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A Happy New Wardrobe!

Miss Naomi Thompson is one of my best friends. She is lovely, generous, beautiful, hardworking, and has a vintage collection that would make a lesser woman weak at the knees. And, if you read my blog regularly, you’ll know she runs Vintage Secret, a clothing and events company that’s received rave reviews from Vogue, Cosmo and the Sunday Times Style, to name but a few.

Naomi and I with David Carter, photo by Lara Jade

Last year, she launched Vintage Secret Personal Shopping, a service that will appeal to both vintage newbies and lifestylers alike. So, not before time, and since the start of a new year is the perfect time to overhaul your wardrobe and really make some changes for the better; I’d like to tell you all about it, in the hopes that Naomi will help many ladies make 2011 the most stylish year of all time.
A day with London’s Vintage Expert
For one delicious day, Miss Thompson will become your guiding angel. She’ll lead you on a journey through London’s finest vintage shops, stalls and boutiques in search of timeless treasures. What will you discover?  That depends entirely on what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a key investment piece, a fabulous one-off wedding gown, or a whole new vintage wardrobe, Naomi’s unfailing eye will help you find it.
Your day will begin at 12.30pm with a consultation at Miss Thompson’s East London Boudoir. Tea, scrumptious cakes, or (for the adventurous lady) a sturdy gin cocktail will be offered while your hostess enquires about your style history and the special pieces you’re hoping to find. Once your wishlist has been fully formed, a car will arrive to whisk you off on your tour!
You’ll be spirited away from the identikit High Street into the arcane heart of East London’s vintage shopping scene. Here Miss Thompson will use all of her Vintage Secret style hunting experience to locate those unique items we all crave.
As you go around town, you will learn:
  • which eras’ cuts and shades best suit your shape and colouring 
  • how to avoid nasty fakes and newer pieces masquerading as old 
  • which pieces are worth your precious pennies, as well as which will hold their value
An afternoon tea break to keep your energy levels topped up will take place in Brick Lane’s Vintage Emporium Tea Rooms, before the Tour continues. At 6pm you will hop back into the car and return to Miss Thompson’s boudoir.
If you didn’t partake of the gin cocktail earlier, now’s the time! Illicit teacup of booze in hand, you’ll review and marvel at your fabulous finds. You’ll head home, sated with food, tea and glorious garments; ready to go forth in your new vintage style! 
If that sounds like something that would tempt you, then Naomi would love to hear from you. The cost is £95 for one person, £145 for two or £185 for 3 or £235 for 4. All transport, plus food and drink at Naomi’s boudoir is covered, but lunch, and any of your purchases are not included. Days can be purchased as gifts by loving friends, partners or family members! For even more detail please go to http://www.vintagesecret.com/styling/ or contact naomi@vintagesecret.com.
I can’t really say in words how much I love and respect this woman. So I do hope you’ll pay her a visit online and tell her I sent you. 🙂

Fleur xx



What a perfect day out! Just wonderful! I bought something similar (not vintage, just nice designer clothing) for my mum and she LOVED it.

I'm favouriting this for when my 'ship comes in' (as my gran would say)…because right now I'm more at the scouring the end of the local church jumble sale level of budget. But soon, soon my birthday and anniversary will come round and precious new clothes will me MINE, ALL MINE MWAHAHAHAHAHA! And world domination.


Both me and Aimee work for the Emporium, As shop keepers and seamstresses! A great blog post, glad to see Jess and Ollies lovely little shop is being included xx


Sounds like the perfect day to me. If only I still lived in London. However, I shall definitely pass the word on about it.


Whilst I can't afford this right now, that won't stop me staring lovingly at the coloured dress on the left. It's beautiful. And a one-off I suspect, sadly. Beautiful!

Lexy Mademyday

As a provident girl I already sent an email to my boyfriend with the link to what could be the perfect birthday present…but I think I'm too provident cause my brithday is in september and he will surely forget about that mail by that time!:)

Scary Mary

O perfect!! Sounds like a dream day in London if you ask me;) Will have to check up on that till next time I'm there.. I can place my love at a pub, while I go vintage hunting:) Thanks for sharing!!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted

Dear Fleur, I've seen your picture here and there but have only just discovered your blog. How funny! Naomi is my next door neighbour. I've been meaning to go and look at all her gorgeous vintage things for ages. I must do a post about her too xx


You all look lovely in that photo. I wish I lived in London so I could do one of those tours (I'm in Australia). That would be awesome and so much fun! 🙂 (btw, Thanks for the hot sticks tutorial on your blog- I found it really interesting 🙂 )


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