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Things & Stuff, Stuff & Things

I have absolutely nothing of value to say today (do I ever?), so instead, here are some photos of stuff I have done, and things I have worn recently.*

Firstly, a trip to the Churchill War Rooms to visit Jeni Yesterday on a hot Friday afternoon.

“Hello, is that Norris McWhirter? What’s the biggest leaf?”

Here’s Gemma Bake do & Mend and I playing silly buggers with a very serious military mannequin (and the amazing Bakelite pyramid phones). I’m wearing a cheap top from high street shop Primark (because it was sweltering hot and I saw no reason to sweat into genuine vintage to make a point…more on this later) and a pair of high waisted shorts from Vivien of Holloway. I was also wearing red and white Rocket Originals, and red, white and blue bangles. This colour scheme was chosen because earlier in the day I posed for a photo for the street party I’m attending on Friday (Facebook event link), which made it onto the front page of the South London Press! Hurrah!

Jeni had some fun with another chap who had terrible teeth… how stereotypically British!

Also earlier that day, I went to a proper running shop to buy myself some proper running shoes. This is the type of shop where they watch you run and assess what kind of corrective footwear you need (if any). So I jogged up and down the pavement in the above ensemble! After 8 years of yoga (during which I’ve tried to get as much movement into my joints as possible), it turns out… I have a lot of movement in my joints! Particularly my hips. Running in inadequate shoes was making my knee and my hips a bit sore… not good. But I now have some snazzy new runners… which may possibly be the most hideous things I have ever worn on my feet! But they feel amazing (and my joints have improved), and that’s what counts. The training is going quite well if anyone is interested! I’m up to 4.5 miles comfortably(ish) with three months to go. I’ve also entered my first event – a 5km run around some bluebell woods on the 15th May. Wish me luck! I have stuck to my (pointless) principles of looking retro while running, shoes aside of course!

My somewhat skimpy shorts are American Apparel and the tee is just a cheap high street one. You really don’t want to see the shoes… you might experience some dangerously extreme jealousy, and they are some seriously expensive shoes! It’s for your own good…

And finally, last Saturday I took Jeni to the wilds of the Home Counties, to visit the hair salon I use. They do cheap and lovely haircuts, and bargainous, effective perms. I got the former, and she got the latter. I’m wearing my equally bargainous lilac wrap dress again. Eagle eyed readers will see Jeni has the same top as I am wearing in the previous post. What a faker she is in her modern clothing…

Why am I being so snarky? Well, I was anonymously vilified through a blog comment recently, for not wearing enough authentic vintage clothing and yet daring to claim myself a vintage girl. So I’ve decided to try a bit harder. Here I am in a piece of genuine, GENUINE 1990s vintage! It says ‘Gold, Girls and Glory’ on it, which sums me up perfectly. The jacket is from the 1940s, but don’t let that ruin your day! I believe the catchphase is, ‘Haters gon’ hate’… and to anonymous haters I say: may your supercilious 1940s knickers chafe your bits and your dry cleaning bills ruin you!

Oh, how disappointing: more repro. My AMAZING fan skirt is from my awesome sponsor Pinup Parade, and the shoes are Remix. For the record, although I love to (attempt to) look like I’ve stepped out of the past, and do this every single day of my life, wearing repro, vintage inspired, and genuine vintage from the ‘wrong’ era doesn’t bother me a jot. And neither should it you… unless you’re a total mental. But having said that, not that it matters, but you’ll be seeing more vintage on here throughout the summer, because although winter wear is difficult for me due to my height and allergy to paying for dry cleaning; I have dozens of vintage summer frocks. So I’ll be wearing them. Well, and repro. And modern things. Who cares! 😉

Hope you are all having a lovely week. Even you!

Fleur xx

* More to say came to me as I was writing, obvs. 

PS. In case this descends into more accusations of snobbery or elitism or double standards or anything like that, let me just say that my viewpoint is as it always has been: while I still dislike people wearing silly vintage pastiches as fancy dress costumes, I love and appreciate anyone who is brave, bold and who has fun with their style. Whether that’s high fashion, goth, hip hop, punks, whatever. Wear what you like and do it with pride! I just have a phobia of bland and a dislike of my favourite style being done as a joke. But even that I am softening on, because what harm does it do, really. Get me, being all magnanimous in me old age… I’ll be advocating stick-on ‘taches for men next. NOT REALLY.


Andi B. Goode

Oh boy, some people really do care too much about what other people wear, don't they? How silly! You always look amazing and I would be snarky, too, if someone said something like that to me! ;]
-Andi x

Fleur de Guerre

Ah, I don't mind giving them their 5 seconds of fame. If only they had left their name so they could bask in it! These things are just good blog fodder more than anything 😉

Patricia Lynn

Ugh, how juvenile some people can be. As if there were only one mold for vintage style. Why are the haters criticizing anyone for having a passion about something, i.e. vintage attire from various eras. I personally love fashion from all eras, from the Middle Ages on. I’m not going to like just one era of fashion because someone tells me I have to. Fashion is art and is meant to be interpreted and styled however one likes. You never claimed to be a fashion historian. You’re not writing your thesis on it. You are an individual expressing your own style. And for those who try to say that only if you fit into their narrow pigeonhole can you call yourself “vintage”, and especially for those who think they can call someone out on it, obviously they have insecurity and entitlement issues and, in fact, wish they had your panache and popularity. Mentally they obviously never graduated from middle school.

Wrecking Belle

Dear Fleur,
Your haters are just jealous that they can't look as put together as you, as often as you are. They probably don't even have an entire vintage wardrobe themselves! They're just being nitpicky bc they're unhappy with themselves. (but i'm sure you know all of this already) Whatever in their faces! Your post made my morning– and i ended up searching for the lyrics to "Players gon' play" because of you haha!


You do attract some idiots 🙁 I always love the way you look, vintage, repro or anything else. It'll be great to see your summer styles.

Being a fat lass, my choice of authentic vintage clothing is extremely limited. But then there's so much more to vintage than clothing: books, films, cars, architecture… everyone has a different emphasis. That's the beautiful thing about vintage.

And what is a genuine vintage girl anyway? My nan, 'cos her heyday actually WAS in the 1940s?!

Diary of a Vintage Modiste

I always love you bog posts, seeing you and your friends being silly has just brightened my day!

What a big waste of time to denigrate someone for wearing vintage, repro, or new! Anonymous always seems synonyms with cowardice, if you have an opinion own it! Being an individual is far more interesting than just trying to fit in! Fleur, you and your friends look fabulous in anything!

Alice Tye

I was just wondering which hairdressers it is you use in the Home Counties as I wasn't aware that there were any outside of London. Always good to hear of places a little different outside of London.

I love the lilac dress, you look lovely in it!


Dear Fleur!

You are wicked awesome as always! This post has cheered me up from a rather down and grumpy day. Keep up the fabulous blogging and now I'm off go drool over that fan skirt on Pinup Parade!


"may your supercilious 1940s knickers chafe your bits and your dry cleaning bills ruin you!" If I could ever manage to get that out without tripping over my tongue, I think I'd make that my favorite insult. haha! (Because I'm weird like that. 😉

I am rather amazed that someone would jump on your case about wearing repro (for gosh sakes!) and modern pieces. I have always admired how well you blend things together to create the impression of having stepped out of an old photograph, without looking like a slave to vintage (if you know what I mean)? It's very effortless and attainable! You've definitely been my style inspiration.

I have to say, this has brightened my day considerably. I got a comment on one of the social networking sites I'm on the other day about how someone has noticed my "style has shifted" recently. Which yes, I own up to experimenting with different pieces and *gasp* even different looks on various days. But it got me down a bit because somehow the way it was put was a bit like they thought I wasn't being "true" enough. Which is utterly ridiculous because I dress as I please and wear what I like! So hooray for you, putting all the haters in their place. 😉

Helen Highwater

I don't understand why people get so snobby about repro. I find it incrasingly hard to find vintage. Every vintage fair I go to is filled with 80s stuff – the only way to find nice 40s and 50s stuff often is to get repro.

I often think that the people who are snobbiest about it have been into vintage for about 5 minutes anyway. I remember when I vintage stuff was cheap and plentiful. It isn't anymore, so repro it is.

The fan skirt looks nice on you! ;D Even with that wicked hat. Erm….!


I like your "hip-hop for Victory" outfit… very EMF meets Very Lynn.

Do you like the band CocoRosie? They do a slightly mental mash-up of genres, eras and influences. You look like you could be the 3rd sister in that pic.

I love your blog, even though I don't do vintage in anyway or form. Just good to see a community of people having fun with their attire! Most people are so drab these days…

Stephanie Lynn

I love repro and made by me pieces! They are so much more durable and fit my not even close to 25" waist. I'm dying to get one of the Fleur dresses and a pair of Heyday repro pants! One could even argue that it's bad to wear vintage because you might ruin it and then it'd be gone! (Not that I think that!)

Anyways, rock on! And rofl stick-on 'taches!


Dear Miss Fleur, I think its ridiculous that people say such wretched things. Its a challenge to dress vintage everyday not just that its difficult to find vintage wear but difficult to care for the delicate vintage fabrics through the wear and tear of daily life. I think reproduction vintage maintains so much of the look while allowing you to save those delicate vintage pieces for special occasions. Mostly, I think they are not worth your time. You are beautiful and as authentic a vintage girl as I ever did see!


People are idiots. I agree with everything said above. Like Mim I'm a larger woman and there are very few extant 1940s dresses in size 20 (modern) around. So I make my own clothes, inspired by vintage clothing, but on an ordinary day I seldom go all the way the way you do Fleur.
I also wonder how she gets her perfect 1940s wardrobe, without any shameful reproductions; there are in fact very few extant everyday wear dresses at all – doesn't she know there was a war and clothes rationing in the 1940s? Clothes got worn to pieces and remade and reused again and again; that we ahve anythign at all from Europe is a miracle.


Aww, I'm always just so pleased to see girls who make any sort of an effort to reference vintage periods– whether it's actual vintage, repro, or just high-street with a retro flair shouldn't mean a thing! There really is no pleasing everyone; I've been criticized myself *for* wearing vintage, as apparently my clothes are artifacts that must be kept in museum-quality display cases instead of worn and enjoyed. You always look gorgeous, vintage, and like you're having an enormous amount of fun with your wardrobe, so shame on Anon. for being so close-minded (and, dare I say, bitter!).

Oh yes, and that "Gold, Girls and Glory" hat is the perfect touch; what an amazing vintage score ; )

Vintage Vicky

Bravo! Personally I think it is far more commendable if you can put together a vintage look with repro or highstreet items as it takes time and thought to do this and also shows that you can achieve an individual look with mass produced items.

Heichelbech-Weill Genealogy

I agree that some of your readers might just be a tad jealous b/c you always look so great. : ) I have been wearing vintage clothing for almost 20 years (started very young) and unless you stumble across a huge trunk of things in your size, there is often no way to wear a 100% vintage outfit. Any vintage enthusiast knows that! Haters gon hate…


"to anonymous haters I say: may your supercilious 1940s knickers chafe your bits and your dry cleaning bills ruin you!"

– haa ha haaa! Most excellent turn of phrase. Could not agree more. You always look spot on – irrespective of where the item is purchased. Poo to you haters!


"And neither should it you… unless you're a total mental"
This made me chuckle Fleur!
Some poeple are sooooo silly! It is nigh on impossible to dress in perfect vintage from one period unless you are very rich! It is quickly disappearing and difficult to get. And anyway, why on earth should one miss out on gorgeous frocks or perfect tops, just because they are from le highest of streets? Or beause they may have been made in a different era? And as for reproduction vintage….thats EVEN MORE ridiculous- they are literally created to look like an original item may- but without the holes/tears/bad alterations that are so oft found on lovely old garments!
Pah, people are just jealous of all your wonderful outfits! xx

Living Vintage

I love that you make the snarky comments humorous for your humble readers. I really don't care if anyone dresses in vintage repro if all their eras fit together correctly so petty. Life is too short best to laugh these things off and move on. As I tell my highschool students no need for all the drama.


The old Oscar Wilde quote about it being better to be hated and remembered than loved and forgotten seems appropriate. One can never please everyone. It's too bad that there are people both within and outside the so-called "vintage" community who deem it necessary to worry so much about what other people are wearing and doing. Reflects a general social need for folks to look in their own backyards (or closets as it were). I've seen vintage people judge non-vintage people, non-vintage judge vintage, now we have vintage vs. repro and so called "purists" bagging on repro/vintage mixers (which I would say MUST be the majority of folks who live a vintage loving lifestyle, unless you're living in some bunker or time warp). Egads, stop the judgments, people! Fleur, keep on keeping on. You are your own unique and perfect vision of vintage.


You go girl! (sorry- just channelling my inner rap from the early 90s after seeing that cap….lol!). Don't listen to silly peoples negative comments. I think you are adorable, and you always look amazing. I love reading your blog 🙂
Ps- hope you have fun with the Royal Wedding celebrations tomorrow. I will be watching it on tv (9pm Friday night Australian time). 🙂


That hat is fantastic. : ) Your blog is one of my favorites to read at work and will continue to be. Your style (as well as your attitude) is splendid- I love it!


I think that your attitude to repro/wrong era is really liberating! I am new to this vintage dressing malarky and have a tendency to get a bit hung up on the tiny details to the point of not enjoying it-which is completely not the point! So I know that I can always read your blog for fab tips and inspiration; you always look great!


Eww. People need to get a life and get over themselves. I wonder who they are and what credentials they've earned that they could be the PARAGON of style and be able to set the standard according to what they want. I would definitely love to know.

I'm not going to let some uptight, cowardly internet bully to tell me what to do, so cheers to you for saying something!

Miss Matilda

The art of looking good in 2011 is mixing vintage with repro and doing it well, enough said.

I am really enjoying reading about your running.

First picture: I don't fancy yours much!!

Miss Lindy Lee

Its nice to see someone write about this, I just dont understand why people care so much. I wear whatever I feel like every day,obviously inspired from the 40s-50s- and the 60s, and I think most people dont know wich clothing era the vintage they buy, is coming from. Most clothes that you find today is from the 80s, and the 80s was really inspired by the 40s and 50s. And with all the reproduction going on today, and fashion inspired from the older days, who cares! Make your own thing out of it, and I think you are a huge inspiration. Just makes me wanna sew more, and dig deep in those secondhand stores. Have a nice day!


I just chime in with the rest! I'm currently sewing a 40's wardrobe, I may find vintage clothes and if I do I will incorporate them, but as Evis above I am of a more junoesque figure and vintage that fits me are very rare. Should I then not dress vintage, even if that is the style I love and feel flatters me? I find such a notion just silly!


I am really appalled that people are judging you, and telling you that you have no right or whatsoever to call yourself a vintage girl, for not always wear vintage. That's just insane.

They really have too much time on their hands to think about these things, and worry about it, too.

Let me tell you, Fleur – and it may come as a cliché – but you look fabulous, always, wether your wearing vintage, repro / modern clothes or even a potatoe sack. You live and breathe 'vintage' and you are a true inspiration to many girls around here on blogging land.

I can't blame you for being snarky. I am with you on this for 100%, and I would be snarky too. People should stop being so silly to whine about these things.

Jeni looks fab too, by the way!
And I particular like your hair on the pic where you wear your lilac wrap dress!



You know what it always boils down to Fleur? Jealousy. Ignore them, not worth the flick of a ration book.

I have a question, rocket originals related-I've just bought my first pair, yes I'm a rocket virgin (!) and I LOVE them but they're very, very noisy-any ideas on how to reduce the squeaks and creaks?

In The Heyday

Yah hoo! Good post (were you on the Gin when you wrote it?)
I fess up to owning a fake high street 70s inspired number, to wear when I need to be someone else. It makes me happy, which is what fashion is ALL about


It's not always feasible to wear vintage all day, I recently bought a 1940s evening dress and wore it to Morrisons supermarket, as you do, but then I started sweating so I changed into high street vintage style clothing! Yeah I have some well special running shoes that are bright yellow and black I think I have worn them twice, as I run like Phoebe from Friends anyway. You always look fabulous ignore the twats!

Penny Dreadful

Hun, people tend to say things like that when they are jealous. And you are very beautiful, very popular, and always look incredible in both clothes, hair and make-up, so of course there will be people who feel envious and don't know how to deal with it other than making mean comments. I often feel jealous of how pretty and stylish you are myself – but I wouldn't be so silly to accuse you of not being 'vintage' enough, just because of my own feelings of inferiority 😉 xx

Kitty Redfern

Is that a Fist Of Fun quote in the picture caption?! The more I read your blog the more convinced I am that we'd get on famously in real life. (Um. That sounded really stalkerish, didn't it?)

Drink your weak lemon drink now!


I enjoy both your posts and your style! Vintage encompasses not only literal vintage pieces but a vintage style and aesthetic – and it seems to me you've got it down pat! You always look great – keep it up!


Tis better to wear reproduction and be an orginal soul than vice versa! I spotted that bilious anon commenter on your last blog post, how sad, they seem the vintage equivalent of the 'must wear the right brand' beeatches of school days.

I couldn't agree more with your philosophy- however a person expresses their style, provided it is creative and joyful, it's something to celebrate.

Miss Mima

One thing I absolutely love about your blog is your un-snobbish attitude towards modern and repro vintage. Let's face it, everybody loves authentic vintage, but we also have to face the fact that it's often rare, expensive, or the wrong shape for us. Or at least, that's the problem that I come up against a lot. I know there are some people in the vintage world that can be rather snobby about this sort of thing and as a casual yet enthusiastic vintage fan it can be a bit off-putting and clique-y. Personally I think there's so much more fun to be had, along with a degree of challenge, in putting together an outfit that is high street, home-made, repro or modern vintage and having it look like passable '40s or '50s vintage.

So, yes, thankyou!


I think you are lovely! I myself, as I am big boned lol, am not able to wear much in the way of vintage clothing. However, I try to use vintage jewelry and hats as much as I can to get the vintage flavor and I still consider myself a "vintage girl" because I love it so much! As far as the "haters" go…as we in the States say, "screw em'"!


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