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Autumn V.I Buys & a little giveaway

 It really does seem to be autumn now – here in the UK it’s grey and drizzly, though luckily not that cold! But it’s definitely time to be breaking out the warmer clothes and the closed-toe shoes. I’ve dusted off all my high-waisted trousers, paired up my seamed stockings, taken my good old faithful co-respondants to the cobbler to be resoled and begun wistfully looking at the lovely Vintage Inspired pieces that have cropped up on the high street, and which I can’t really afford. These skirts from Zara are particularly nice!

These items are not cheap, but by all accounts, Zara clothes are well-made! More reproduction than inspired, but since I don’t want to give up dresses, but it’s definitely a bit too nippy for cotton, a pretty rayon Sweetie dress from Trashy Diva would do nicely!

Does anyone out there have this dress? If so, what’s the length of the skirt? I have sent them an email to ask, but by all accounts they prefer the telephone, and probably get deluged by pointless emails so I don’t know how quickly they’ll answer!

As for shoes, something with a low heel is good for me, and I’m particularly keen on these Ashill Bombays from Clarks:

40s-ish, practical yet also not too boring… ticks all the right boxes! But while I find autumn and winter clothes can be a little dull, colour-wise, there are ample opportunities to jazz up your outfit with a clever use of accessories and accoutrements. Stay tuned to the blog for upcoming posts on 40s red lips, vintage manicures and some lovely winter accessories, but while you’re here, how about taking this opportunity to win something fabulous AND autumn themed?

This lovely little ring, in autumnal shades of fiery red, and gold, comes from the magical fingers of my dear friend Lucy Wills, owner of Glamour Kitten vintage jewellery. She creates these beautiful pieces from orphaned vintage earrings, and when she asked if I’d like to give one away, I jumped at the chance, picking this one as I thought it so perfect for the season. It’s mounted on an adjustable gold-tone band, so fits every finger, and will brighten up any outfit, all year round.

If you’d like to win this very ring, which will be posted by my own fair hands, then all you need to do is leave me a comment below, saying you’d like to enter. If you would like to join the Glamour Kitten Mailing List, not only do you get another chance to win this particular giveaway, but you’ll receive another prize opportunity every month. Simply fill out the form linked, mentioning you saw this Glamour Kitten Giveaway post on Diary of a Vintage Girl, and Lucy will pass the list on to me!

Now the boring bit! This draw is open from today, October the 4th, until Friday October the 8th. I’ll draw it over the weekend and announce the winner on Sunday the 10th October.

One entry per person here on my blog, one further available entry if you sign up to the Glamour Kitten mailing list. Lucy will not send you anything other than Glamour-packed newsletters about her company!

This giveaway is open to anyone in the world!

That’s it! Back soon with more autumn fashion and fun stuff.

Toodle pip!

Fleur xx

PS. Since someone just asked, I am delighted to say that BOTH of Naomi’s hats were returned, safe and sound! One girl contacted me through the blog to apologise for wandering off with it, and posted it to me. The other was handed in to the theatre anonymously! I did edit the blog post and tweet the great news, but just so anyone who missed those knows… hurrah for the internet!

Edit: Thank you everyone who entered, the draw is now closed and a winner will be announced shortly! 



Ooo, how lovely, and as I have just managed to stop biting my nails (which I have done all my life) a lovely new ring would be perfect πŸ™‚


Love the skirts I need to get a higher-paying job, stat, to afford my vintage taste! The ring is lovely as well.

Amy Georgina

Loving the skirts – sadly too small for my girth, but gorgeous still!

And what fabulous jewellery, off to sign up for the mailing list, I love it that orphaned jewels should get a new use!

Cindy Swanson

I would love to win this beautiful ring! Hope the contest applies to your US readers as well.

Beautiful skirts! I love the feel and spirit of your blog.

Doo Wop Dolly

Oh, what a gorgeous ring!
By the way, I have the Sweetie dress and I find that the skirt is rather short.
I have the XS, and I am 5'2 and it is above my knee…


The ring is lovely, better to reuse things then throw them away. Those skirts from Zara are nice, just bought some suiting fabric for a 1940s skirt I plan to make, but Im behind in the sewing still to make summer my 2010 dresses!

Lydia McKenzie-Stephens

What fabulous items, especially the shoes! J'adore…. I would adore to enter the giveway please. =]

Natalie Stone

Enter me!

Also, I'll second Doo Wop Dolly on the Sweetie dress. It's one of their shorter models, and hits right at the middle of my kneecap. I'm 5'4" but I'm also short-waisted.


Great skirts, Zara do often come out with a few nice V.I. pieces.

I bought those shoes earier this year, and they're very comfy and hard wearing – I wear them to work on a regular basis and they're great for the rain!

And yes please on the ring! Sooo pretty! I'm heading over to the website for a look now. Thank you πŸ™‚


Fleur I've been coveting those Zara skirts for the last few weeks! Can't wait for payday and (hopefully) a chance to get one!

Please count me in for the ring giveaway! Love the Autumnal colours! X

k a t

Lovely! I may have to go to B.C. to visit a Zara as I don't see any in my part of the U.S. Oh well I always like an excuse to cross the border!


That ring is utterly gorgeous–please enter me! πŸ™‚ I also really love those Clark's shoes you posted… I may have to track those down to add to my fall shoe wishlist…

β™₯ Casey

p.s. Glad to hear the hats were returned safe and sound too! πŸ™‚

Lady S

Oooo*(Girly squeal of delight) what a beautiful ring, and to think it has saved a poor little vintage orphan from the terrible fait of landfill or worse- scrap metal! It is divine. Please, please I’d like to enter, and give this poor, yet saved, little orphan a home.

Louise LeMans

Fleur- I tried on a Sweetie dress in the spring and I am fairly certain the length was comparable to the Ashley and the Day dress- both of which I own. I will measure from the bodice down then I am home. I am a size 4 on their size chart, and I am a long torso 5'6" for reference.

You shall hear from me again soon, and great picks, by the way!


Ooh, those Zara skirts are wonderful, aren't they! Might have to go and try them on for size sometime soon.

I'd love to enter in the giveaway as well. The ring is just darling!

PS. So glad to hear that the hats were returned to their rightful owner.


I really want to enter the give away! Love the colours!!! Love red!!!
I must say I envy a bit the weather youΒ΄re in!!! I have started to wear wool-stockings several weeks ago. But then I live high up in the north of Norway:-)Ha!

Crossing my fingers for the give away!


Love all of these items – especially the saturated colors in the ring!! Please count me in on the giveaway!


What a beautiful ring! I would like to enter the giveaway…I'm from Italy and this is my first comment, but I read your blog regularly!

You're amazing!


Mrs Cleaver

Oh what a lovely ring!Great idea using the orphaned earrings.
Had to laugh at the 'long' skirts.I guess anything longer than bum cheek length is considered long these days lol:)
I forgot to comment last post on your new kitty,she is absolutely beautiful!! Is Inigo a bit jealous or happy having some company?
I'm off to join the Glamour Kitten mailing list:)
Oh i also love the clarks shoes ,they are perfect!


It's a beautiful ring! Why would you want to give it away? But I would love to give it good home. Please enter me. πŸ˜€


I'm pretty sure I have the green version of the Sweetie dress with the wooden buttons that is no longer available online (the styles look almost identical but I'm not exactly certain since it's no longer available). The size 2 that I have has a 25 inch skirt length. Hope this helps! That gown is absolutely lovely!

Oh and I was also love to be entered into the contest!

Tracy Triumph

Hi Fleur,
count me for the ring giveaway – it's lovely!

I always enjoy your blog πŸ™‚

Also, I've got the Clarks Ashill Bombays in a size 8 – I bought them last winter and wore them nearly every day. They are SO comfortable! I highly reccommend them.

The Zara skirts are nice – but VERY easy to make. Do you know someone clever with a needle and thread? I'm sure they could knock you up a couple for a smidgen of the price in the shop.

Tracy x


Yay! Not only is there a new blog post (which I eagerly check for every morning) but also a giveaway!

A big hello and may I also enter in the contest from Croatia πŸ™‚


Mists and mellow fruitfulness in one ring — glorious. Please enter me in the draw, Fleur. Lovely blog as always.

Mrs T

Fabulous ring, please may I enter the competition?

I also love the Clarks shoes, although I do have my eye on the ones from Office you mentioned in an earlier post. Now all I need is the money *sigh*…


Firstly the trashy D dresses are a good length, take it from one who hates her knees and is 5"8, they're always approx 42/44 inches long- one of my favourite repro lines.

Secondly I think you should send me the ring because it's my birthday on friday and I'm allowed to be cheeky!

Dolly d'Allure

I would love a chance to win the ring thank you Fleur for the comp! Am adoring the Zara skirts and think I will be toddling along to pick one up tomorrow!

Ta ta


Stefanie Valentine

Lovely skirts from Zara, the High Street always surprises me each year as you do find some lovely vintage inspired clothes.
Ooh what a lovely ring, gorgeous colours, please enter me!

And I am very pleased that the hats were returned, yay!


If you have a chance to win that exquisite ring I'd enter anything (well almost). So I would like to enter the giveaway as well.

Take care and thank you for such an inspiring blog. // Klara

Chloe C

That is a lovely ring, the jewel notes are beautiful. Looks lovely on you, hope it would look half as good on me. Count me in!


I have the sweetie dress in a size 4US and the skirt length is approx 25" I'm 4'11" so it comes to just below the knee on me. Hope this helps.

P.S. I would also love to enter for the draw πŸ™‚

As the moonbeams kiss the sea

Hi there! I would love to enter for the ring! It is divine! I just want to say that I love your new tutorial-I love the red lipstick look of the 40s and its great having a tutorial! I am going to have a go momentarily! Thanks for being such an inspiration!


I would love to enter the drawing, what a delightful way to 'rescue' mate-less earrings!


Greetings from Denmark. πŸ™‚

I've been following your blog for almost a year, since I'm also in love with everything vintage, especially the fifties, but also much from the forties. I adore your style and looks, you look so fabulous, and your writing is so nice. I think this is my first comment to you, and I'm a bit sad that it is to get a ticket in the ring-drawing. But I would like to win it, since I collect vintage jewellery. You can see most of it here: http://samati.dk/fotos/smykker_uk.htm

Wishing you a lovely weekend, and I must say I cannot wait for more hair and makeup tutorial videos. πŸ™‚



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