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Birthday suit

Yesterday was my birthday! I am now Thirty Years Old – a real milestone has been reached and my first flush of youth is firmly behind me… sadly.  But don’t worry – I don’t intend to give up the ruffles (as discussed recently) or girlish outfits quite yet. I’m even having a slight third-of-life crisis and actually put one of my long-abandoned nose piercings back in last weekend. Not vintage, but does it matter?

I spent the day having an important business meeting (more on this later), followed by lunch and another visit to the Cult of Beauty at the V&A with my wonderful mum. Who subsequently got stuck on a train for FIVE hours trying to get home. South West Trains, if you read this, you are truly a bunch of cretins for ruining the end of a lovely day out. I wore my birthday suit for the day… a playsuit that happened to be worn on my birthday, you filthy minded so-and-sos! This was a recent find – pretty bargainous and no one else bid on it. Following the pictures will be another vintage shopping tip so do carry on…

No idea why I look so stern – sorry about that! But behold the Birthday Suit! It’s a rather splendiferous all-in-one house dress/culottes/playsuit/thingamygig, made by Princess Peggy and completely deadstock! Being of Amazonian proportions, I was slightly worried about whether it would fit me, length-wise. But it does! Could probably do with an inch less of torso, but what’s an inch between friends? It doesn’t ‘cut me in half’, if you catch my drift… so that’s all that counts. It’s seersucker, with the top white bit being patterned with black wishbones, and the black with white wishbones. The contrasting green sash is also fab, don’t you think? Worn with assorted bamboo, bakelite and plastic bangles, and my white Remix sandals.

On a side note, the one thing I am not enjoying about my new-found love of Running, is the effect it’s having on my calves. They have always been ‘shapely’ (read: wide), and now they’re positively huge. Bah.

Green bakelite earrings, Revlon Cherries in the Snow lipstick and hair that needs a brush completes the picture!

Here’s a closeup of the fabric, with another tip for spotting real vintage. With only a little bit of experience, you can tell a 40s or 50s brand a mile off, due to the font or general label design and motifs. Princess Peggy is a well-known brand, but even if it wasn’t, the typography and the portrait are a dead giveaway.What you will never find in a dress of this age is a care label for machine washing or dry cleaning. And you probably won’t find a size label. Unless…

It’s deadstock!

Ignoring for one moment my horrifically discoloured, yellow claw/nail (this is what constant wearing of red nailvarnish does kids, even with base coat! It’s now been covered up by a coat of mint green), you can see this garment is deadstock because it still has its paper size label. One wash, and this flimsy tag will start to dissolve, and its information will be lost. It’s always interesting to find them, not only because you know you’ve got a pristine item, but because sizes were as strange back then as they are now! A size 12 should have a 30-inch bust! I can assure you mine is much bigger than that, yet it fits. I have frocks in my wardrobe ranging from vintage 12 to an 18 and they all fit. The more things change, eh!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Fleur xx



Resplendent as always. I am pleased someone else has discoloured nails – despite base coat! Makes me feel less of a skank.

Top playsuit. Positivly lovely jubbly!

A Happy Birthing Day to you once again – 30 rocks!


Train saga aside it sounds like a lovely birthday. If I am 1/3 as fab as you when I'm 30 I will consider myself extremely lucky. Many happy returns!

Up Toon Girl

That sounds like a wonderful birthday!

Completely un-vintage-related (possibly to0 many hyphens there!) but did your mum know she can claim the cost of her train ticket back if her journey is delayed by over an hour using the Delay Repay scheme?


Happy birthday, and I bet the nose piercing looks fab – I dyed my hair pastel blue for my 30th. You have to do what feels right for yourself.


Happy Belated Birthday! Looking fab as always!

If I recall rightly *shimmery mists of time spring up* I was dying my hair pink at 30…still had the nose ring in too but alas it was All Saints (the band) time and I ruined it by being in cargo pants etc!

I say huzzah for finding my senses as I neared my 40s!


Hi Fleur! Happy Birthday. You looked Amazing, as always!

Yesterday I went to a birthday party of a friend who celebrated heΒ΄s 30Β΄s also. I painted my nails red and wore my Sephora Hot Tango lipstick. "Normal" clothing, but hey, I have to start somewhere, right? Eheheh!


Happy Birthday for yesterday!

Life begins at 30, the ideal decade: old enough to know better and young enough to do it anyway…

BTW your legs look FAB lady. Long, strong and elegant!


Happy Birthday Fleur!! You looked splendid as always; I love the Princess Peggy playsuit.
Playsuits don't seem to be the most common thing anyway, how fabulous to find a deadstock one!


Happy Birthday for yesterday.

I only recently discovered your blog and I am loving it. I am slowly transitioning from baggy trousers and a waistcoat every day into skirts and tops.

Bea W.

Happy Birthday Fleur. One is never too old for frills. I'll be thirty next year and there is no way I'll give up girly clothes and cute accessories. Maybe I should dig out my early twenties piercings too. Hahaha


Happy Birthday!

I sooo want to go to that exhibition but it's too far away from me, will just have to settle for the book that goes with it for my own birthday.


Happy Birthday, I saw you on the day and normally I would have introduced myself but you were running through St James's place so clearly in a hurry I looked a mess so was embarrassed. next time I shall say hello. x


Happy (much late) Birthday, love the playsuit!

I understand about the "positively huge" calves, I moved to a top floor flat and after 2 years of climbing 70 Glasgow tenement stairs to my front door I have the same problem!

Abigail B.

Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful b-day, and have many, many more! And your legs are NOT huge: ) And I have to say, what a wonderful print on that fabric! The wishbones are so cute! I wish they still made fabric as unique as that…it would be alot easier to sew vintage inspired clothes.


Happy birthday Fleur! I'm pleased to report that we share a birthday – and what a wonderful day it is. I love your wishbone playsuit too. Hurrah for Princess Peggy and deadstock vintage of the right size.

Ms Wanda

I'm enjoying your little 'how to spot real vintage' tips. More please! ;0)

Also love the green ribbon/belt. Really makes the outfit.


I'm late, but wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, Fleur!!! πŸ™‚ That dress you're wearing is so fetching; quite the perfect birthday frock, imho. πŸ˜‰


Happy belated birthday my fellow Gemini – hope you got spoilt rotten.

Now if only the sun would start shinning today for my birthday – its been raining cats and dogs for days in Sydney…. oh and pish posh to the naysayers on your piercing – I too am a vintage girl who can't quite let go of my gothic/punk younger years and still sport my nose piercing (somewhat more discretely than I sued to though).

Big hugs from across the sea – Elise


Just wanted to wish you a belated birthday, spy that we have the same birthday, just turned 31 although can't say i feel it.
Loving the blog & the playful play suit πŸ™‚

Encore Fashion

Hi there. You have a wonderful Blog. Some really fantastic fashion and photos alike. I hope you can find a little time to visit my new Blog as well. Keep up the great work. Thanks for shraing. Take care.


Happy Birthday Fleur! Turning 30 was one of the best moves I ever made – there is a contentment in my 30s that I never had in my 20s.

I went to the Cult of Beauty exhibition last night. Just wonderful!

Dethrose Vintage

I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I turned 30 this year and so far it's spectacular. You look Gorgeous & stunning! Princess Peggy is one of my favorites;)

Hostess rimini

Your photos are amazing! You work great! I like Your style! Fabulous and superb post on fashion related terms and concepts. All Outfits are perfect and the collar is a great.


Happy belated Birthday,

I love that suit you look pretty and very comfortable and relaxed I love it.


Happy Birthday, Miss Fleur! Hope your 30s are just as glamorous and beautiful as your 20s. You're a true inspiration.


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