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A dream come true…

Although I know a few people have spotted, and indeed indulged themselves in the frock I’m about to unveil to you all, I shall nonetheless make my very exciting announcement now, as if no one in the world has yet discovered the news. This project has been a good while in the planning, because nothing other than perfection will do, for myself, or for you. But finally, it’s here, it’s arrived, the realisation of a long-time burning ambition. I am delighted to tell you all that there now exists a dress, co-designed, inspired by and named after yours truly! Can you believe it?

Allow me to introduce…

The Fleur dress is inspired by the vintage wrap dresses that I love so much, and is based on a dress in my collection that’s actually handmade, but in the same style. Our inaugural, limited edition version has been called ‘English Rose’, and the design has a late 40s silhouette, with a gored skirt that’s not too full. Shona and I wanted to find a print fabric that works for ladies who love the 40s and the 50s, and with this lovely quality, 100% cotton, scattered with lush roses, we think we clinched it. The Fleur wraps from the back, fastening with a single button (which will change with each design, and in this case is a perfectly matching rose design), and closes with two long ties that can be fastened in a bow at the front, or the back, depending on your mood! It has two crescent shaped patch pockets, and features tucking at the pocket tops and neckline; and should fall somewhere around mid-calf, for a truly authentic 40s look.

Although the originals were mainly worn as house dresses, as you all know, I will happily wear them out shopping, to parties, to nightclubs… it’s all about how you dress it up or down. We wanted to create something versatile and easy to wear for all shapes and sizes. The Fleur costs £80 and is available in sizes XS (about a UK size 6-8/US 4-6) to XL (UK 20-22/US 24-26). And I’m not just saying it, but they look fabulous on ladies at both ends of the spectrum, as I have seen with my own eyes!

So, what do you think of our first Fleur, ladies? Head over to Heyday for a closer look if you like! But do hurry if you fancy owning one of your own, because we only did a small run this time, and we anticipate them selling out quite quickly. As far as future designs go, the possibilities are almost limitless, and we certainly have some spectacular ideas in the pipeline.

I may have a further update for you soon, including a possible exciting opportunity. So stay tuned!

Fleur xx

PS. All photos by Tony Nylons. And just by the by, Shona has taken Heyday and her stock of Fleurs to the War and Peace Show this weekend, so any gals heading there can go and try one on!



Congratulations and I LOVE IT! Conincidentally, I'm about to make a similar dress out of some vintage sheets that have a large rose print on them. I don't think mine will be as lovely as yours, though!


It is absolutely lovely. I love wrap dresses too, but have , this far at least, always made them myself.


Very beautiful! Would a medium fit me at the hips? My hips are 116cm otherwise I perfectly fit into a medium. I'm asking since the skirt doesn't look to full.

Kate O

I saw this the other day and it's already on my Christmas list! You're so lucky to have a friend like Shona x

Melissa Marsh

Absolutely gorgeous! I wish my pockets were a little more flush and I could order one. Simply stunning. 🙂

Melissa, aka amateisgal from the Fedora Lounge


Ooh, how lovely! Any idea what the cost would be like if you were buying from Canada? Or if that's even possible?

Retro Chick

That dress is so beautiful I may cry if I can't have it.

I'm supposed to be going to the War and Peace show on Saturday, but I'm not sure I can afford the £18 to get in, let alone an £80 dress!


How utterly gorgeous! How splendid that you have a namesake dress–and it fits your style so well! 🙂 If only I weren't so broke right now… *sob* (Teaches me not to go on a fabric buying spree… haha!)

♥ Casey
blog | elegantmusings.com


Just bought one of my own! I am SO happy you included plus sizes! I am so excited to receive this truly stunning dress!

Thanks, Fleur!

Mrs Cleaver

Congratulations!It is even more beautiful than i had hoped & you look absolutely gorgeous in it.This is a must have ,now i just have to scrape together the pennies ,it's time to start digging down the back of my lounge lol:)

The Vintage Seamstress

I've often admired you in the hand made dress you wear which is siimilar, so I'm very excited to have the opportunity to own something like it. I have, of course, placed my order quick smart, so now it's just a matter of waiting for the post (to Tasmania)… and the weather to warm up a bit.


Fleur, you shold be proud of yourself! The dress looks amazing and I must say that I feel like I need to buy one! 😉


You look beautiful and the dress is beautiful. I am not sure if I could wear it, but I must admit I am intrigued and am considering to incorporate some of your style suggestions in my wardrobe.


I just received my dress in the mail today, and OH. MY. GOODNESS! Is it GORGEOUS!… Not only is it stunning and the absolute PERFECT fabric, style, and looks authentic, it also fits my plus size frame! Thank you, Fleur, for coming up with such an amazing dress AND making it available to all sizes! This truly was a purchase that was well worth it! Ladies, make sure you grab YOUR Fleur Dress now!

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Wow! This dress is absolutely perfect in every way. I rarely buy clothing online, but I'm so very tempted. Congrats on your beautiful creation!


It's a floral dream!Tempting! Hope your're going to make one in a less summery hue, whit flowers of corse but in much smaller pattern, yes? Yes! Black background /little white flowers would be lovely in a italian mama kind of way ; ) If I had a chanche I would definetly go fore some muted colors: powdery pink flowers on a teastain colored background…..Perfeckt for girls whit a bit warmer skintones and haircolor!

//Kristina Furu

Agenzia modelle

Amazing! Outfits are perfect, much creativity, and wonderful photography. you have done a great job & you are so pretty. Congratulations! I really enjoyed your blog. Good luck Regards


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