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Glamorously organised

I am one of the least organised people in the world, I think. I need pressure to work, impending deadlines. Watch me panic about my Tax Return on January 30th! Actually, I have started it, but I am starting to feel the Fear. But this year, just as every one since the year dot, I have resolved to be more organised. Luckily one of my fab Christmas presents will help with this, as it’s a rather splendid diary!

Isn’t it fab? It’s made from a recycled paper diary, week-to-view, and covered with old newsprint and a beautiful lady decoupaged onto the front. It’s rather too nice to carry around, so it’s taking pride of place on my desk. Makes entries such as ‘Dentist, 2pm’ seem so much more glamorous!

Anyway, I’m plugging, as I just found out these Silver Screen Sweetheart diaries are now on offer (what with the new year having already started!) at Not On The High Street, so you can all have a beautifully organised 2011! I have some more fab literary-themed things (and by that I mean books!) to tell you all about soon.


Fleur xx



Oh I love this! I am normally so fussy with my diary and couldn't find one I like this year so had to go for a plain boring one. However after seeing these I might have to treat myself! Love the blog.




So pretty and useful too- fabulous.

I'm pretty disorganised. I've got better… I used to LOSE my diaries hahaha! Now I just have to keep a notebook everywhere.


fleur, My mother gave me a very cute diary for xmas, and I write down every single thing I got to do!!

Everybody at my work thinks I'm very organized!!

happy New Year!


Such a lovely blog with so much beauty and sweets.i have nominated you for the stylish bloggers award .Hope you dont mind.please stop by my blog if you like,kind of just starting.lol.Keep up the great work.

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I suck at being organized. Most of the time. When I succeed,I do it well, only problem is that happens too seldom. At some point I even forget to add notes and appointments to my diary… But about the tax return, I really recommend an accountant! I did it once (the one for my company, not my personal one) myself and decided never to go trough that again…


Oh dear! You have a fantastic blog! I like it and lot :)! I don't speak very good english so i'm sorry if i do some mistakes :)!


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