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Diary of a Vintage Ghoul & Giveaway Results

Wotcher readers, and welcome to another thrilling diary entry, on a frankly rather lovely day in the Home Counties. It would seem my posting about morale boosters has finally done the trick, as I’m feeling much more cheerful these past few days. I’ve even done two photoshoots in two days (though that’s left me feeling knackered), and should have some new pictures to show off soon. I did subject you to a slight delay on my Collection 2000 makeup giveaway, for which I apologise. But it’s now closed, and I randomly generated the winning number just a few moments ago, so… *drumroll*

The winner is commenter number 221, Gemima! Please get in touch with me, and the lovely ladies at Collection 2000 will send out your prize soon. I must apologise to the winner of my last draw, Klara, as I have not yet put your ring in the post. I am going to do so today, promise! (God, I hate the post office!)

Last week, I was invited to the preview of an absolutely smashing new(ish) show, La Soiree. It was utterly magical, from the minute we stepped into the beautifully warm and exceedingly stylish South Bank Big Top, its dark wood and mirrors making it look just like a set from my new favourite serial, Boardwalk Empire. The show itself was absolutely brilliant from beginning to end, featuring comedy, acrobatics, contortion and glamour. I especially loved The English Gents, who performed some amazing feats dressing in three-piece, chalkstripe suits (before stripping off to Union Jack undies)…

And the hilarious Captain Frodo!

I took my best friend, and she loved the hunky man in the bath tub… I loved the hunky man poledancing to Singing In The Rain… you’ll just have to go and see it for yourselves. I really couldn’t recommend it more.

Talking of Boardwalk Empire, I also had a truly brilliant time at the inaugural Candlelight Club. Or rather, I didn’t, because, it being set in Prohibition times, never happened… 😉

With the most beautiful vintage girls of old London Town (hereby nicknamed the Vintage Mafia after they later kidnapped an innocent young man and absconded into the wilds of East London to feed him gin into the small hours), I didn’t dress to the nines, did not drink illicit, ultra strong cocktails, ate no fancy sandwiches, marvelled not a jot at the beautiful Vicky Butterfly, and absolutely never posed with a pair of Jeggings (a hilarious present from Snoodlebug to cheer me up…it worked) until I had to go home painfully early.

Here’s a photo, which you’re imagining, of me with said jeggings. Go and have a read of Yesterday Girl if you’d like to see more snaps!

The date of the next one has been provisionally set for the 20th of November – sadly I shall be at Rhythm Riot, but save it in your diaries!

I promise I’ll post something pretty and vintage to look at in the next few days, but with only a short while to go till my Halloween extravaganza, Don’t Dali with the Devil, I’m rushed off my feet trying to get everything ready, and put the finishing touches to my costume. I actually have two dresses that I am dying to wear, and am seriously considering doing a change halfway through! All will be revealed soon. This is (probably) the last time I’ll bore you all about the event, since despite the lack of Chap coverage, we’ve done extremely well on tickets! It’s over 75% sold out or reserved by this point, and I have a feeling we’ll completely sell out (as we did last year). If you are hoping to come down and haven’t emailed us to put your name down to pay on the door, then please do so without delay. I would hate to have to turn any stylish individuals down!

I literally cannot wait to start dressing the venue – it’s going to be absolutely wonderful, with a small amount of sadness as a few very important people are unable to come for various reasons. Sigh.

On the day after mine, there’s another smashing event, Steamboat Bordello. This glorious-looking shindig is organised by the splendid folks at Last Days of Decadence. Take a look at the blurb.

1840 – 1930 – the heyday of the Mississippi paddle steamer. These floating palaces of sin plied their trade up and down the mighty Mississippi from New Orleans to St Louis. Specialising in unlicensed gambling, prohibited liquor and transactions of a carnal nature, the pleasure boats represent the last bastion of southern lawlessness. Now, step aboard the majestic Dixie Queen as The Last Days of Decadence brings a little of this lost age to the River Thames.

A floating fantasmagoria of rogues, riverboat gamblers, good time girls, snake oil salesmen, fallen southern belles, confederate rifles, yankee doodle dandies, bootleggers, carnies, gypsies, tramps and thieves.

Think Gone With The Wind meets Deadwood with a generous dash of Carnivale and you’ re half way there. Then throw in the roaring delights associated with Saturdays at The Last Days of Decadence, along with an unparalleled lineup of live music, DJs and cabaret. Hubble and bubble over the green flames of a hallowe’ en fire, and you have the intoxicating voodoo brew that fuels the Steamboat Bordello!

The Steamboat Bordello sets sail with 600 passengers from Tower Pier at 5pm sharp on Sunday 31st October, passing through Tower Bridge (opened especially for the occasion) and sailing onwards towards the Thames Barrier before returning to disembark St Katharine Docks at 10pm.

With DJs such as Lady Luck’s El Nino, and bands as fantastic as The Correspondents, it really looks wonderful and I’d love to go along if I could find a ‘date’. Anyone? I’ll have to see how many of my friends get broken the night before, what with all the free absinthe!Tickets for Steamboat Bordello are £35 from Ticketweb.

Hope you’re all having lovely Wednesdays!


Fleur xx



Oh, I am so happy for Gemima. SHe's a doll! Also, sooo glad to read your spirits are up! As ever, I am sobbing into my pillow in envy over the amazing vintage events that abound over in the UK!


All those events look fabulous. I won I won… have never won anything before. YAY! Just wiring my details via virtual telegraph now.
G x

Fleur de Guerre

Hurrah for Gemma! Who has the same name as the friend I took to see La Soiree!

Lauren – I hope the dress I bought from you does turn up – they were meant to deliver it today but it didn't happen! eek!

Mrs Cleaver

Love the pics!The guy with the tennis racket is hilarious :)You look stunning as always.I'm glad that you are feeling better now*hugs*
Congrats to Gemima!
The paddle steamer event looks fantastic,i wish i could go.


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