), but we have an incredible new sponsor for our ‘Queen of Tarts’ prize.

This prestigious title is awarded at the close of the day, to the girl who has undergone the biggest transformation since her arrival, from modern to vintage fabulous. The prize this month is being provided by Direct Bikes, the UK’s no 1 scooter brand, who have generously donated one of their stunning 50cc Retro Scooters in a very pretty baby blue finish, worth an astonishing £649!

I now want one, of course, and am wracking my brain for disguise ideas… 😉

What you may not realise is that every guest takes home an amazing goody bag, stuffed to bursting with treats like Benefit makeup, vintage knick-knacks, What Katie Did stockings, retro accessories, magazines, discount flyers and more. This month and onwards, guests will also be delighted to find a bag of old fashioned sweet shop goodies from the rather fabulous Suck and Chew, a lovely shop located on the famous Columbia Road in London’s East End. Rhubarb and Custard anyone?

We’ll also have some amazing custom-made Tart jewellery to pop in the goodie bags, hand-crafted by Kali Anderson of Lush & Lovely. Kali came along to Tart a few months ago as a guest, and loved it so much that she’s come on board as a sponsor, so thank you Kali for being such a doll.

If anyone out there is a purveyor of vintage style goodies and would like to come on board as a sponsor of Tart, then we would be absolutely delighted to hear from you. We have 30 immaculately attired ladies attending every month, up to five press guests (always from national newspapers, magazines or huge blogging sites) and a combined mailing list of over 20,000 on which to promote you. We’ll also have our very own website soon!

And to the rest of you, I hope we’ll be seeing you at a Tart in the near future!

Fleur xx



I wish we had an event like tart in the Netherlands… It sounds so great!


Oh man! Why am I too poor to come this time? I'd love a scooter, what an amazing prize! When are the next Tart's and how do I get in?!

Dee Ann Scott

I ~LOVE~ little scooters, I want an old, original style Vespa (~Roman Holiday~) or something very much like that. I love wee itty-bitty cars from the 40's & 50's and old school scooters..

Sigh…. 🙂

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Kate O

I'm moving back to London in August so hopefully I'll be coming along to the September Tart… I won't know anyone there though, I hope someone will talk to me!
Anyway, fingers crossed by this point you'll have upgraded even further from a free scooter to something four wheeled 🙂
Or even a horse!


Goodness! Please move to San Francisco and perk up the scene out here, which is sadly lacking in vintage awesomeness. 🙂


gosh yes i'm intrigued to know how you 'get in' or whatever its called.

not that i could afford it or be able to get there or be let in. haha.

just curious.


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