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A frock fit for a Queen

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the last year, you’ll know that next Friday is the big, exciting EXTRA DAY OFF! I mean…ahem… it’s the Royal Wedding! Thousands of people, who don’t really give a monkeys about Prince Wills and Kate will be using it as an excuse to have a street party, drink Pimm’s and eat cake; and I am no exception. I mean, I am fairly ambiguous about the existence of the Royal Family. I’m not a dedicated monarchist by any means, but I do think they are a big part of our history and culture; and I hope they stick around for many generations to come. Equally, I have not really bought into the wedding fever, though I will confess I have bought one piece of Royal Wedding memorabilia… a Tiffany blue/green tin of shortbread from Marks and Sparks which features tasteful Victorian-style silhouettes of the couple. But mainly, if I’m honest; I just like any excuse to wear a patriotic red, white and blue ensemble and raise a glass or tea cup full of gin to… anyone. And in this case, it’s the aforementioned Wills and Kate.

The event I shall be gracing with my presence is this one:

It’s being put on by some friends of mine, and, as you can see, they have asked me to ‘appear’ at it. Though, in reality, this just means I’ll be there and might do something like hand out the Best Cake Prize or some such trifle… I’m mainly just there to have a jolly good time.

But since this is mainly a vintage style blog, let me tell you what I’ll be wearing… which will both plug this smashing new frock, and give me the opportunity to show off some new modelling pictures… I do like to multi-task!

As you all know by now, I teamed up with Heyday to produce a self-titled wrap dress called the Fleur. It’s had a couple of incarnations so far, but this one may very well be my favourite as it’s so versatile, not to mention in one of my most beloved colour-schemes. 

The red, white and blue Fleur is the perfect patriotic frock (if you’re one of the lucky nations that have this colour on their flags)! It’s absolutely ideal for wearing to Royal Wedding celebrations, the Diamond Jubilee, Liberation Day in the Channel Islands, Independence Day on the 4th of July, Victoire 1945 in France, Victoria Day in Canada, the Queen’s Birthday in the Antipodes… well you get the point. Even if these aren’t your country’s colours, it’s the perfect 1940s combination and looks absolutely super with matching accessories!

Shoes are by Rocket Originals, and the hat belongs to the photographer… sadly!


These fabulous (I hope you’ll agree) photos were shot by the incredible Gordon Ayres, a chap who is famous and much in demand in the vintage and reenacting world. He uses only proper old cameras, with proper film, and the results are vintage-perfect. The shoot was done at Taymount Grange, a 1930s Art Deco former tennis retreat, and home to one of my best friends, fellow VM girl and blogger Gemma (as well as a very bold and photogenic tortie cat called Lizzie)! We could not have dreamed of a more perfect location. And goodness me do I want to live there now!

We had such fun, and 1930s glamour girl Gemma, the gorgeous blonde bombshell Claire and fiery redhead Shona had such fun being snapped by Gordon on a beautiful sunny day. I think these pictures show how these Fleur wrap dresses can be made to suit your chosen era with the right accessories and hairstyles. On Gem the Daisy on Black looks 30s, and on Claire the English Rose on Black looks mid-late 50s! Go and have a look on the Heyday site for more shots of the girls (and more of me, if you aren’t bored of my mug already)! Anyway, as you can tell, I’m just as enthusiastic as ever about these fantastic frocks, and I hope you love the new version as much as me. As always, they are limited edition and once they are gone, they won’t be repeated… so go and grab your now and if you’re in the UK, wear it next Friday with patriotic (or just plain vintage) pride.

I leave you with the whole gang in our best catalogue poses, modelling the whole Fleur range. See you next time!

Fleur xx



Beautiful dress, and photo's!

The Netherlands has a monarchy, too, and I am not really a dedicated monarchist aswell, but I do agree it's part of our history.

Anyhoo, I am gonna watch the royal wedding of Kate and William live on Dutch television here ;).

Have a great day, lady!

Andi B. Goode

It truly is a wonderful dress! And I think the red, white and blue might be my favourite, as well! (But it's also my favourite colour combination. =]). Gorgeous photos, too!
-Andi x


Gosh, I do like the blue. I wore my white one to a wedding last weekend and it was perfect – not only did it look great, but I was able to let it out slightly after dinner too!


You look absolutely beautiful, Fleur! I love the red, white and blue dress (having a weakness for that color combo). This is going on my birthday wishlist! πŸ˜‰

β™₯ Casey


I feel I would of been a little more excited about the wedding if there had been less press coverage. Less emphasize on how Kate is one of us, and is a style icon. Dont get me started on the shops, anything white and blue is now "Royal wedding". I will be at work Happily getting time and a half.
Want that dress! I am attemting to do my own wrap round dress from a vintage pattern, hopefully it will have a happy ending


The Fleur dress is really beautiful! I bought the daisy chain and I wore it last weekend: so nice, but on you and the other girls it's faboulous!!!!


Marie Meier

so gorgeous !!! I've order the black roses and the navy blue Fleur. With my white roses i will have three of your nice frocks. And in the future i will order the black one…. So in love with its.


I've been admiring the Fleur dress for a while, I just love the blue version so I got my order in sharpish. I hope to wear it on the Royal Wedding Day… any excuse to dress up in a lovely new frock and sip champagne! I may even attempt to make a fascinator to accompany it too.


This is a cool, thank your for taking time out to put together this list of Vintage Blogs. I need to find these patterns, and then I need to find some time, or someone, to sew these dresses for me. I think that it is great that people are starting to realize all of the advantages to recycling fashion. Maybe it’s only me but for some reason vintage clothing seems to be so much more 'durable' than the clothes manufacture today. Thanks for join with us.
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Lovely photos! Here in the US I will be waking at 3:30 am to watch live coverage of all the big events on Friday, hehehe.


It is a gorgeous dress and I'm tempted to buy it but not for Victoria Day. (The other and unofficial name for it is May Two-Four, mostly for the beer that tends to get drunk that weekend.)

Most of us don't celebrate it as Queen Victoria's birthday. It's the unofficial beginning of summer so we're all either on the patio having drinks or up at the cottage opening it up for the summer. But that dress will be perfect for the patio.

lady penantic..

a pedant writes:

third line, surely you mean ambivalent not ambiguous


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