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Autumn Vintage Fashion

So, it’s starting to cool down, which is slightly bad new for me as you all know how much I love my cotton frocks; but great news for the majority (it seems) who adore cold weather and all the options it brings! As someone who owns tons of jumpers, coats and pairs of trousers, it isn’t so bad, just a bit less… loud. 😉

And, in fact, if you, like me, own tons of flimsy dresses, you’ve still got a couple of months’ mileage out of them, as long as you invent in plenty of seamed stockings and some slips. I find wearing a Swirl (for example) with stockings isn’t that wise without a slip, because ten steps up the road, the static cling has resulted in a lovely ruched mini-skirt look as the hem rises up above my knees! I have an old half-slip of my mum’s, which is great, but full length slips can be found in charity shops, eBay and old lady departments of shops and are definitely worth investment. Many girls also prefer tights, but I find stockings to be much more practical, not least because if you ladder one, you’ve still got one left! I live in What Katie Did Retro Seams in nude – they are surprisingly durable. Make sure you get a six-strap suspender belt with proper metal clips – 4-straps and flimsy little things with plastic ends will neither keep your stockings up for long, nor keep them straight (the key ones are at the back, keeping everything in a line).

The lovely Rita, from here.

Autumn is really all about separates for me – trousers, skirts and blouses with sweaters, cardigans and jackets. It’s no secret that I have loads of Heyday trousers – I was a customer of Shona’s for years until I became her model. I like the fit best, and the fact that she lengthens them and adjusts the waist size for me. If you prefer a more authentic fit, with a long crotch and a slightly tapered leg, have a look at Vivien of Holloway. Their trousers don’t work for anyone too tall though, sadly. Check out VoH’s range of tops too – peasant and button-up blouses work brilliantly with trousers. Heyday has some lovely new blouse fabrics coming in for the autumn. Here’s a sneak peek from our shoot yesterday…

The blouse, with its beautiful art deco-esque print is the Olivia and if you’d like one, you’ll have to hold your horses for a few more days until our official pictures are done! I’ll let you all know, of course. But you needn’t look any further than the high street for basics like blouses. Look for peter pan collars, puff sleeves and pintucks and other nice details – all can be quite authentic.

Skirts, if you’re into a 1940s look, should be a-line or straightish – not too full and not too pencil-y. I have some lovely vintage wool skirts from eBay – I think they might be 50s rather than 40s, but still look great. One place to turn to for repros is Top Runway. I sent the helpful lady there some pattern pictures and she reproduced me some great 8-gore skirts and a 30s style one with straps. She also does some super dresses – the fabric she uses is too hot for summer, but perfect for autumn. You could always request some swatches, too.

I love my jumpers and cardis, and have a few from Rocket Originals. I adore their square-necked fairisle sweaters, and check out this new nautical style number! I just saw it when getting the link! A bit more 50s, but really cute. I also love Dressing4Impressing, another UK company making lovely sweaters and cardigans in 40s and 50s styles. They also do some really great 40s blouses.

Top two Rocket, bottom two D4I!

Once again, you can pick up vintage inspired knits from the mainstream shops, too. Brit girls, try Dorothy Perkins, Marks and Sparks and even H&M – I’ve found great things there before.

Jackets are an autumn staple. Look on eBay US and Etsy for orphaned suit jackets – they’re usually much more affordable than whole suits. I have posted my La Riviera jackets on here before, usually resulting in people asking where they can buy one – the answer being that they don’t have a website.

Picture of me at the Watercress Line by Sean Kelly

Well, I just discovered somewhere selling them! Hynotique Vintage has a selection of the ‘ski’ jackets and also the shorter ones, which are a lot like the above one on the divine Rita in Cover Girl!

Kate, from here.

As far as shoes go, I like to still wear my peep-toe sandals in autumn, along with stockings or pop-socks they are warm enough. I love cheap Keds-style plimsolls too, when it’s dry. But now is the time to invest in some Kate Hepburn-esque flat oxfords or saddle shoes. You lucky Americans have lots of easy options for saddle shoes, but UK ladies can get them from Rocket Originals again. There are some great, girly flat oxfords and brogues in Office at the moment. But none so fabulous as these 30s-inspired court shoes! Ooh, someone lend me 80 quid! 😉

That’s about it for autumn vintage fashion tips – I will be saving up my winter ones for a few months’ time. Hope some of these links are of help to someone out there!

Fleur xx



Ooh, thanks for La Riviera jacket link – just a quick question as we are a similar size if a different shape ( 🙁 ) What size is yours?



This is a specially terrific post Fleur. I love the summer dress ones but can't do the waist or frankly, the flowers. But the sweaters and shoes – Count.Me.In!
BTW I am exhibiting at the Anita's Vintage Fashion Fair at Battersea Arts Centre this Sunday and would love to meet you. I'm sure that you receive invites to all the Fairs but if anyone would like a comp please contact me via my blog. I have a very stylish Utility CC41 A/W 1942-47 skirt suit for sale as well as some stylish 40s hats. Ideal for the Goodwood Revival. Hope to see you.


Seeing as there's a lack of blogs for vintage style chaps, please forgive me for my intrusion.
One of Britain's many advantages is it's seasons. I have just treated myself to a new tweed jacket by Bladen, in expectation of the autum temperatures which should arrive shortly.
With canvas and horsehair linings, it will mould itself to my shape with wear. These things look better with age; so wearing it in a rain shower will settle the jacket in nicely.

Fleur de Guerre

Smuts – Mine's a Medium – the large I tried was heowge. I think you'd be perfect in an M.
PD – aren't they! Sigh.
Elegance – I'm at the Thames Revival all day so sadly I can't!
Carruthers – great advice! The webs are calling out for a menswear vintage blog! I hope the WT will start his soon, but maybe you should too 😉

Stephanie Raley

I love this post, I always find it tricky dressing in Autumn, I will just invest in some Heyday trousers and jumpers!
Is that the only pattern of the Olivia blouse that will be available?


I spotted those shoes a week or so ago and fell for them, but, oh my, too pricey! Not sure they'd suit my legs either, sigh. Anyway, you look fabulous.

Miss Lou

Thank you ever so much, Fleur! This was just the post I had waited for. And the good news is, even though I'm in Sweden most stuff can be shipped and are toll-free(good for girls around Europe). Now lets win some money, so we can buy it all.


You really need to have your seamstress make you a wool herringbone tweed skirt with one pleat in the front, one in the back, that begins about 8 inches down from the waistband. I had one in the 50's that had been handed down from my aunt from the 40's, and I thought at the time it was the ugliest thing I'd ever had, since I was only in 8th grade (13 years old), far too young for such a skirt. But today it would be fun to wear.


When you wear your stockings what denier are they and are they warm enough for winter??! (I feel that is vaguely too personal a question, but heigh-ho! LOL!)

I wear 15 denier in autumn but in the past have found 70 denier nudes in John Lewis…but they seem to have forgone my old lady tights this year so I'm looking frantically at tights ranges hoping to get more than a 15! (I wear skirts pretty much all winter)

I have been reading your blog for over a year now but this could be my first post…sorry about that!

Congrats on the Cosmo award!


LandGirl1980 – Yep…and I loved them…they were so thick if you got a hole in an unseen area you could sew them up! They were called "Camel" which isn't the nicest of names but they suited me perfectly. I'm really hoping John Lewis get them in again this year. LOL!

In fact I feel an email to JL coming on!

Fleur de Guerre

Stephanie – nope there will be other fabrics!
Sandy – I just wear sheer ones – I find them warm enough for cool days, but I stick to trousers with long socks when it's really cold. However a friend had some opaque nudes – I'll find out where she got them!

Thanks for the congrats – blog about it coming up! 🙂


Thanks for the great inspiration! I've had my eyes on the Heyday 40s swing pants in tweed and this post sealed the deal!! I ended up buying one (now I'm sure I'll fall in love and want them in every color).

Antonia B

Great post! Thanks so much for inspiring tips. I think I'm a bit short for flat oxfords – but they look sooo classy. I need to check out to VoH trousers methinks…


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