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Sponsor Spotlight – Foxy Party Frocks

I originally posted this last night and took it down and posted something in its place. That’s now gone as well. This is probably not making much sense… basically I’d like to give my wonderful sponsor 20th Century Foxy their opportunity in the limelight at the top of my blog, and will promise my lovely readers that I will ensure this blog is filled with more than just sponsor posts in the New Year. Thanks for bearing with me 🙂

Ahoy from my snow-bound living room, where I am sitting wearing an outfit that can in no way whatsoever be described as vintage, being made up of many layers and a *gasp* fleece monstrosity that belonged to my Dad… but I am warm, so who cares! I am saving all my glamour up for tonight’s Chap Ball, and still need to repair a moth hole in my gown and glue a hair accessory to a clip before I can truly say I am prepared. I hope to see lots of gorgeous Chaps and Chapettes there! But on the subject of parties and outfits, I would just like to draw my readers’ attention to a fine emporium, who have been one of my sponsors for a couple of months now.

20th Century Foxy is run by a very savvy lady called Clare, and her shop strikes the perfect balance of dresses and separates that embody the slinky, wiggle skirted vintage-inspired looks, and those authentic reproductions. She stocks pieces by British label Tara Starlet as well as US-based lines Stop Staring, and Trashy Diva, saving you the hassle and extra customs fees of ordering from America. At this time of year, I don’t know about you,but I need little encouragement to dress up to the absolute nines, and 20th Century Foxy has so many lovely party-appropriate dresses, that I’ve decided to do a feature on those!

The aptly named Party Dresses section has some lovely, shiny, wiggly numbers. I love a shoulder detail, and here there are three possibilities! The one-shouldered Ava, the satin swag-shouldered Harlow and Tara Starlet’s shoulder-embellished 40s gown in a lovely, wearable shade.  I also added the femme fatale-eque Lolita dress, which can be dressed up with some contrasting red accessories! Stop Staring dresses are very sculpting, and really make the most of one’s figure. It’s a look I don’t often go for myself, but one I admire very much on others!

Regular readers will know that I am particularly fond of day dresses, and have no qualms wearing them to parties. All of the above frocks are in 20th Century Foxy’s Day Dresses area, but they would all be perfectly appropriate to wear to any fancy soirees (with the exception of black and white tie shindigs). I think they are all from Trashy Diva’s line, one I’ve mentioned here before. Their designs are always lovely quality. The Jenny dress is the ideal little black number, with the perfect 1940s length, a fitted midriff and some natty seaming. The navy Halterneck Circle dress in resplendant in navy, broderie anglaise-looking cotton, looks super on amply proportioned girls, as the model ably demonstrates. Pair with red and white accessories for a patriotic look, or persimmon orange for a really authentic colour combination! Every girl should have a spotty frock, and the 40s style one above is perfect, taking you from tea to the tiles! And I love the yellow and black bow print of the cleverly draped 40s dress above – pencil-shaped at the back with authentic-looking swags at the front. Really, really, good repro in quality rayon.

Brits and ladies of Europe, please do take a moment to peruse 20th Century Foxy, because in addition to the lovely clobber, they also do some smashing accessories, shoes and even lingerie, to help you get that perfect silhouette under your new frock! And a little bird told me they will be getting in some new styles in a matter of days… happy frock buying!

Fleur xx



Fleur, I read your previous post last night and just wanted to say hang in there and I hope things get better 🙂 I'm not a regular commenter but I love your posts, regardless of what they're on. And these Foxy Party Frocks are great!


I read last night's post on my phone so couldn't comment then but imo, this blog is wonderful. I like the sponsored posts – you don't just regurgitate press releases like some bloggers do and you always open my eyes to new and interesting shops. So thank you!

I love all the day dresses that you've shown. So refreshing to see things that actually look good on average sized models rather than super slim people.


I read your last night’s post and can only say that I love your blog and hope that you find some happiness to get you through the hard times.

On a side note, do you know where can a girl find some some vintage inspired hosiery?


Hi Fleur,

Firstly, I'd like to say that I love your blog and it's one of my very favourites. I am always excited to read your posts and I find your sponsor ones informative and interesting. I you hadn't written about Heyday an dPuttin' on the Ritz, I would never have found them!

I am so terribly sorry about what you've been through. I think you're doing a marvellous job and if you don't have the energy that you would like to devote to your blog as you did before, no one blames you for it (if they do, then they're just stupid). Women need to stick together, and your local readers certainly won't desert you or grumble about your posts!

I love reading about your shoots, your sponsors, Vintage Events, The Chap Olympics (LOL! I loved all the cheating going on!!), parties, and your cats. I LOVE cats! 🙂

Most of all I like the genuineness that comes across in each and every post. Don't change a thing, Fleur. We like you just as you are.

Sarah 🙂


I read last night's post as well and just wanted to extend my sympathy. I went through something very similar in February, and I am still recovering. I wonder sometimes if I will ever be the same, but it's slowly getting better. Good for getting help, and I hope the good times soon outweigh the bad.


Hi Fleur
I've been reading your lovely blog since I found out about you via the Stitch in Time knitting book when it came out and have
enjoyed reading about events and fashion and the fantastic hairstyling and make-up tips!
Always look forward to reading your posts!
Mel xx


Hi Fleur,

I love reading your blog – I honestly don't notice 'too many sponsor posts', because what you write is very entertaining.

I think a lot of us would agree that we would prefer less posts if it would mean that you feel happier!

I hope you feel better soon, in the meantime, I look forward to your next post, no matter what the content 🙂

Steph xx


Lucky you, lucky you, lucky, lucky , you — you post up a post, swiftly take it down again, alude to its contents, then just get a stiff upper lip , whilst complaining the whole time and alienating all the readers that have been loyal to you for so long, just imagine, in vintage terms, a time when you couldn't just allude to a bitch and a moan, but you would you would have to stand up to it and be a land girl or a suffragette, you are no vintage person, you are a fashion follower, you have no spirit of the 40's — how would you cope with the blitz? when you have to have your prep and prime make up????? I don't know what your original blog post was, as, no doubt, lots of your readers do, but clearly, you need to grow a stiff upper lip and back bone.


Oh Anonymous, you are hilarious. Where is your "stiff upper lip" love? Hiding and not showing your name – shameful.

And, ummm, its a blog about living in the modern world with 40's style, not about actually going back to the 40's.

Retro Chick

I think we can all agree that posting anonymous comments slating someone is terribly brave and demonstrates good British virtues like that stiff upper lip you're so keen on.

What's a "vintage person"? I can only assume that anon has personally lived through the Blitz to speak on living through it with such authority. Why does a penchant for vintage clothing and 40s style suddenly mean you have to be a land girl and develop a stiff upper lip?

I could go on, but frankly you're not worth it.

Fleur de Guerre

Hahahahahhaha – how would I cope with the Blitz?! I'm sure I'd cope as well or as badly as anyone else who lived through it. What a bizarre thing to say. I have said over and over how I have absolutely no desire to live in the past, for the very reasons you mention. I enjoy all the trappings of 2010 and the clothes and other accoutrements of the past when design, if not anything else whatsoever (IMO), was fantastic.

As if it's any of your business, the post got taken down, because the very situation I posted about stood to get significantly worse if I did not. Funnily enough, I did not want that to happen. Please don't presume to know anything about me or my life. You clearly don't have a clue. And people with backbones don't post anonymous abuse, you incredible hypocrite.


So Anonymous- in your first sentence you accuse Fleur of getting a stiff upper lip like its a bad thing then in the last sentence tell her she needs to grow a stiff upper lip??you are clearly a little confused.

Miss Matilda

I'd love them to come back, I want to tell them to go build an air raid shelter and kit it out with vintage tins of gloop and dried egg powder, go live in it for a month, come back and educate us to the vintage way, because quite clearly they know how it's all done….but I bet they couldn't survive without a portaloo (is that cryptic enough for you)


Now now anonymous, take your pills and back to the ward. Getting all worked up about a post being removed when, by your own admission, you had no idea what was about, is frankly bizarre, and I will have to tell Doctor about it.

Helen Highwater

Did landgirls not bitch about anything? And Suffragettes were surely the bitchiest of the lot! If they'd had blogs of course. Not that they did.

"How would you survive the Blitz?" Well nowadays, a bit like this, through the medium of twitter:

"Can't sleep. F***ing planes."

"That was a loud one. Wonder if my house just got a direct hit?"

"Best thing about the war? The GIs. Oh yes ladies, knowworramnean?"

"Made lipstick out of a crushed beetle. It was rubbish."

"Apparently the bombed out people of Greenock have been stealing food – can't say I blame 'em!"

"All-clear at last – hurrah!"

"Bollocks. That was my house."

Helen Highwater

Swiftly followed by:

"Sorry guys, deleted the last tweet. I got really sweary when I realised I was homeless. F*** off, Hitler! Whoops, there goes another one!"

Yesterday Girl

I have to just say Anonymous. You sound mighty confused and slightly bitter. Why are you getting so irate about something you clearly don't understand, you said yourself you didn't even see the first post. You appear to be getting hot under the collar about someone elses personal business, who may I add did not need to try and justify herself to anybody in the first place and only did it because of her true strength of character. Surely you are the only one 'complaining' here???? And being a Land Girl or Suffragette are two things that both required women to work together, not attack each other for no reason, as you have just done.


Anonymous is just some jealous, mean spirited person. The best thing to do is ignore folk like that. Anyone who posts anonymously has no right to accuse someone else of having no backbone. It's completetly ridiculous to state that because someones dresses from a certain era they have to imagine themselves living through the events of the time. So someone who dresses in 1970s garb has to turn off the lights off in their house every night ro recreate the power cuts?! It's totally ridiculous!


Also, anonymous says "the time of land girls and suffragettes." er… about 30 years seperated them! Should have paid attention in history at school me thinks!

Fleur de Guerre

I know right! We were discussing that on Facebook.

Suffragette in the 40s: Votes for women!
Passerby: erm… we've had the vote for almost two decades.
Suffragette: Oh.


Golly, how rude of anonymous.

Fleur, you owe none of us anything. You write the blog, we read it. If we don't like it, we don't have to read it. If you don't want to write it, that's your affair, it's not as though we've paid for it. Anonymous seems to have some bizarre sense of entitlement, as though in return for his/her reading your blog, you should have to match up to some ideal. Completely strange.

Ah, internet: May Contain Nuts.

Lili la Scala

Just to be pedantic, I'm not sure you can 'grow' a stiff upper lip. Or a backbone. Or a pair for that matter. So rack off and stop attacking people anonymously.
Best wishes,


I love how people think that just because they hide in obscurity they can say whatever the hell they want. Anonymous, you're a coward, ill-mannered and your arguments are barely cogent.
Fleur, your blog rocks my socks.

Anna Depew

Anonymous: Sweetie, it's important to remember that just because we've realized that the girls have started to sag, and we've had a few too many glasses of the cooking sherry, doesn't mean that we need to go online and drunkenly spout misinformed and ill-conceived arguments to strangers who probably look better naked that we do.
Now, dear, don't you feel rather silly?

Oh, and Helen, you're my new hero.


Dear Anonymous,
Wow! First I will say that you have no right to tell someone else how they should or should not behave or react to their own lives or emotions. Seems like you could use some sensitivity training. Also, clearly you have an incredibly skewed view of what REAL women (and indeed REAL sentient human beings) went through during WWII. Contrary to your propaganda-fed notions of how people responded to the tragedies of the wartime era, I can assure you that women of the past did not all walk around with stiff upper lips. But then, I don't expect you to be informed enough to even grasp what I am writing.


I must say I'm almost grateful that Anonymous came along – Helen's answering post is just hilarious!

And Fleur is amazing, so really it's little wonder such ugly jealousy arises from time to time.


Dear Anonymous,

You are a bitter, hateful and hideous creature! I hope to god you never darken my blog.

Carry on Fleur your blog brightens my day.



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