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Fleur Fans

In the wake of what shall go down in Diary of a Vintage Girl history as VaGgate (har har, lol, snort, etc) (yes I am a child), I have received many positive emails and lovely messages from people. Unsurprisingly, I have not received any negative emails, because short of making a fake email profile (which, thank goodness, no one has been sad enough to do) there’s no way of staying cowardly anonymous in an email. Thank you everyone who has sent me a message of support – I think I have kept up to date with thank yous, but I will check today. In all honesty, the whole thing really got me down, so I’m very grateful to you all.

Clearly, the people behind Goodwood haven’t been remotely bothered about my personal review of their event, and my image has subsequently appeared in articles about it as far away as Australia! I had one old school friend send me a copy of the Sydney MX, and then, a reader who happens to work for the company that produces the Melbourne MX sent me the spread!

Courtesy of the Herald & Weekly Times Ltd.
Amusingly, the caption reads ‘Fashion label of the ’60s and ’70s, Biba, walks again.’
That’s not 60s or 70s, that’s a 1930s outfit! Honestly.

Not only that, but my mug can be found on the VaG website, and their newsletter, and has apparently just gone out in the latest Goodwood Revival newsletter, the subject of which is ‘How to get the look’ (if anyone wouldn’t mind forwarding a copy to the email address on the left, I’d be most grateful). I think it’s great that they’re using me as an example of how attendees should look. Kind of reinforcing my point about making an effort, don’t you think? Oh, and by the way, I think I am actually going to pop along to the Revival now, on the Friday. So if you see me, don’t shy away from saying hello, or coming to say your negative things to me face to face!

I will be going to help Shona from Heyday promote the new fabrics for the Fleur dress, which we will hopefully have just in time. But this brings me to the good things I mention in my title. Here comes some more effusive gushing chaps… be warned!

Because I will say it here, for the record, genuinely and honestly (because you could argue I’d say this anyway, but…), I absolutely LOVE the Fleur dress design. It was inspired by the cut and shape of one of my very favourite homemade Swirl-a-likes, and wearing it just makes me feel so happy. It fits and flatters the figure perfectly, it’s so feminine, so vintage, and really quite demure, yet far from being drab with its bright and cheerful print. I must be the luckiest girl in the world to have had this opportunity from Shona, and being the angel that she is, she did me a really huge favour the other day.

The New Sheridan Club summer party, which in all the drama I completely forgot to tell you all about, had a sort of colonial/Asian theme this year, and I wanted to wear something new for the occasion. I asked Shona if I could pay her to make me a special, custom Fleur dress in an oriental-print fabric. And not only did she say Yes, but she told me to do some work for her instead of paying. Yippee! We found a simply smashing Japanese fan-print cotton, and made it up. And, after a long day at Tart, I put on my new frock, gold sandals and matching accessories and had a splendid time at the Far Pavilions.

Here is a photo of me with Lisa and Darhling, taken by the wonderful Stephanie Wolff. I have some great Tart pics taken by Stephanie that I’ll show you soon, but if you’d like more photos of the NSC night, have a squizz at Marco Mega’s blog.

But since I adore the dress, I felt it needed another outing. So, I wore it again yesterday to the wedding of two wonderful friends.

The one-of-a-kind Oriental Fleur dress, accessorised with vintage Mah Jong bracelet, made with yellow/orange bakelite no. 1 Bamboo tiles and red glass beads, yellow bakelite hoop earrings and a brown, amber lucite and gold-trimmed 50s wicker handbag. Not shown are my little gold sandals (which match the bag and are currently on sale!). Also accessorised with super stylish friends, including Red Legs looking like a flame-haired goddess in her emerald satin Vivien of Holloway ensemble. Photos kindly taken by Clayton Hartley of the NSC.

All in all, I am a lucky person to have such lovely, caring, generous and downright angelic people in my life. Talking of which, a final photo from Stephanie featuring my lovely mum (who is wearing the aforementioned Bella Pacella headband I bought her from VaG…and a photo in the spirit of the lovely Vixen Vintage’s recent outtakes post, a silly, between poses photo of me, basically just being me – unpretentious and not the unnaproachable poser I may sometimes appear to be. 😉

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend (Brits) and Sunday (Former Colonials)!

Fleur xx


Retro Chick

I simply love that dress so much. I was at Twinwood this morning and I was eyeing it up on Shonas stall.

*sigh* my wish list grows ever longer!


I love your dress! The pattern is gorgeous and so is the colour, and I really like the accessories you've worn it with.


Just a quickie (!) Fleur – I've loved reading your accounts of Vintage at Goodwood and they seemed to confirm many reports I had read or heard from other vintage fashion traders or enthusiasts. Your post was your personal opinion and experience and as long as you don't defame anyone you can publish without fear. You don't defame if you report the truth so no problem! And as for the current post, lovely dress and it suits you. I'm personally not into the 're-enactment' style dressing but I love and sell vintage. I also find The Chap hilarious. I will send you an electric letter and hope to meet you at one of my fairs very soon.


That red dress is just gorgeous! The print works so well with the design.

I'm so sad I missed out on seeing you in the MX! That's one of the downsides of not catching a train to work – you miss out on random print sightings of overseas bloggers.

Miss Jay

I missed the MX article too. 🙁

I'm so glad you have bounced back from all that negativity Fleur. I really enjoy reading your posts about what is happening in your life, and was very disappointed when I read all the nasty comments. I'm relieved that it hasn't put you off blogging.

Best wishes from Melbourne!


That custom Fleur dress looks smashing! 🙂 How fun you could get a pretty dress for a bit of work–that's always neat when things work out like that. 😉 I love your hair in these pictures too–I've been meaning to try a center-part set lately, and I think I may this week.

I have to say that although I haven't attended any vintage-type festivals, I did enjoy reading your thorough review/critique of the VaG event. It took guts to come out and write about it publicly, but it sounds like someone needed to! So bravo to you, Fleur!

♥ Casey
blog | elegantmusings.com

Straight Talking Mama!

The Fleur dress looks fabulous and have to say looks equally fabulous on willowy Fleur as it does on curvier ladies, I saw a lovely lady in one this weekend who looked stunning!

Andi B. Goode

So glad to hear you got so many positive emails. =D You deserve it! And I love the one-off Asian print Fleur dress. It's beautiful.
-Andi x
PS I really love your hair in that Hedy Lamarr-esque style!! Suits you so well.


i know you've mentioned it before but who's the man in the three piece suit and does he have a blog. do you know of any good blogs by vintage loving chaps?


The gent in the suit is Torquil Arbuthnot of the Chap Magazine. He is in the process of setting up a website/blog…that is if he can put his hip flask down for long enough!


I love the vintage Asian look. And while 'colonial' is such a ghastly word and concept (I cringe when I here it describing a style, even though I use it myself…linguistic sado-masochist that I am), it is such a full-of-character aesthetic.


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