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White rabbits

Happy June everyone! I’m looking forward to this month, and all the debauchery and shenanigans it holds. This time last year, I had no inkling of the epic fail that the rest of the year was to become for me, and this year has been one of much change so far. This time next month, I will have turned 30, partied with vintage people, metal kids and fellow birthday girls and boys; attended many important meetings, been on a film set, been an actress for the first time, presented something for the telly box,  been to a Broadway show, run my first 10k race… it’s a busy month for sure. I am equal measures excited and apprehensive! I shall endeavour not to disappear for the duration, too!

The last few weeks have been pretty magical, too. I’ve been to comedy shows, worked for the Imperial War Museum, seen the utterly amazing Cult of Beauty exhibition at the V&A (and absolute MUST for anyone who is a fab of the the Pre-Raphaelite era…or indeed beautiful things of all kinds), and modelled for the Haslemere car show! I have some photos from the latter to show you, though the annoyingly rubbish and unpredictable British weather made this bank holiday event a chilly one, and ensured I looked less glamorous that I would have preferred. Well, at least as far as my hair went… it was blown into a rather bedraggled mess! The day itself was wonderful – cars galore from all eras, Edwardian steam machines to 1970s muscle cars. Plus a brilliant band and loads of stalls.

Lovely Jeni and Bethan came along to see what it was all about, looking as gorgeous as always. My escort for the afternoon was Victor – the rather dapper chap you can see here. He got his boating blazer out especially for the occasion.

Victor was the owner of one of the very smallest cars in the show. A teeny tiny Subaru from the 1960s. It wasn’t the smallest one there, though. As the tallest *girls* in the show, Bethan and I decided it was only right to get into the little Isetta bubble car! My granny had this exact car in the 50s… hehe!

(Picture by Jeni!)

…aaand we also posed in a Sunbeam…

Having a good laugh about something… Good tassles on the left there, too! πŸ˜‰

Some good supporting of fabulous British repro brands here, with J and B both in Heyday trousers, and all three of us in Rocket Originals shoes. Bethy is also wearing a Tara Starlet blouse. The gals got some amazing bargains at the TS sale last Saturday… I just couldn’t afford to go – tiny violin! I’m in an early Swirl, and I’m sorry you can’t see due to the fur coat I had to borrow from the Haslemere Wardrobe stall for the day. I hope this doesn’t trigger a debate about fur… but for the record as a meat eater and leather wearer, I have no problem with fur, specifically vintage fur that’s been around for 50+ years; and I was absolutely blooming freezing that day – it saved me from catching a chill. I don’t usually wear it though… I will admit.

Anyway, hope you all had lovely holiday weekends and jolly weeks so far!

Fleur xx



Dynamite, as ever, Fleur! Sounds like exciting times ahead!! Hurrah! Fear not the 30s. Life gets better and better after the big 3-0…waaaay back a half decade or so ago, when I hit that milestone, I was elated to be done with my turbulent twenties. xo

Bette on Toast

Wow, Fleur, with that list of the exciting events you've got lined up this month, I shall be glued to Diary of a Vintage Girl all month! I hope all of these projects mean that things are looking up for you, doll.

Sounds like your fur philosophy mirrors my own – I would never support the fur trade these days, and I see no reason why animals should be killed in the name of fashion BUT when it comes to vintage fur, I can't seem to get too bothered about it – I think it's fair to say that the rabbit/mink/fox/whatever would have died by 2011 anyway! If I wear a vintage fur coat (you know, when I'm rich…) it's more about appreciation for beautiful antiques and wearing history than it is about fashion.

Lusty Haze

Fleur, I too am a vintage fur wearer. I don't support the modern fur trade, but when something's been dead for 50 years, what's the use in condemning it to the rubbish pile? I'm about to purchase my first vintage mink coat, and I'm so excited! And I agree, it's so worth the warmth!

Lusty Haze x

Diary of a Vintage Modiste

Wow Fleur, my turning 30 was dull as tombs compared to the month ahead of you! A Movie? Don’t forget about us when your up on the silver screen, and looking glamours at all of your future premiers, how exciting!

Everyone has an issue with fur, either for it or against. Let people get over themselves, and just enjoy looking fabulous.

Flair in a Lady's Boudoir

The car show looks like a great day out,

I have no problem with vintage fur, (i would never wear new)

A coat brought on the highstreet, could potentially be exploting workers in other countries making garments for minimum wages. (The devil wears Primark that was recently banned from being aired on the BBC) I get frustrated with the protestors outside beyond retro which is basically a clothing recycling store. I respect them standing up for a cuase they believe in but if only they would go and protest outside Harrods where they sell new fur chinchilla coats I think it would be a much more worthy use of there time.

Sorry Fleur, I dont mean to fuel any debate. I hope you had a lovely day!


A silk scarf tied firmly under the chin would have dealt with the pesky wind and would look charming.
Looking forward to hearing all about your upcoming adventures and lots of detailed photos of your stylish ensembles. Happy birthday!


Wowzers! What a month, sounds just TOO exciting.

Looking fabulous in those bubble cars, there's something so classic about a well designed small car. Minis, Fiats, Suzukis- simplicity and strong design never fail!


Ohhhh I love a good debauching (Yes it's a real word! But not really…) Lovely photos, and can't wait to see what you've got up your sassy sleeves this month!

Hope Adela Pasztor

what an exciting event! i am truly jealous of all the vintage-themed and historical parties and events you get to attend. the closet thing we have like that where i live are military-focused WWII reenactments! though i do try to dress up in costume for those, just to take a stand for us vintage darlings. you look beautiful as always! =)



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