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Sponsor Spotlight – Winter warmers

In the last few days it has chilled off a lot in London – it’s not quite glove weather, but I was certainly wishing I had a scarf with me yesterday, when I went to the Hendrick’s Horseless Carriage of Curiosities for a special brunch event. I’ll be posting my photos in the next few days, so look out for those! But I thought with the change in the weather, it was about time I showed you the photos I took for one of my newest sponsors, Greetz From Tiz!

This super, Italian Etsy shop is run by a genuine enthusiast of all things 1940s and 50s. Tiz sells an assortment of hand-picked vintage clothing and accessories, but she also sells some fabulous own-brand reproductions things that are just up my street. I was absolutely delighted when she emailed me to ask if she could sponsor my blog, as her beautiful winter accessories are just what I’ve been looking for. The beautifully-wrapped package arrived quickly, and I took some pictures on the same day as my lipstick tutorial… good old photographer Dad!

This gorgeous red Bow Jumper is inspired by a 1940s knitting pattern, but is made in a tiny cotton knit. It has the cutest little pads to make the shoulders puff, and I guarantee it is going to get a lot of use this winter!

She also sent me this amazing knitted clutch bag and matching scarf. I chose the pink and purple combination so it looked smashing with my black coat, but they’re also available in navy blue and grey, which reminds me greatly of the RAF! I love the chevron design of the scarf so much.

The final cherry on top was the little matching turban, which looks just so 1940s with one’s hair tucked up inside! I think it would look just lovely with a little mass of curls or a roll in front! Recently, Ulrika over at the Freelancer’s Fashion Blog showed how super a turban can look with your hair poking out the bottom, though when I tried it, I wasn’t so sure. Maybe it looked less 40s… more cloche-like and this more 20s perhaps? Either way, go and look at Ulrika’s photos for more inspiration on wearing a turban – I definitely want some clip-on pompoms, flowers and fruit for mine now!

Here’s my version! 🙂

Do go and visit Greetz from Tiz if you have a mo, and browse her lovely items. You’ll be seeing me in these a lot more before the winter is out!

Fleur xx


delia hornbook

wow how lucky are you 😉 I love the bag and the scalf much prefere the hat with your hair down it looks so very cute. And the red jumper is very lovely to. Your dad takes great pictures bless him. Dee 😉 x


That red sweater is going to be added to my wish list right now. Gorgeous!!!

Never did the turban look….not sure my face shape works for it. I always preferred the snood. You look stunning.


Can I ask where did you get your coat. I am currently looking for a new winter coat and I am not sure what I really want, but your's is gorgeous. Also the scarf and clutch are beautiful.

In The Heyday

Lovely! They all look nice. I like the hair tucked away look for you too. Perhaps your hair is too long to get away with making it look as vintage as Ulrika does with her blonde bob?

Off to check out these sites you mention!

Good pics – Well done Dad!

Joanna B-W

Do you know if Collection 2000 test on animals? Their parent company is Vivalis Ltd. It looks as though MAC don't, but it is quite difficult to find out these things reliably.


Ooh, I think I love the accessories more than the jumper even. Am going to have to give some thought to purchasing those.


You are drop dead gorgeous.

I just drop by your blog every now and then to see how much prettier you have gotten.

God bless you.

I enjoy your work.




Wow, that jumper is so pretty. Just been over the the Etsy store and seen the navy blue one too. Gutted they're out of my price range, I just couldn't justify spending £60 on one jumper:( If I was a die hard 40's enthusiast like your good self tho it would be a no brainer x


The scarf and the clutch look lovely – also with the turban, in particular with the open hair.
Sorry I comment as anonymous – I do not know how else to do this.

Sugar Kane

I love all of your looks.

I read your blog really often, and I think you're a great journalist ; ) And the best thing is that you exacly know what you are talking about.
Personally, I think you look like Hedy Lamarr : )

Kate O

I thought you already had those knits seeing as you modelled them in the original book! The bow top is fab, I'll have to knit one up onceI get through my backlog xx


I just ordered the turban in navy!! I have a craving for the matching bag too! You look ravishing in everything!


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