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Saucy Smalls from a Sponsor (and more!)

I don’t know about you ladies, but just like lipstick and good hair, there’s something about wearing good underwear that just makes one feel far more confident. I have to confess, that I am not all that rigorous about matching, though I do try to… tone my undies so they at least sort of go. And though I’m more of an M&S girl day to day, I do own some exceedingly gorgeous lingerie as well.

While my favourite brand of all time for vintage style lingerie is my great friend and sponsor What Katie Did, I am an equal opportunities lingerie lover really, and have entered into some great collaborations with other companies over the last year.

This, in turn, led to the kind ladies at Playful Promises, Kiss Me Deadly and Ayten Gasson to invite me to their press day, where I could eat cupcakes and touch gorgeous silk smalls all afternoon long.

I had to try the aforementioned cupcakes, provided by Louby Lou, and they were every bit as delicious as they looked. I also had the disctinct pleasure of seeing, and being photographed by, Nicole of The Hourglass; a lady, without whom, I can honestly say I would not be doing what I am now. She took my first ever photos, which led on to more shoots, which led on to me starting this blog to show them off. So you can put all of this down to her! What a wonderful lady. I didn’t take my camera, so all the photos here are taken by her.

Here I am in my Heyday Deco Circles blouse, with an impromptu updo that
actually turned out reasonably well! 

Playful Promises are a sponsor of mine, and they have been kind enough to do a giveaway with me, which went down wonderfully. Their new season collection is lovely – bright colours, a fab sailor bikini, and the cutest little matrioshka knickers, which come in a postcard box. Keep an eye out on the website if any of that tickles your fancy. Their knickers in boxes make perfect gifts! Have a look at the photo I took when I visited the store earlier this year.

Kiss Me Deadly are another super company who’ve worked with me on a giveaway, and I was delighted to meet the very lovely Catherine who owns the company and designs all the lingerie.

She’s posing with the unbelievably gorgeous



oh, lovely lovelies! My goodness your skin looks particularly incredible in that first pic (it always looks fantastic and luminescent, but you seem made of porcelain there). Gorgeous!


Kiss me deadly lingerie is just amazing and beautiful… i love this brand and hope order soon one … Thanks for this nice blog about retro lingerie i enjoy so much…

Super Kawaii Mama

I just LOVE KMD and am so addicted to their pieces. I've always wondered if Morgana was a tiny as she appears, a beautiful doll like package.
So looking forward to getting some more of the new range here in Australia! 🙂

Dark Puss

I have had the great pleasure of employing Morgana (as a photographer rather than as a model) on a number of occasions. She is indeed absolutely flawless, quite stunning in every way and a wonderful person to work with. Very professional, very talented; glad you finally met her!

She is almost exactly my height and a few kilos lighter but much, much more lovely to look at in every way. I hope to work with her again in 2011.


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