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Red hot pokers

As I sit here sweating in my living room on this sticky summer’s day, trying to write and failing miserably, how about some self-indulgent outfit photos instead? Not that every other post on this here interwebular diary isn’t self-indulgent, but hey ho! Sometimes you have to call a spade a show off. Here’s what I wore when I met my mum for lunch and chats at Wisley gardens! Warning! These photos contain very little real vintage!

 Here I am with my party hair (which sadly will not last long), looking a bit like a certain Madame C. de Ville; posing with the aforementioned red hot pokers!

My mostly high street outfit comprises some fabulous, high waisted and wide-legged culottes from (shh!) Topshop, a blue cardigan from (shh) H&M, and a peasanty blouse from (shhhh!) Primark again. The culottes are ones that can be found in the wardrobes of at least 4 and possibly more of my girlfriends – we know a good piece of vintage-inspired high street clobber when we see it! I think they were actually designed with the 70s in mind… but since the 70s was a sort of 30s revival in many ways, it works very well when paired with the right other bits. My shoes are the blue Kate from Rocket Originals! Psst. Did you see their amazing new cream playshoes? I want them so very much!

 This one shows the print off a little better… and my trusty 60s bamboo handbag!

An armful of bangles in matching/neutral shades is my standard look. I love curating bangles to go with my outfit (I’ll do a whole post at some point!), but if I don’t have any in the predominant colours (this particular red or navy), then I stick to the tan/browns so they always go with my bag!

I really like my new hair… but they will absolutely hate it at my casting agency. So it will be gone before too long. Booo! Hence all the photos while it is still here. Stay tuned for another update soon, hope you’re all keeping well on this muggy Monday.

Fleur xx



Love the outfit!! Have to say I really like your hair too, I had something similar this time last year but the maintenance of the roots killed me and it probably lasted about 4 months!! Hope you get to keep it a bit longer!! Xx

Up Toon Girl

I love the hair! What a shame that it won't pay your bills. Have to admit, I got a bit scared of continuously bleaching my very dark hair when it got all stretchy and then started breaking. Poor hair.


I LOVE your blonde streak, it looks amazing!! Your culottes are darling, I'd never guess they were Topshop! How I wish the big high street stores over here had decent vintage-esque pieces… but they seem to still be stuck on the boho look 🙁


Your outfit and party hair are just fabulous! For upcoming steamy summer days you should share some up-dos. Always a fan!


Love the fabric on those culottes, a good find. You look great. Ordered the playshoes today, had to have them as soon as I saw them. Anxiously pacing waiting the postie!


Wow! I'm a french reader (I discovered your blog by the french "Glamour" magazine…). I love your look, you are beautiful!

Miss Emmi

I love your culottes! Doesn't matter if they are modern, they look the part. Funny thing, I looked at your outfit and thought – "Dayum, isn't she freezing?" before remembering you're enjoying the lovely summer weather while I'm wrapped in three blankets with a sore throat in the antipodes.


Your'e so right, I've seen a lot of retro 70's/80's does 30's/40's stuff in the high street recently,It makes for a fab vintage look!!

Angela Osborn

Your party hair is so fun! As much as I love real vintage, I love new vintage inspired stuff too! I don't get too fussed about where it's come from. I love this outfit – especially the cullotes! xo


Love the striking blond streak, Fleur! Even if it's just for a short while, it looks so fun–enjoy it while it lasts! 😉

Isn't it funny the vintage-inspired pieces you can sometimes find at highstreet stores? I make a point of always poking around H&M whenever we go (which isn't often; my city doesn't have one. Much to my disappointment–I love their cheap sunglasses!) to see if I can find anything that fits in with my vintage wardrobe. Bet those culottes are proving to be a great piece in your wardrobe; they look so comfy!

Ivey Scarlette

Gorgeous outfit, the culottes are to die for, I thought it was a skirt at first look. I love your non-vintage disclaimer. It's a shame that some people feel the need to be super obnoxious about vintage inspired wear.
Vintage looks are about aesthetics, not time travel!


Fleur, you look fabulous in faux-vintage 😉 Your partyhair is also adorable, and I feel your pain about not being 'allowed' to keep it! I 'd dye my hair pink in a heartbeat if I could, but pink hair is totally not allowed in the military 🙁

Oh and those cream playshoes: I want them!


I love your outfit.perfect for summer.I love little cardi's like that.I just love your hair.Blonde streaks are so much fun.Happy Friday.xxx

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