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More fall fashion from Heyday

I’m sitting here, watching the most magnificent sunset and feeling all autumnal. So I thought I’d do a quick post to show off these photos I just got back from Tony Nylons, who did a shoot with me for Heyday’s new season Olivia Blouses! These lovely late 1930s style blouses are named after Olivia de Havilland, who is one of the very last remaining screen stars of the era.

Anyway, a few weeks ago Tony and I headed off to a place called the Trench Experience. Now, it can be said that the clothes I was modelling were far too futuristic for the museum, but inside it was lovely, and the various areas and the very Land Girl-esque garden definitely worked for this more Second World War fashion shoot! We had a blast and I absolutely loved the new fabrics. Have a look.

Blouses in Deco Circles in Smoke and Lucky Limeflower

Here I am in Deco Circles in Blue and Red, and Enchanted, although Shona tells me she is still awaiting stock of the Red version so hang tight on those!

Last but not least, there’s the Forget Me Not and a Cherry blouse of which Shona is also awaiting stock. Unfortunately, they are made in New Zealand and they’ve been undergoing rather a lot of earthquakes lately!
So an understandable delay!

I know I would be biased since she is my friend and now colleague, but I think Shona gets her fabrics so right. Especially the Deco Circles, which are utterly gorgeous. In the interest of honesty, this is what I would call a semi-sponsored post, because Shona gave me some blouses and trousers as payment for this shoot. I know I will be wearing mine to threads!

Fleur xx

PS. If anyone out there feels the need to correct my ‘American’ title… let me just say now that ‘fall’ is as (olde worldy) English as… er… fish and chips and stiff upper lips! So there. 😉


delia hornbook

Wow your so beautiful and you model the clothes so lovely. I adore the high waisted trousers and the blouses are gorg delightful fabric designs. Dee


I really love the Enchanted fabric. I'll have to sell some stuff to buy some stuff but they look worth it!

Stefanie Valentine

I wore one of the Olivia blouses for the shoot and it was so beautiful, I just loved the material and pattern.
And I agree with Jill, my trousers never look that good on me!


we still say Autumn is Australia but who cares what word you use everyone know what time of the year you mean 🙂

I love the Lucky Lime Flower the most it's so feminine 😀


Oooh! I'm drooling over the lovely fabrics that these blouses are made up in! I was just contemplating what to request for Christmas from my in-laws, and I may have to put one of these on my wishlist… 😉

♥ Casey | blog

Trudy Callan

I love this look, You look amazing. I just discovered your blog and have gone through several older posts. I find your blog very inspiring; so I am signing up as a follower and putting you on my blog roll on my sewing blog. Thanks so much for all of the great posts.


Hello Fleur! I love the blouses – such gorgeous patterns. May I ask where you got your trousers from with those lovely side buttons – as seen here?

Fleur de Guerre

So glad you all love them!

Jayne – everything is Heyday (except the shoes) and if any colours are not yet listed on the site, they will be soon, or you can send a message.


Thanks Fleur – I actually just scampered across to their site and am already browsing. Just started lindy lessons, so these look like they will be perfect. 🙂


Hi Fleur, I know you mentioned these trousers in a blog previously, can you just tell me again where you got them and whether or not they fit talller people, I generally need a 32/33' inseam but you seen to be pretty tall so if they fit you… ? thanks!

agenzia hostess Roma

You blog is eye-catching. I get pleasure from it. your so beautiful and you model the clothes so lovely. Thank you for your ongoing inspiration in all things vintage.
Your way of staging is also fascinating.


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