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Kiss Me Katie

It’s been hard to escape the incessant doom and gloom of recession and the turmoil that’s blighted this country in the past few months: economically, politically and environmentally! Especially when it’s plastered all over the newspapers and beaming out from every television set. The good news is that there are a few products which can truly be deemed ‘recession proof’, and one that is a legendary morale booster… lipstick! The idea of using makeup to ‘put on a brave face’ has seen us through two World Wars and several recessions. And the ‘Lipstick Effect’ is clearly in force today, where, despite many luxury brands suffering, makeup sales are still going strong.

Once, as well as cheering us up, lipsticks and compacts themselves were true art forms. But over the years, the stylish designs of yesteryear have given way to dull, mass-produced plastic, although the formula and staying power of cosmetics have of course vastly improved. However, there is one modern makeup company trying to revive the art of beautiful vintage packaging: America’s Besame Cosmetics. How very apt, then, that



Besame!!!!! Besame muuuuuucho!!!!!!

Lovely looking product – saw it in the shop the other day – looks fab!


Lovely looking products, but the colours wouldn't quite work for me. I'm keen to find a pretty mirror compact for my handbag. Would you know where to find one? (A bit cheeky, I know…)


I'm so happy that we Europeans now have a way to buy Besame! And I noticed that you can pay with Paypal now on the What Katie Did website. I almost fainted 'cause I wanted to order so badly, but unfortunately I'm broke… πŸ™

Stefanie Valentine

Gah, you always look so beautiful, it's sickening sometimes πŸ™‚
I luurve Besame, their products are such high quality with great packaging. It's great to see your lips in other colours, they all suit you!

Andi B. Goode

Love these photos. I'd love to try Besame. Though, I think I must be a very strange woman because I'd rather spend two or three times as much money on a dress than buy myself new lipstick. =
-Andi x


It's about time there was some beautiful makeup packaging. I collect vintage compacts and I think it's such a shame that companies don't really make anything that compares anymore. I definitely think I'll be investing in one of the lipsticks.


Interesting fact: During times of economic malady, lipstick sales tend to blast off, so to speak. Maybe because you get a lot of proverbial "bang" for your dollar (or pound, to be more specific).

You look smashing, and you've such an elegant face. Perfect for a quasi-Hedi hair style.

Rock on sister!

Debra Doherty

Wow that looks like such a lovely shoot. Lovely makeup, just the sort of thing I've been after for years.
I think that Raspberry looks amazing on you. Couldn't see it on the website tho πŸ™
Do you know where these pics will be used?

Helen Highwater

I'm so glad What Katie Did are selling BΓ©same now – I celebrated by buying two Red Hot Reds! I do like their reds!!!

Lovely photos, by the way! What were you using to remove the lippy between each pic? I spose you have to make sure it's all gone otherwise it'll make the colour go a bit peculiar!


You look stunning, I love the way you look, as I did with Audrey Hepburn, could gaze for hours at such lovliness. So much pleasanter than all the ghastly orange skinned sluts around, with their backsides on show out of their jeans. Yukk! Make up looks great too.

Edward Snelson-James

Cher Madame

I write to seek specialist advice on Nylons.

I have been sewing in the mind of my Paramour the significance and importance of Nylons to a lady's wardrobe and recently my advocacy has paid off. She has selected and purchased several pairs. However this experience has been traumatic because she is a similar height and build to Nadia Auermann, 5 ft 11 in/180cm which means that Nylons of sufficient length to reach the crucial distance from the corset margin are far too large in diamater. Using smaller sizes of Nylons gives a diameter closer to acceptable but we are now at the smallest size possible within the range acceptable to our purpose.

Opera length Nylons are completely out, to my immense frustration.

I have mentioned to her that there is a slight ripple to Nylons, especially around the ankle, which adds to the drama of Nylon-wearing and sometimes a slight ripple elsewhere, depending on what the wearer is doing with her legs. However, from apartment to automobile and automobile to restaurant is enough to place the Nylons in complete disarray. Succesive visits to the powder room are required to adjust the Nylons and again and again.

This is my Paramour's first experience with Nylons and it has been a difficult one for her. I now have ground to make up.

We have discovered: That different manufacturers of Nylons use slightly different size patterns.

Do you know of any manufacturers of Nylons whose fitting is narrow for the length of Nylon. I have asked my Paramour to put on weight but there is only so much she can put on.

With thanks,

Edward Snelson-James


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