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Thrilling filler

 Over two weeks… some sort of record I think! I’m having a bit of a funny old 2011 so far. There’s so much going on behind the scenes that I’m unable or unwilling to blog about, and I just can’t seem to find the subjects or the enthusiasm to dream up entertaining things, nor am I feeling very confident at the moment, so outfit posts are off the cards somewhat. Sorry everyone.

It’s not that I am having a bad start to the year, far from it. But last year was so unremittingly depressing that I have a long way to go before I am back to ‘normal’. Whatever ‘normal’ is! I’m feeling so inordinately grateful to my amazing friends at the moment, the beautiful, stylish, kind and wonderful Vintage Mafia (as we are collectively known), for keeping my precarious head above water. I realise this is all very cryptic and makes no sense to you, dear readers. I just ask that you bear with me over the next few weeks and months, if this blog is continuing to lack substance. I’ll try to post something at least visually pretty for you to look at, and work hard at getting back on track.

Here’s a swift photographic roundup of the things that have been keeping me occupied in the last couple of weeks.


A prize hamper I won from Bloom Gin (more on this later).

Gorgeous Bethan and Jeni

The bob twins Naomi and Gem

The fab label from my equally fab new frock (pictures after I wear it to an upcoming wedding!)

Frock detail – stripes, bows and ruffles! *swoon*

More gin! This time SW4, the Gin of Champions (and the gin of the Candlelight Club)

And finally…

My lovely new old celluloid bangle. Ah, retail therapy!

Oh, and if you’re interested to read an interview about me, then do head over to the London Word, and have a peek.

Lots of love,

Fleur xx

PS. If you’ve emailed me in the last couple of weeks regarding interviews, sponsorship or just with questions, I’ve probably not replied yet. I will, and sorry I haven’t yet. F x



Hope whatever the things are that are taking your vim, they fade with time.

Good friends are fab, aren't they? Your friends are also awfully stylish too!

My friends are all stylish in their own way… we look like the alternative Spice Girls (indie spice, vintage spice, heavymetal spice, hippy spice and geek-chic spice).


****Swoon thump**** at that new bangle!! You have proved to me that cheap imitations are… well.. cheap imitations! Looks lovely!!!!! As does Ini. I am a sucker for a black (with a dash of white?) pushka.

Don't ever apologise for not blogging regularly. All the more of a treat when you do! 🙂

In The Heyday

Lovely lady Fleur, we all think you are just plain great. Lovely pics to drool over – thanks for sharing!
Perdita – your gang sounds fantastic.


Aw… Fleur! I can totally sympathize with having to take the time to slowly get back on track after a particularly bad spell. As someone who has struggled with dark periods of life (and still does) it really does take your mojo. So just take your time, pamper yourself and we'll still be here–no apologies needed! 🙂

I love those little snippets of the new frock you bought. And that bangle! NEEDS! WANTS!!! lol. I admire those old carved styles and have yet to add a genuine vintage piece to my collection (I only have one repro bangle that my mom gave me years ago–though it's still just as fun imho). One of my favorite local vintage haunts has a case of them that I always drool over… hehe.

Wishing you well dear Fleur! 🙂

♥ Casey


Bob I and Bob II 🙂 soo excited about seeing that dress darlin' … and you shouldn't worry about blog posts, you're blog is merely living by the legendary quote "Always leave them wanting more!"


Keep your chin up Fleur. You have no idea how much I want to be like you. You have an amazing group of friends that share your interests, fabulous style and a much more interesting life than yours truly! xxxx

delia hornbook

awww when the time is right you will get back on top and not before. Be kind to yourself, looks like your having fun, lovely photo's, take care dee x


Cats, gin, a new frock and a fab bangle, plus fine friends? Sounds like an interesting post to me!

Hope you will find your spark again in coming months – it's not a sparktastic time of year, but in a few months it will be Swirl weather again 🙂 The mojo will return!

Straight Talking Mama!

Ah I think we're living parallel lives! this is exactly what I feel too, last year was so dreadful that even though this year is starting more positively it's taking some getting back on top of things, so I can sympathise!!

Anyway lovely bracelet, very like the one I got from Mum that she was given when she was young

Stephanie Lynn

Glad to hear that you are feeling at least a bit better. Being busy always helps because you don't have time enought to be sad.

Can't wait to see your new frock!

Penny Dreadful

Your pusska is adorable. I had periods of my life where I would have slipped into utter depression if it hadn't been for my cat (now sadly living in Oz far away from me, so tough times are even tougher). 2011 will be a great year for you, and you certainly have lots of good friends to help you along the way xx

"The Golden Girl of the West"

Fleur! Keep your chin up! We all go through those moments in life and sooner than later you will be feeling better! I always think of the things and people that I am grateful for in my life and that always puts it into perspective and balance for me…..it always works out. Beautiful carved bracelet by the way! Retail therapy is a must every now and then!



Hello Fleur, There's no need to aplolgise for not blogging, and I hope you start feeling better soon. I really love that bangle.


Big hugs Fleur, and I hope that you start to feel better soon. Hang in there 🙂 . Gorgeous pics ( your cat is beautiful), and big congrats on the awesome interview. I really enjoyed reading it. Can't wait to read more of your news when you are feeling back on top of things again. You are a gorgeous gal both inside and out 😉

Christina Simon

It is okay to feel down for a while – and I know from my own experience how hard it is when you feel pressure (real or imagined) from others to "perform" nevertheless. 2010 was indeed really difficult.
We love you and love your blog. I do not doubt that you are planning some fabulous and stylish events for the next months.

Mrs Cleaver

Hey Fluer,i can sympathise with some of what your saying.Just remember there a re lots of ppl who luv you & think you are fab!
I hope 2011 continues to get better & better every day:)


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