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Vintage Cycle Chic!

I’m on the cover of the current issue of London Cyclist magazine with a fellow Chap-scene regular (and in fact fellow reformed Guildford heavy metaller) Jon Fowler. Admittedly, we probably aren’t typical of your usual London cyclist, but the photo was taken during April’s Tweed Run, and of course, we wholeheartedly believe that those on vintage velocipedes should dress the part too!

Photo is by Daniel Bosworth and is courtesy of the LCC. Thanks to both, and do join the LCC if you’re a London cyclist!

I do enjoy overtaking old-age pensioners clad in sportwear as I furiously pedal Virginia up the tow path to the shops, usually because they close in 5 minutes… otherwise I might go at a more leisurely pace! I have to say, my lovely old boneshaker has been worth every penny since I ride her so often. When she gives up on me (which may be never since she is so sturdy despite celebrating her 60th birthday), and I can afford it, I will definitely get my money’s worth from a Pashley Princess!

Tally ho!

Fleur xx



LoVe it!! My old triumph bike was rescued from the local dump by my hubbie, spruced up and presented to be for my bday a few years ago. i Love it, and always get admiring glances (that's the bike not me) when i take it out. Love your blog too 🙂


So Virginia it is, congratulations! I didn't know, missed the decision on the naming, but it is beautiful, a very lovely choice 🙂


I have a Pashley Princess and I have to say I never look as glamorous when I'm riding it as you do on your bike. Fab picture.


Cheers, Fleur!

I love the feel of the photo. I would imagine if it had a sepia tint I would think it was snapped back in the day, so to speak. Kudos on your grace as you pedal through the city!

Anyway, please accept my humble introduction all the way over here in Chicago… So, "hello!"

Nice to make acquaintance with you, your jaunts, and your thoughts.

Good times, indeed.

Tally-ho, toodle-loo, pip pip and all that,



Retro Chick

I love that photo.

I'm never sure about getting a bike, I don't drive, so I often think one would be handy to get to the shops and the Post Office, but the thought of riding one again after so long fills me with fear!


Love it! I have been riding my Pashley Princess Sovereign to work almost daily for the last five years or so. We moved to New Zealand during that time and I certainly get some strange looks from passing motorists, but I don't care. They are wonderful bikes and worth every penny 🙂

– Jenny

Green Pickles

I neeeed a bike! I really do! I just dont even think I can remember how to ride one anymore! But I would love a retro bike with a little basket on the front!



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