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Quelques Fleurs

Ooooooooooooooh I’m excited to show you these! As I mentioned yesterday, Shona and I are proud to announce that the Heyday Fleur wrap dress, named after and designed for yours truly, has just been released in two new colours. And so, I am going to post some pictures! Yes it’s very self-promotional, but you’ll have to forgive me my gleeful plug of the following frocks, because they truly make me very happy, and that is something I have to grab when I can, these days!

Firstly, we listened to those ladies out there who expressed a desire for a darker floral print, and have released a special, limited edition English Rose on Black Fleur! I’ve seen this dress on gals of all ages and ranging in sizes from 8 to 18, and it suits everyone, so don’t any of you ladies be under the impression that florals can only be worn by the thin or young! I adore the clusters of pale pink and cerise roses on high-quality cotton – so practical while it’s not that warm outside, but still definitely wearable in the summer. It has the same, custom rose button to fasten, and of course, the gathered, rounded pockets and long, self-tie belt. Pair with green or pink accessories!

The second new Fleur is one that we feel will prove most popular with everyone, from the more rockabilly/retro among you, to the die-hard vintage gals. You just can’t get plain black original frocks really – whether they just weren’t in demand, or whether they were all just worn out, who knows. The late 40s cotton dress I have, that features a plain black cotton bodice to a black and white patterned skirt; is very faded from age and repeated washings. And most frocks of the 30s-50s seem to be in lighter colours, pastels, florals or even jewel tones, but rarely in dark, plain colours. And since so many girls come to vintage through being Goths or rockabillies, there is often a soft spot lingering for black clothes that can be dressed up with brighter contrasts. Or not. So… ta-daaa!

The Daisy Chain on Black Fleur is in a crisp, black cotton; and the gathered neck and pockets are adorned by a row of genuine vintage appliques. They’re more like stylised daisies, I think, but that just makes them more practical! They can even be removed with a few snips, if you’d prefer something completely plain. We’ve put a daisy button on this one, to continue the theme!

The wrap style is so versatile and can fit a range of sizes (though if you underestimate, you might want to go for a slip underneath to avoid potential flashing… you need a good amount of wrapover to protect your modesty without! Or exchange, of course!). I always tie the belt at the back, but it looks super cute at the front, too. Make it your own! And, having tested it myself last weekend, I can confirm that with stockings, a slip and cardigan as well as a coat, you can start wearing your cotton frocks right away… until the temperature plummets of course. I’m not that crazy. But I almost am.

Thanks a million to lovely Shona for letting me model (though how could she not!), and to my Dad for snapping me. All the shoes in this post are by Rocket Originals, from my own purchases. Don’t forget, we still have a few Fleurs left in the original, white English Rose fabric, so make sure you snap one up if you were planning to… once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Here endeth this plug. 🙂

Lots of love,

Fleur xx



The floral one is super-fabulous, I want it now!! Just superb.

Lovely photos, you can see why you're the muse for this style!


WOW!! I LOVE these, and of course being a former goth-billy I want the Daisy Chain Fleur! Gorgeous.

Miss Margarita

I love the "English Rose on Black Fleur"! I just might have to order that one!
The daisy chain is also very pretty, and I probably would have considered that one too if if wasn't for the fact that I need to lighten up my wardrobe a bit 😉

Miss M


Those are both so pretty! The black from is especially catching my eye… Hopefully they'll still be available around my birthday (May), 'cuz it's going on my wishlist! 🙂

♥ Casey

Andi B. Goode

I know exactly what you mean about the plain black dress! I definitely had the wear barely anything but black phase as a teenager. I moved away from it for a while but, yes, there is that longing in me for a black dress! And that one is perfect. I love the little daisies. Beautiful!
-Andi x


Oh they are simply stunning, and I hope I will be able to afford one this summer 🙂
It is lovely to see you modeling again, and I hope that all that ails you will be gone soon.


i love looking at your super stylish blog and like the fact that you are so super honest about your feelings. i don't personally wear period clothing myself but i like reading about your stylish life – as a keen baker i think it would be fun to have a period tea party sometime, stealing ideas from your blog. keep up the good work!

juliana andrighe

I've loved your dresses,specially the black.I would like to have one.Kisses,from Brazil


Just for the record, I was never a goth or into rockabilly. I just like the era and how they dressed in the 20s and 30s. They dressed so nice back then, people now go to the store in there pajamas and house shoes; how lazy.


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