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When it’s time to Party

…we will Party Hard! And by golly we did! Lots of photos follow, so avert or direct your eyes below…

Last Saturday marked the third annual joint Birthday Bash for myself and Torquil Arbuthnot of the New Sheridan Club. This year Miss Bethan of the Vintage Mafia joined us and a truly awesome shindig was put together. The playlist consisted of vintage tunes, punk, metal and totally reem pop. πŸ˜‰

I even did new Party Hair.

The birthday trio in all our glory. Miss Minna made us pictures, scattered across tables. But let me get one important thing out of the way… my whole outfit in all its slightly lesser glory!

Yes… it’s a custom made Fleur dress with kittens on the skirt! My birthday present from Shona! Worn with trusty white Remix wedges, bamboo and bakelite bangles, plus bamboo earrings.

The guests were super stylish… of course.

Shona and Twan Heyday with Naomi and Lisa of the VM.

Mr Wax and his wife Kezia, wig designer extraordinaire are in the middle, flanked by Pandora Pitstop and husband.
Fay and Matt of glamorous wedding fame.
Hannah the Fifties Queen!
Lisa B with Naomi and beautiful Akeela
Good hair was much in evidence. Minna sports a Miss Betty pageboy!
Birthday Bethy and the Nomlette
It wasn’t all about vintage though! My gorgeous little bro dropped by!

As did these gorgeous boys…

Even members of the world famous comedy sketch group Zeus’ Pamphlet came along (if you’re going to Edinburgh Festival this year, do not miss them)!

I was shocked by the arrival of cake…
I was pleased by cake…

I ate cake with my face on it in a ‘seductive’ manner… creepy!

FACE CAKE! My birthday present from Vintage Patisserie. Thank you Angel Adoree, inspirational business woman I am proud to call a friend. And thank you also to Elisabeth Blanchet who kindly took so many of the above photos! Click the link to see more (as if you aren’t sick of my face by now…)!

I’ll stop boring you all there. I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends to see me into my 4th decade. Being 30 isn’t so bad… here’s to the future!

Lots of love to you all,

Fleur xx


Miss Amethyst

i really rally really love your hair…i can not keep my eyes of your blonde streak ..you wear it will very chic… with rockabilly glam!!!


Happy, happy birthday, Fleur!!! Your 30's are only going to get better!

I adore your kitty Fleur dress (wow!) and your cupcakes are so cool! I'm so glad that you were thrown a lovely party – you deserve it!


Looks like a great party. I can only aspire to face cake at this point in my life. Someday. Love the hair and the dress. Happy birthday!


Blimey, it looks like you had the most wonderful time! I adore your wonderful birthday 'Fleur' dress, and of course, your new hair!
So many glamorous people in one place! A great start to your wonderful thirties! xx


You did the hair! It looks fab. I bet the kitten fabric is really good fun too. Looks like a splendid party.


Oh wow, what a fabulous partaaay. You all look fantastic. I'm LOVING the kitteh skirt to your dress, genius.

I think I'd freak out eating face cakes (even someone elses). I say that, let's face it (ha ha) I would take the face off and eat the cake!!


FACE CAKE!!! ha ha ha ha. Awesome.

It t'was the most brilliant of nights – it took me a while to notice the pattern on your skirt. I vagually remember saying "KITTENS?!!!" to someone who was less drunk than me. Which was not hard.

Glad you had such a kick ass time – sad I had to leave early to get me train – I am sure I missed out on some headbanging teeeeee-unes!

Andi B. Goode

Looks like a great night. I love the cakes. Hehe. Your hair looks fabulous. =] Oh, and I love the custom Fleur dress! (And your blue nails and super stylish friends.)
-Andi x


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