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How do I love thee, House Dress

Since I have nothing constructive to say today (I have done some things, but the photographic evidence is still forthcoming), I thought it was time for a plain and simple outfit post.

Now, as many of you know, I do love a house dress. Swirls are my favourite, yes, but there’s plenty of room in my heart for frocks that wrap around the front instead of the back. Essentially, I just love a wrap – they’re easy to wear, flattering and you just can’t really go far wrong buying them online. Even if the seller has got the measurements out by several inches, there’s always leeway. I could live in wrap dresses. If it didn’t mean catching hypothermia from September to April, of course.

But a wee while ago, Miss Matilda of Able Grable fame got in touch to tell me about her new wrap house dress design. Would I like her to send me one, she asked. Err… let me think, I replied. Do bears relieve themselves in tree-rich environments? Unfortunately, though I have worn it approximately eleventy thousand times since then, this is the first time I’ve had it captured on camera. Because that weekend was the first time it was warm enough to actually wear it out of the house! Et voila!

So here it is, the Ready Hedy floral house dress! It’s made from an authentic-feeling rayon, with a very 40s-looking rose print. It wraps with an internal tie and closes with a hook-and-eye, the belt is separate so you can tie it wherever you like. It even has a cute patch pocket over the right hip. So all in all, pretty much my perfect dress!

Something I learned while having these photos taken is this: It’s hard to get a flattering angle for your legs when in flat shoes. I hardly ever wear flats, because I’m quite paranoid about my wide calves, which at least look slimmer in wedges and heels. I can just about cope with them in real life, but on camera they looked worse. If a lens adds 10lbs, I’m sure it’s all on my lower legs!

I wore the Ready Hedy with my peach Dixabilly bolero, and aforementioned flat sandals, which I do actually love, and come from Schuh. They can’t really be described as repro, but they have a vintage-esque quality. As the Vintage Baroness established, flat gladiator sandals were popular in the 30s, and the woven front and straps definitely remind me of other 40s sandals, even if they might have had a heel or wedge.

I finished the outfit with my Dead Men’s Spex sunnies (wrong era…don’t care!) and some peach rose vintage earrings. Oh, and a Hedy type hairdo in tribute, not as well brushed as it might have been… oh well!

Hope you have all had lovely weeks, and, if you’re in the UK, that you went out and voted today.

Toodle pip!

Fleur xx


Sarah Dee

You always look so amazingly chic i cant even stand it! And that dress is so amazing



Oh, Fleur, I've got that frock as well and I LIVE in it!!! I think your calves are perfection and I just adore those flats…but if I wear heels regularly and then switch to flats I find my hips just ache and I feel stumpier somehow. Not so with you, oh long legged pin up!

Tilly Trotter

Tsk! Calves look delightful. I love the pop of red seen through the toe of the sandal. The print is glorious on the dress, so cheerful and British looking.


I love wrap dresses! I agree they can be worn by all sizes. Its to bad this AbleGrable dress doesn´t come in "plain" colours or does it ? You look great in that print as I alas would look like some kind of "Eliza" I´m afraid. What fat legs ???!!! The camera loves you Fleur it picks up your fine features an bone structures everytime!

Stefanie Valentine

Fleur your calves are absolutely lovely! If you think yours look wide then you haven't seen mine; they're about twice the size of yours!
The Ready Hedy dress is lovely and i've had my eye on it for a while now, maybe you've convinced me to splash out and buy one!

melina bee

I believe that the way heels shit how you hold your weight results in a more attractive image for a photo. For example, it kinda forces you to stand balanced on one leg more than the other (or at least me) and I've read that's a key to good photos. (I know you know faaar more on that topic than myself… care to give us some tips?) I think in general it just boosts everything up in such a… pre-photoshop, photoshop way that no matter what your legs look like, they will look infinitely better in heels. Marilyn Monroe was apparently self-conscious about her calves being too thing and wore heels for the same correction.
wonderful and super comfy looking dress, I"m jealous.

a cat of impossible colour

Hello lovely Fleur! I have been away for the last two weeks, and I only just caught up with your sad news. 🙁 How heartbreaking. My thoughts are with you and wee Inigo. Lots and lots of love,


Andi B. Goode

Gorgeous frock! It looks wonderful on you. I feel the same about my legs in flats but mainly because I'm so darn short! ;]
-Andi x

Laís Pacheco

Darling Fleur de Guerre, i want that you know, you're one of the few pin-up inspiration i have, you are beautiful, you are perfect! love u. and thanks for exist 😀


The print is great, love it.
Also think it's nice that you mix different eras, I mean, it was totally natural back "then" (few people could afford to update their whole wardrobe at once), so why not now also?

Vintage Birdy

i just love love love how enthusiastic you are about vintage fashion particularly the 40s. how you always wear 40s style make up and vintage clothes. youre an inspiration of how its AWESOME to be different. :]

i like vintage clothes too. the 60s is my favourite era!


Wide calves? Where? I absolutely love the dress, the print on it is darling, and I love the cute little patch pocket! As loads of other people have said, the sandals are lovely, your legs look great, and I am very glad to see that one can buy decent vintage-inspired shoes on the high street. And it's so sunny – the dress is perfect for the weather!

Princess Margot

I must admit that you have such an amazing style that whatever you wear looks a million dollars!!!

On an other note, I follow your blog since the beginning but I was too shy to leave a comment…How silly I am! : )



Love Vintage! Love finding great deals too! SO enjoyed your stuff.
Have you tried JoeShopping.com? I found amazing stuff there.


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