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Winter footwear & a final party plug

I sometimes curse my parents for feeding me so much fluoride and calcium as a child. While it’s lovely to be strapping, strong and healthy, I never had any chance of having lovely, dainty feet. If I’d been around in the 1940s, aside from all the other drawbacks mentioned in my earlier post, I’d have been forced to wear men’s shoes. It’s most unlikely that I’d have been able to afford custom-made ones anyway! So I rely on vintage inspired and repro shoes, of which there are many. Luckily! But it still makes me shed a tear when I see such amazing, original shoes as these…

These CC41, sheepskin-lined, black suede snow boots just sold on eBay for a shade over £100. Worth every penny, I’d say. They are utterly beautiful, don’t you think? At size 4.5 (6.5US), there was no chance of me fitting them, even if I chopped off my toes (which I considered)!

Luckily, I was saved from further depression by the fact that I already own some rather smashing, and not entirely dissimilar shoes, made by those purveyors of gorgeous footwear, Miss L Fire.

These Ellison shoes manage to perfectly bridge the gap between 40s chic and old lady slippers, and I absolutely love mine, which are in the above tan colourway. They also come in black and grey… both of which I now want as well!

I bought them from Shudoo, but they can also be bought from ASOS, where they have styled them slightly differently. If you wear them with the sheepskin bit completely unfolded, they look remarkably similar to the original 1940s boots above. Hurrah!

I will admit these fashion shoes are not suitable footwear for those of you who live in places that get serious snow. Nor would I wear them here, if it snows heavily, as the weathermen have been threatening! But they are lovely and snug for when it’s cold but dry. If it’s icy underfoot, I also have a pair of these, from Clarks; which have a practical, crepe sole and look just as lovely! They are in the sale as well, for just £50 (as well as a couple of sizes in black).

This weekend, I am helping out at the ‘1940s Demob Ball’ being held at posh old London Gentleman’s club the Naval and Military (aka the In and Out), but it would be remiss of me not to tell any London-based vintage partygoers about the last Candlelight Club of the year.

Christmas by Candlelight is taking place at a secret location this Saturday 18th. Tickets cost £15.

For this you get:

• A free drink on arrival
• A quirky supper of exotic, Christmas-flavoured gourmet sandwiches, in our basement hideaway specially decorated for the occasion
• Live 1920s ragtime from ex-Royal Flying Corps heroes turned jazz messengers Albert Ball’s Flying Aces (if you missed my Hallowe’en event, catch them here! -Fleur)

• Vintage shellac spun all evening by MC Fruity, London’s premier vintage DJ
• Our Christmas present for you to take home: a free limited-edition CD of Candlelight Club 1920s music, cleverly fashioned to look just like an old 78 record—this 26-track album will only be available at this event
PLUS a mini bottle of SW4 gin, “The Gin of Champions”. In effect, it’s a pocket-sized version of the Club, to keep you company this Christmas.
 • A one-off menu of attractively priced Christmas cocktails created by Will Sprunt:
Mince Flip
Homemade mincemeat vodka, sherry, cream, nutmeg
Related to the Alexander cocktail, this concoction is basically Christmas in a glass
Chestnuts on an Open Fire
SW4 gin, Bowmore single malt whisky, chestnut syrup
A fruity, smoky, nutty short
Ginger Snap
Rum, advocaat, ginger beer, Boker’s Bitters
Like a spicy Dark n’ Stormy cocktail with an extra indulgent richness
Cherry Christmas
SW4 gin, cherry bitters, rosemary tincture, cranberry juice
Long and fruity with an aromatic perfumed twist
Mulled Sour
SW4 gin, port, cointreau, lemon juice, Boker’s Bitters
Sweet and sour mulled-wine flavours in a chilled tongue-tingling extravaganza
Do pop along if you fancy it (tickets can be bought here), to support one of London’s best and newest nights for vintage enthusiasts… I’m sad to miss it, but I’ll be at the first one in the New Year!
Toodle-oo for now!

Fleur xx



Wow, those shoes look brand new. For 70 year old suede that's incredible! Oh to be a tiny footed (and waisted) lady 🙁


I'm tall and have big feet, so I feel your pain! I had some great vintage shoes in middle school before I even knew what they were, but those days are over 😉

Tickety Boo Tupney - A Dash OF Worcester Sauce.

I think my Grannie wears a size 7 or 8 (uk) and she had some lovely shoes in the 40’s- still has one pair too. Those utility boots are fab, fortunately I have found something similar but mine don’t have the hearts 🙁 way cheaper too-phew! You will come across a pair when you least expect it- always happens to me….Tups x


I have big old feet as well! ;( Sadly it looks like welly weather anyway for me…the now is falling and turning, as if my magic, into slush…

Ruby June

Try looking for vintage or repro shoes…that are vegan 🙁 Almost no luck there! They are beautiful though. I have a horrible weakness for shoes.

Flora Deborah

Hello Fleur, I just discovered your blog and loving it!
I moved to London last April and live around brick lane, definitely a vintage girly girl 🙂 I'm giving a look at the newsheridanclub right now, it seems really lovely.

Tallulah May

I saw those CC41 boots on e bay and thought them a darling pair of vintage boots, but I know I could not have brought my self to wear them, as in wear them out.
So like you and other vintage fans I will settle for a pair or two of the amzing retro boots to keep my little pinkies warm.


Is that really what gives people bigger feet? In that case, I'm glad I'm living now because my feet are already tiny. I can wear children's shoes! Imagine how tiny they would have been in the 40's…


I just came back from England. I was hunting to get those blue suede shoes from Clarks. Darn difficult to find they are. Even in London. And not even all shops keep the Originals collection in stock. But now, after all that trouble, I am a proud owner of those darn shoes 🙂 You can read all about my blue-suede-shoe-buying-troubles here:


I was wondering about tiny vintage shoes too! One of my favorite vintage shops in LA nearly all their shoes are a size 6, but very narrow, so despite the fact that I wear a size 6, my feet can still never fit into them!

Hillbilly Housewife

Hum , those black vintage boots were one of my watched items on ebay! They would fit my tiny feet for sure. By the time that auction came up I had already a big list of shopping done, so I had to pass them out :S

plaid man

Your taste in shoes in divine. Your blog shows your style nicely.

Thanks for taking the time to find and write about your favorites. 🙂


I can't believe those boots were utility! Fantastic design – which is what it was.

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