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Blue Steel!

It’s been a wee while since I could do a post like this! A couple of weeks ago, I travelled down to the Sussex coast to do a shoot with my friend, photographer Tobias Key. It was for absolutely no reason at all – just for fun and to get some new pictures for our portfolios, but also to get back in, as cooler people than me might say, the Game.

It was surprisingly difficult! While I can most definitely still pull a pose out of the bag in candid photos, I was somewhat lacking in confidence when it was just me, Toby and the camera. I think this is something that will return, the more photos I do. I intend to do more modelling on a fairly regular basis, and if you’re a photographer and would like to work with me, please do get in touch!

Anyway, here they are. Let me know what you think!

These were the first photos taken… around 4 hour after we tried to start. Torrential rain followed by a flat car battery completely scuppered our first location and somewhat put the dampeners on my hair (pun intended). I’m in my trusty Matalan playsuit which looks perfectly pinup. High street fashion win!

Frida Kahlo meets West Wittering’s glamorous beach huts! This vintage gypsy look is one of my favourite at the moment, and this outfit is getting a lot of wear. I got it absolutely ages ago, from the fabulous Pinup Parade (who are one of my sponsors, I should add), but, what’s even better, is that it’s actually in the sale! Go grab one before they go forever girls! I’ve teamed this ensemble with a big hair flower, a variety of bangles and my Lucky Lou souvenir slides.

Hope you like the photos – I am rather pleased!

Fleur xx

PS. Speaking of Frida and of West Wittering, what I didn’t realise when I did these pictures was that a new exhibition of her work, along with that of Diego Rivera, has newly opened in a gallery just a stone’s throw away! As a huge fan, I’ll be coming back to visit the Pallant House Gallery very soon, that’s for sure.


Straight Talking Mama!

Fleur this new photos are fabulous!

Also thanks for the heads up on twitter re the exhibition last night. I think we're going to go on the 2nd August, can't wait, so thank you!


The last photo is amazing, and my favorite. Your expression, the foxing of the photo, the outfit etc etc – it just fits so well altogether.

The others are splendid aswell.
Kudo's for the both of you!


I love Frida Kahlo, her pieces always had so much raw emotion and sadness. I think you've really managed to capture a sense of that here while still being your gorgeous pin uppy self!


Super photos; I really like that gypsy style on you.

Love the blog post title too. Did you celebrate a successful shoot with orangemochachocafrappachinos?

Retro Model Sari

Hello Fleur,

Love the photos!!!! Especially with the colourfull wall. I think the problem with modelling is that the more one does, the more publication one has it gets harder to get shootings on the level and one does not want to go far below the level already reached. At least this is my problem. I would love to do more modelling, too, but as the air is getting thinner and thinner the further one gets there are less and less suitable photographers to work with. You found a great one for your new photos!


You have such a fantastic look – I hope you keep having fun in front of the camera. The first photo in the wave is my favourite of the lot. It honestly looks like it could be a snapshot from a seaside holiday in the distant past. It's fantastic!


The ability to pose is vastly underrated – you do it so well, too. I've mentioned to Pete (Mr Robot) that you're looking for photographers; he's done a bit of stuff for magazines but needs more model experience.


I have two favourites, the black and white shot of you in the sea, with the spray, it's beautiful, and the final portrait. They're great.


Beautiful photos, the first and last one are my favorites! Do check out the exhibition! I saw it her work a few years ago in San Francisco when the SFMOMA had an exhibit. She is one of my favorite painters, expressing her pain so vividly. Love the look your sporting!


All of these shots are absolutely stunning! I love the way the photographer has captured the splashing water in the first shot and your smile is lovely, too. πŸ™‚

Saint Michael Come To Our Defense

I like the picture in the tall grass.

You are a man's woman and exude feminity like very few woman can.

Marilyn Monroe would have a hard time keeping up with you, were she still with us.

Kahlo would have imitated you, had she known you. Her and Diego would have moved to your country just to live your lifestyle.

You are a beauty in your own right, and I am certain one day you will be the standard, in your country and here in America.

I would love to have a signed copy of that tall grass picture.

Is it possible?

I live in the Southwest United States and Mexico.

Pound for pound, you are one hell of a woman.



You and you're style are for me big inspirations. I love vintage and pin up style but now I'm learning this style. You are for me some kind of icon of this style! :))

I'm sorry for my English but I'm from Poland and i'm learning this language :))


The photos are marvelous! I'm a amateur photographer here from the US, not of modeling shoot caliber, but I can hope! πŸ™‚ Also, I'm curious as to how you pin up your hair as it is in the last couple of photos. I've been wondering about this since I began following your blog, actually.



Beautiful! πŸ™‚

I have that Pin-Up Parade skirt…have you had yours shortened? I'm a bit taller than you I think but mine is waaay longer than yours looks in your pics!

Circus Girl (ZoΓ«)

The pictures are great! I would get together with you as a photographer but I just don't have the time but you seem like you'd be on my wavelength so perhaps in years to come! Love the one in the long grass! I'm obsessed with those kinda bangles!!! And your comment 'This vintage gypsy look' made me smile because I'm totally indulging in that too πŸ™‚ Have a great week! And totally keep modeling, your wonderful! x

Ms Wanda

The top one in black and white is one of the best I've seen of you. Your personality seems to shine in it! (although this seems a slightly weird thing to say seeing as I only read your blog and don't actually know you!)


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agenzie promoter

Wow, the Goddess of sea.. You are the most awesome, gorgeous, stunning girl ever!!!!! Your outfit is so great for holidays. …! I LOVE the all photo! Outfit is cool I also think it's good.


Wow, I'm a new reader of your blog, but it was love at the first sight πŸ˜‰ The last photo is just simply gorgeous!
BTW love your playsuit <3


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