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Going Au Naturel…ish

Yesterday, despite it being a Saturday, I got up early. I then put on something I would never have been seen dead in, only a few short months ago… sportswear. I then headed off to do a 5km time trial around London’s Bushy Park. You see, running has taken over my life! I’ve now done three Saturday morning parkruns, and I’ve knocked time off with each one. I can now run 5km in 24 minutes and one second, which I don’t think is too bad for someone who only took up the sport in late March! But on my journey, I have discovered that sportswear is pretty essential. Wearing cotton jersey doesn’t restrict your movement, but it does make you feel heavier as well as feeling clammy and horrid when you sweat into it. Which, when you’re running full tilt for more than about a minute, you’re going to do. It’s still pretty awful, as far as style goes, though. I’m harbouring a not-very-secret desire to design some kit of my own.

I don’t know if my original half-marathon in Scotland is going to happen now. What I would really love to do, though, is the Run To The Beat half-mara in September. But, readers, since the open places have sold out, I have to ask you something: if I signed up to run for a charity (yet to be decided), would you consider sponsoring me? If everyone gave me 10p, I could do it! T’would benefit a great cause, allow me to run a challenging, amazing race and possibly even give me the incentive to design a prototype vintagey, lycra-y outfit. Please let me know if you would consider it.

Anyway, back to the subject in hand. After my race, I felt like giving myself a bit of a break from my usual levels of artifice. I washed my hair and let it dry. I left my nails bare, because I had to remove my usual varnish for a filming job on Friday, and realised what a dreadful state they are in. Peeling a-plenty, no doubt from all the chemicals. I might let them breathe for a wee while. Also, though I did use my usual mineral foundation and eyebrow pencil, I decided to hold fire on the liquid eyeliner that’s been my staple for nearly half my life. It’s funny, but I don’t feel that I look very good without it. Perhaps spending so long with not a scrap of eyemakeup on the film I’ve been extra-ing in lately has helped me get over this mental hurdle… Either way, I left it off yesterday.

As it was a nice day, I got my running-toned pins out in a little retro but modern playsuit that was another Matalan special. Here I am looking amusingly like a slightly grumpy fashion blogger in a test pic (we rejected this location)…

And here I am in a more familiar pose…

Phew, that’s better! πŸ˜‰ I love this little horse-print playsuit, even though it probably won’t last that long. I added my usual stack of bangles, this time in a matching black and white (a mixture of vintage and modern) and my trusty Lucky Lou slides. My skin is weird. In real life, I have a definite tinge of tan, but in these photos, I am as translucent as I have ever been! So what about this ‘au natural’ face, then?

The party hair is already no more, as you can see. I had this day of filming, and also I have a potential audition next week for which I needed natural hair… please cross every appendage for me on this front!

Anyway, so that is me, with minimal styling… do you think I have pulled it off? I better sign off as I am heading up to London to sell off some of my bits and pieces to the people of Shoreditch. If you’re a Londoner, reading this over breakfast and wondering what to do later, then come along!

See you there…?

Lots of Sunday lovings,

Fleur xx


Up Toon Girl

Oh, and incidentally, yes I'd sponsor you. Especially if you then considered coming oop norf and doing the Great North Run one year.

Congratulations on your times!


Well done on the running, you look fab sans make up but I know what you mean! I feel like I have no eyes without make up on them!
I think it depends which charity you choose but if you do a just giving site I'm sure people will pop over & leave you something. Good luck!

Bette on Toast

You look beautiful, with or without make-up! Well done on the running – did you leap straight into it or do something like the Couch to 5k programme?

You can have 10p from me! In fact, you can have 50p! I like the idea of asking people to give you a tiny donation – as well as raising dosh for the charity and being able to take part in the race for yourself, you'd also be highlighting just how much good can be done from small gestures and showing the truth of the whole 'every penny counts' thing. I think you should set up your sponsorship campaign in that sort of vein – make a big deal out of tiny donations making a big difference, or soemthing like that!


YES YES YES!!! I am just drafting a post on running etc. and have exactly the same complaint! No decent gear. I am totally for it. Also Harrah for your wonderul running progress! Well done! You must feel amazing.


I'm thinking I need to get me to Matalan! Well done on the running! You could now officially lap me twice at my fastest recorded speed!



I agree with you…cute exercisewear is hard to come by. Lululemon is the only place I go for such things (pricey but worth it). LOVE your playsuit look!


I was going to mention Lululemon as BaronessVonVintage did above. You don't have a store on your side of the pond, but their stuff is truly amazing – you can probably order online. I've had my pants for over 4 yrs now and they are still fabulous. They also come in extra long length which can then be hemmed.


You look just as fabulous without eyeliner! It's disconcerting to be without when you're so used to wearing something every day, I'm the same with my glasses, but it's nice to mix it up.

If you set up an easy way to sponsor from overseas I will gladly do so.

Shrinky Inky

you are one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, done up with makeup and naturally! I love the fresh look and adopt it often myself during warmer weather. funny that I removed my polish last night and am taking a breather as well. put a bit of olive oil or something of the sort on your nails at night or if you are at home during the day to help as they grow out. love you bunches <3

Sincerity Kirkland

you count on me for 10p or the norwegian equivalent! How about 25 nok? As usual, you look divine, and obviously your natural good looks need no, or at least hardly any, artifice to be that way.


You look lovely as always, Fleur! I love the playsuit, too!

Please mark me down as a sponsor for the Canadian equivalent of 10p.

Miss Katie

I think you look absolutely beautiful like this, perhaps even more so than usual. Don't get me wrong, you look utterly stunning all glamed up, I always admire your outfit photos, but without make up you make your beauty look so effortless, which of course it is πŸ™‚

I totally understand the eye liner thing too, I feel so drab and plain without it! But like I said you look so lovely, you shouldn't worry πŸ™‚

Best wishes,
Miss Katie


You look fab, dahling! You have such pretty eyes that don't NEED the liner! Mine are very bitty and I'm afraid people will miss them if I skip it. And YES PLEASE on retro-inspired workout gear! It's a niche that *needs* to be filled! Modern gear is so…well, modern. Hrm. Let us know when and how we can donate to your cause!


would deffo sponsor depending on the charity πŸ™‚ Ooh how exciting!

Au Naturel suits me thinks! I am sans eye liner most days at work because I just dont have the inclination in the morning before my commute – namely because my eyes are not *actually* open!


You always look lovely, you have a vintage face, if that doesn't sound bad, I know what I mean!

I'd sponsor you. How would I do it?

Bella VonBluebell

You are beautiful without as much makeup still. Lucky ole thing. Your skin looks great and your face is so classically pretty. Love the playsuit and trusty Lucky Lou's x

Living Vintage

You look lovely with or with out make up and I am sure in the workout gear as well as the vintage or vintage inspired clothes. The running can become quite addictive I started running right after my 30's b-day as well. I did it to get over my bad smoking habit and ended up really enjoying it. I would sponsor if you can help those of us across the pond do it easily.

Retro Chick

Well done on the running. I used to run years ago, but despite several times trying I just haven't been able to get back into it. Oh well!


You look gorgeous! You always look lovely in all of your pictures regardless of what you're wearing or how much makeup you have on! πŸ™‚


I really like your 'done' look but you look just lovely au naturel too. I would definitely sponsor you too. Good luck!


I know what you mean about going without eyemakeup, I always feel a bit "naked"! However, I think you look just lovely without the eyeliner, it actually makes you look younger I think, and you have beautiful big eyes. Would love to see your vintage take on sportswear, and I'll definitely sponsor you too!


You look beautiful! Dressing up is nice, and I love making an effort but sometimes, and some occasions, it's essential to just live in our natural beauty once in a while! After running a marathon you deserve it. I would love to see some stylish exercise wear too.


Somehow I missed this post! πŸ˜‰ Just wanted to say that you look gorgeous, Fleur! That playsuit is especially fetching (I'm coveting it as I do most your clothes! ;).


I'd sponsor you! Not enjoying running without a purpose (for the bus, if I'm late, on a hockey field, all ok!) i am happy to sponsor those who do for charity.

Mrs Daniel

As a vintage fan (albeit of a different era to you) and a running fan I know what you mean about lack of decent running gear, would be great to see vintage inspired running gear out there!


I will definitely sponsor you for the race!

Your "au naturel" look is fantastic, and you look great, as always!!



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