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39 Steps & a call to arms

Last Thursday was the aforementioned Vintage Tea Party to mark the 4th birthday of that most splendid, spiffing and top-hole of West End plays, the 39 Steps. But something less than spiffing happened at the end of the evening, and it is with this that Naomi Vintage Secret and I need your help. Please stay with us, or scroll to the end…

The evening was, as a whole, lovely. I spent the entire performance backstage, setting the scene for the shindig with and our glamorous vintage friends. We were, it must be said, doing wholly unglamorous things, such as frantically making hundreds of cucumber sandwiches from some very cubist looking bread (it had got rather squashed in transit) and hurling streamers around. We all had a good laugh, when, after having filled up a tray in the kitchen with neatly lined up sandwich triangles, the prop manager came bowling in, looking around frantically. It turned out that the tray was in fact, a prop, needed for the second half! It was cunningly disguised as a normal wooden tray, and was always stored in the kitchen! Imagine that! He seemed genuinely shocked that we didn’t realise!

Anyway, I’ll be economical with my words about the party, which was as fabulous as you might imagine, and simply show you some photos for the moment…

In the above photo is Naomi in a gorgeous floor length red gown, Lauren from Vintage Patisserie (who provided delicious cakes) with the stunning pink/blonde hair and polka dot frock, the beautiful Stefanie Valentine and Penny Dreadful, and me in my newly repaired pink Swirl (thanks to the talented and handsome Whistling Tailor for that) with couture designer Yuan Li.

More beautiful people and delicious VP cakes, beig set out by ReeRee Rockette of Alternatively Lovely! All the above photos were taken by the lovely and also talented Claire Pursglove. The night also provided a new favourite photo of myself by 50s style queen Hannah Asprey, who took those great shots of us at our Cosmo shoot!

But sadly this night was not all glamorous vintage fun, because after packing up her accessories stall at the end, Naomi discovered to her sadness that two of her most precious vintage hats had gone missing. A lot of what she does is based on respect and trust – she had her hats around for people to try on, and indeed wear for the evening, but with the understanding they will be returned at the end. At such small and friendly parties there really should be no risk involved. But unfortunately, this theory was proved wrong. The two hats are both black felt, 1940s numbers. One is a beret with a large felt bow, and the other is a home-made creation consisting of the crown of a man’s hat, adorned with a felt fan fashioned from the cut-off crown, in absolutely typical 1940s make-do-and-mend, wartime style. I’m trying to find some really clear photos so my lovely readers can look out for them at future events. But we do have a photo of one of the hats being worn by a guest, who was rather drunk and who, in all fairness, may have wandered off forgetfully. Or indeed it may not have been her at all. So let it be said that this is in no way accusatory, but we would really like to know who the below girl is, as she was the last person seen wearing it and so may be able to tell us what happened to it. You may comment anonymously if you know (I have turned it back on especially).

She is wearing the beret hat, and this is the last time it was seen. Naomi went to speak to her, to ensure she remembered to return it, and could not find her. So if anyone can help, we would be most grateful. Here is a very small photo of the fan-hat.

It’s rather unclear, but you can see the fan. The hat is actually rather delicate and needs repairing. We’ll try and find better shots, and will update. What makes this all even sadder, is that these hats were not vintage finds by Naomi herself, they were passed down to her by her grandmother, and have a sentimental value far exceeding their material worth. She’s been asked many times to sell them, and has always declined. So if anyone can give us any information that will help her recover them, we would both be eternally grateful. No repercussions will await the taker of the hats, accidental or not. Consider this a vintage hat amnesty.

I’ll be back soon with more magical tales of vintage parties, this time involving boats!

Fleur xx

Edit: I am delighted to say that we have had BOTH of the hats returned! Hurrah for the internet!



That's so sad about the missing hats. I hope they were just taken by accident and soon find their way back home.

It seems to have been a night of gorgeous outfits and dresses, but I have to say my absolute favourite is the lady in the black dress with the golden collar/shrug that seems to look like butterfly wings. Just beautiful, especially with her hair set like that.


Oh I thought I recognised someone and then realised it was Penny Dreadful! You all look everso glam.

That's terrible news about the missing hats. Hopefully someone will know where they went and Naomi will get them back soon.


Oh my! How sad and frustrating for Naomi to have those two beautiful hats go missing! 🙁 It always makes me so upset when I hear things like this–especially when it involves precious vintage items. Here's hoping they return to the rightful owner soon!

Some of those gowns and outfits the party guests are wearing are so glamorous!!! 🙂

♥ Casey
blog | elegantmusings.com

ReeRee Rockette

I remember Fran and I commenting on people wearing the hats, and feeling like it wasn't really appropriate…..so sad to hear that our sense of uneasiness was somewhat foreboding (does any of that even make sense!?)

Hopefully they will find their way back home x

Miss N

It looked like such a glamourous event! everyone looks stunning.
It's so sad about the hats though, I hope she gets them back.

"The Golden Girl of the West"

Oh dear! So sorry to hear that this happened. I feel awful for Naomi. I know what is like to have things taken from you, with a sentimental value. I really hope they are returned, and her mind is put at ease.

The mustache photo is hilarious!

~xx Syd


Oh dear, I was reading the comments section in the hope of finding a happy ending to the missing hat story. I really hope they are found and that this girl at least gets in touch to clarify what happened. Hopefully all your fellow bloggers can link to this story to help spread the word. If I had a blog I would 🙂 xx


Knowing the Lovely Lauren from VP personally I am bias, but she is bloody lovely! Her hair is amazing!

I really hope somebody does the right thing and returns those hats. So sad!


It is very sad about the hats-please update us if they turn up-here's hoping that it was just a mistake brought about by too many libations

Miss Emmi

Hopefully it was just an effect of drinking a little too much to remember to give the hats back – I know I've woken up after parties wearing jackets that didn't belong to me! Crossing my fingers you find them.

Mrs Cleaver

That is so despicable & wrong! Wether it was intentional or not you should at least have respect for other ppl & their property.I feel so sad for Naomi:(I'm really glad you got one of the hats back at least ,lets hope the other person does the right thing & returns it as well.
Maybe you should put the word out on other places as well like facebook or FL .Best of luck ,i really hope Naomi gets it back. xxx

Blog Loving Girl, Joey =)

Youre blog post are so interesting ! I love to read it very much =) just found this on google and will be bookmarking it. The hats are really unfortunate I hope they may found it sooner.Too bad Im too far away or Ill be glad to help out. XD

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