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Catch-up once more

Hello everyone!

Popping my head in to let you all know I’m still alive and muddling through. Glad you all loved Miss Hannah’s photos in my last post. She’s really rather fabulously talented, don’t you think? She’s just bought a Flickr pro account, so do go and check out her sets over there – you won’t be disappointed!

So what’s new with me. Well the kitty is improving, though it was over a week until some signs of healing appeared. Fingers crossed it’s plain sailing from here.

I was honoured to be asked by Vivien of Holloway if I would model their brand-new pin-up shorts and 3/4 sleeve blouses. I did the ‘official’ shoot with Tony Nylons of Glimpse Magazine and general pin-up photography fame, and you can see them if you follow the links; but here are some more candid shots I did with my dad. 🙂

I am getting to keep a couple of pairs in return, so expect to see me out and about with them on!

The big thing on the horizon that I’m looking forward to immensely, is the annual Chap Olympiad 2010, which takes place next Saturday, July 17th. If you toddle over to the link, you’ll see a video of last year, in which I appear twice! I really cannot wait. I shall be looking after the scoreboard again this year, giving the victors in each game the recognition they don’t deserve for their sporting unprowess and general inebriation. Do come along if you’re free… but hurry – last year was a total sellout! Now to decide what to wear… I wanted to sport my pink bow Swirl that I wore on my birthday, but sadly the Whistling Tailor has it for repair after its mishap, and I don’t think I’ll have time to grab it off him before next Saturday. Outfit Plan B still to be devised! Here are a couple of snaps I took last year.

Myself, Stefanie and Naomi Vintage Secret

Atters looking up the skirt of yours truly

Atters and the Tug of Hair (a giant moustache)

Last year’s Gold Cravat winner Farhan and partner doing the Three-Trousered Limbo

Torquil Arbuthnot and Miss Minna (do read her much more eloquent Olympiad post on her blog)

It’s always a wonderful day, though you can easily spot who’s a Chap and who’s a tourist… first time visitors do not grasp the concept fully, and race off their marks, and take it all far too seriously. At the Olympiad, you get more points for fiendish cheating and louche style than you do for speed and accuracy!

You’ll find my full review, and many more pictures from last year’s Olympiad right here, and I hope to return with similar such photographic evidence of this year’s revels, to entertain those who are unable to make it.

Do head on over the The Chap’s webular site for more information, though I believe tickets should be purchased from thechapolympiad.com site itself. See you there!

Toodle pip,

Fleur xx


the freelancer's fashionblog

Those shorts look great! You can't really tell from the VoH site as they so far only have pics of the shorts on a mannequin doll. I love the new blouses too! Oh my, I never stop wanting stuff.


I can't really carry off shorts without tights and heels, so I shall have to leave those until the winter (maybe), but the new blouse is lovely. Definitely going to check that out.

Sadly I can't make it to the Chap Olympiad, but I look forward to hearing all about it!


Love that new 3/4 sleeve top! I think I need to have that. How did it fit? True to size???

You look amazing, as usual!

Justice Pirate

Love those shorts. I really need to buy fabric so I can make some shorts from a 40s pattern I bought months and months ago. goodness. I also think your outfit with the black hat is incredible!!!!! Nicely done!!! I always love all these classic parties you go to.


Oh, Fleur! Your black hat is simply divine! You look absolutely smashing!

I do quite like the shorts and wish I had your legs! 😉 They are normally the bane of my existence, but I think I may sew a pair from a 1950's pattern of mine and give them a whirl.

Sarah 🙂

esme and the lane way

The Olympiad sounds like a great event – especially the bits about louche style… much more my kind of sport!

And you look amazing in the shorts! Congratulations on the shoot, I look forward to seeing the pics up on the VOH site 🙂


Best wishes to you and your kitty!

These photos are wonderful, you're pictures of these great events make me and my husband want to move to England (even more than we already do).


Mrs Cleaver

Glad to hear Inigo is on the mend,i hope things continue to improve for you both.
You look fantastic as always ,i love the red shorts shot,just fab!!
I love that black floral dress on you ,soooo beautiful!!
Hope your having a great day xxx


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