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Ravishing vintage repro

Back at the end of May, I was privileged enough to do a shoot at the simply beautiful house of a friend of mine, Jenny. She and her husband are regulars on the swing scene, and I’d heard rumours about how gorgeous their house was. So when another mutual friend, Shona of Heyday, got in touch about a shoot for some new products, we asked Jenny if it would be ok to do it there. She said yes, and I got to prance about in her stunning garden for the day. 🙂

I was shooting some new lines for two of my biggest supporters, and friends, Heyday (of course) and Rocket Originals. A few other fabulous vintage companies will also pop up, so keep your eyes peeled! But as always, it’s such an honour to work with these fabulous British brands, because these are the clothes I actually wear, day in and day out. The pictures were taken by another friend, Tony Nylons, whose magazine Glimpse is really worth checking out. So forgive this for being rather sponsor-tastic, but do please remember that I only promote companies I love, and not only do I love them, but they help me out immensely.

First up, we have Heyday’s new french navy swing trousers, which are the perfect summer shade – not too dark so they aren’t hot, and not too light, so they’re perfect for picnics! The new fabric she’s used is slightly linen-like in appearance, but is very crease resistant. They are gorgeous, and I have worn my pair so much already! I’m wearing it with a Natasja tie blouse with a lovely tiny floral print. Can’t see it on the site, so get in touch if you would like one! My shoes are the Rocket Original Kate in navy blue. The leather on these is so soft! I’ve lived in mine since the shoot.

Next in line is this lovely 1940s style fairisle jumper from Rocket. It’s cream with a brown and navy blue pattern, and so authentic looking. I now have two of these and actually can’t wait till autumn to wear them (although I would like the sun back in time for the Olympiad on Saturday please)! I’m wearing it with brown Heyday trousers (which are mine) and now sadly discontinued Rocket Originals Connie wedges. The smashing vintage sunglasses are from Dead Men’s Spex!

A better look at the blue Kate wedges, worn with a fetching navy blue squareneck sweater, also from Rocket.

These Moss Green Heyday trousers are another shade that works all year round. Worn with the tie top in Elly May green gingham. Now, on the right hand side, you’ll see me holding a rather super handbag. I’m so overdue to show this bag off to you, so I hope dear Julie will forgive me! But it’s the limited edition Leilani handbag from Lily Bamboo! I’ve never been one for big handbags, but this one has me well and truly converted. It’s spacious and well designed, with beautifully carved wooden handles and a fruit embroidery that would do Carmen Miranda proud! For such craftsmanship they are incredibly good value too. Do check out the Lily Bamboo site, and tell them Fleur sent you!

Last but not least, Jenny lives right next to a river, and we immediately got rather excited about doing a few nautical shots. Sadly, getting the boat actually into the water proved far too much like hard work, so we just pretended… 😉

Ahoy there! You’ll see I’m back in my navy trousers, but this time I’m wearing one of my very favourite purchases ever, a white cotton bolero from Dixabilly. It goes with absolutely everything, especially in summer when I mostly wear white shoes. Ooh it’s smashing. I also have on a lovely bakelite and silver anchor pin inthe right hand picture, which belongs to Jenny. And her husband’s hat. I had to give it all back, sadly. 😉

So there we have it. A bit of shameless promotion of some companies I love. Thank you Jenny, Tony, Shona and Kaye. The very best is still to come, but the eagle eyed may spot it if you follow all the links. Untill next time… avast ye landlubbers!

Fleur xx




Your pictures turned out gorgeous! And I love love love the last outfit! Thanks for sharing!!



The trousers really are lovely, if I didn't look so awful in trousers I'd get some. (I have a very long crotch to waist measurement and high hips which really makes it hard to find trousers that fit and look good; being overweight doesn't help either of course ;)) But you look beautiful as always.


I am loving the trousers as well especially those Moss Green ones. I am pretty short though and don't think they would suit me very well.
These would be great for some good ol fashion Northern Soul dancing too.

Betty Lou

I just bought the trousers in moss green! Perfect shade! I would love the navy ones too but i already have a similair pair from nudeedudee


Oh my! I'm in love with all these outfits! lol. How fun to be able to model these lovely pieces; I'm simply gaga over those moss green pants! 😀

♥ Casey
blog | elegantmusings.com

Retro Chick

I really need to get some of those heyday trousers before Autumn! They're lovely.

Such gorgeous photos too and I love that bag. My bank balance can't stand up to much more of this!


I adore those Rocket Originals Connie wedges ~ such a shame they are discontinued!

You look lovely, and very vintage. :3 Your photos are such an inspiration!

b. of Depict This!


It's really funny, a few weeks ago I finally checked out the Heyday site and saw some very similar slacks! I had been making my slacks based on customer requests for over a year now, and voila–we ended up with almost identical linen trousers! Funny. Guess i better get working on some variations on the theme just to send some variety into the mix, though it is a great versatile style!

Dani Freitas

This vintage style is gorgeous! I'm such a fan of this blog and I've never commented before, but I needed to comment this time! Wonderful clothes, wonderful style!



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