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Vintage Socialite’s Diary Dates

Continuing my mission to keep you informed of upcoming events of vintage smashingness, here are a few hand-picked dos that might tickle your collective fancies! If you would like to see a more comprehensive calendar of fabulous events around the UK, then do visit Vintage Secret’s events page!)

Firstly, tomorrow night (9th of October), it’s Wunderbar Weimar at the ULU, Mallet St, London, WC1E 7HY. Here’s the blurb:


Enjoy the extraordinary flowering of the arts and culture, freedom and jazz that was 1920s Berlin!

The University of London Union proudly presents with massive delight our first ever Vintage night: Wunderbar Weimar!

With music, games, dancing, clothes stalls and much much more.

With Maria Trevis, a Weimar Cabaret singer direct from old Berlin. On the vintage decks will be our fave DJ Fruity. The ULU Big Band will be jazzing the night up too! Herr Sean Rillo Raczka will keep us in rapture as our host.

Our chef is putting on special menus and cocktails will be available. Games include knock the top hat off the Capitalist

Dress policy: No Fascists (or fascist outfits) allowed. Costume dress not required but having fun is…

For the bargain price of £3 on the door, I am most certainly there!

Just a bit of an update on the charity dance I’m supporting (and indeed attending) on the 17th October. The organiser, Brian, has informed me that there will be a TV crew there, because of another sponsor he’s secured. Now, before I get to the point, I will digress slightly.

There are a few companies out there who have names that are, in my opinion, really, really silly. I will refrain from outing all of them, but the aforementioned sponsor is one. They are a Brighton-based chocolatiers and confectioners called choccywoccydoodah. Now, I’m sure they make absolutely amazing chocolate creations (looks it from the site), but as far as I’m concerned, this really is a silly name of the highest order, and yet nothing short of total genius, because I first heard of them a while ago, and as soon as Brian mentioned it, I knew exactly who he meant, because it’s just not physically possible to forget a name like ‘choccywoccydoodah’, is it! Anyway, the point is, that they are donating a cake, and the film crew are going to be filming the making of it and the event as a whole, so it’s a chance to get your mug and your best dance moves on the telly.

You’ll have to forgive the shameless self-promotion that’s coming next, but I have some exciting news about mine and Emerald Fontaine’s Halloween party, Don’t Dali With The Devil! We’ve secured some rather splendid sponsorship ourselves, in the form of FREE ABSINTHE, courtesy of our friends at Pernod Ricard! We’re having a fully-stocked and fully-staffed absinthe bar upstairs for the whole night, serving drinks prepared using the traditional absinthe ritual of La Louche, using a fountain to slowly drip ice water onto a spoon of sugar, and into glasses of The Green Fairy. But, from the hours of 8.30pm to 9.30pm, you’ll be able to partake in the ritual for free! We’ll also have subsidised cocktails, some with Absinthe, some without. So a cheap night in addition to a glamorous one! We’re so excited!

Something a bit different, that I was sent info on (but sadly can’t attend) is Journey Through Jazz, which is a one-off show on 16 October at the Artsdepot, North Finchley. Here’s what it’s about:

More modern than ballroom, more vintage than hip hop! Discover the authentic
dances of the Jazz Age with the Sugarfoot Stompers.

Through a love story set in the Savoy Ballroom in the 1930s, the Sugarfoot Stompers
showcase Cakewalk to Charleston, Lindy Hop to Rock n Roll. And there is a chance
to try the dances yourselves with the whole audience invited to join in a couple of
taster classes too.

Journey Through Jazz returns to Artsdepot after a sell-out show there last year.
Presented by the London Swing Dance Society, the show features Simon Selmon (the
UK’s favourite jitterbug) with special guests The Bees Knee’s.

“Partnered social dance has never been more popular,” says Simon Selmon .“The
original jazz dances burst with energy and personality, the music is fabulous and you
just can’t help smiling. This is social dancing at its best.”

Enjoy an evening that sizzles with all the glamour and fizz of the Jazz Age.

Looks fab! Tickets are £15, and the site is apparently http://journeythroughjazz.wordpress.com.

That’s all for now – have a great weekend everyone! Oh, something to show off quickly that made my week – my mum suddenly remembered an old bangle she had that belonged to my granny decades ago, she said. Turned out to be a fabulous carved cinnabar bangle – exactly my sort of thing! I shall greatly enjoy wearing it on its own and mixed in with my bakelite ones. My granny had great taste. 🙂

Fleur xx


Penny Dreadful

Lovely bangle – I never knew that was called cinnabar, it sounds so exotic. I was hoping to come to your amazing sounding Halloween party (even had a sequined dress and feathered masquerade mask already picked out) but will have a friend with me that weekend so I can't, sob!

Lady Cherry

Fleur one of my friends had a choccywocky cake at their wedding. It was quite simply a spectacular waste of money. But it did taste nice.

Straight Talking Mama!

Wow your granny has great taste! My gran grew up on a farm so if I'd inherited anything it would have been a pinny!!

I'm loving the sound of that absinthe fountain, I'll have to tell my husband he would die to see that!!


I just discovered you in the french glamour, and i love your blog and your mind!!!!
ps: sorry for my bad english!


Hey, Love your blog and style. Just one question… do you know any vintage fairs/flea markets that are happening in scotland? Im trying to find one in the internet and cant find anything. thanks xxx Susan


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