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Perm praises

I am singing them!

I had my hair permed in March last year. So it’s well and truly grown out from the top, but the ends remain resolutely wavy. And, while it’s made my tresses almost criminally dry, that’s paradoxically turned out to be a good thing, because I now go for marginally more regular hair cuts, to trim off the split ends. I say marginally, I think I’ve had two in the last year. But I am going for one in a couple of weeks as well, honest!

Anyway, I decided to go on a 16 mile bike ride round trip last Saturday, and I only had time to set my hair in hotsticks for about twenty minutes beforehand. It was a little bit damp, a little bit windy and not entirely warm. But I braved the elements to go and support my dance school Jive Connection as they did a demonstration in nearby Kingston. And I have to say, my hair held up pretty well…ish!

No brushing, 8 miles of cycling in damp air! Not bad! Ladies, I wholeheartedly recommend perms for long-lasting vintage sets. Just ensure you go to a salon frequented by grannies, because they are the ones who know their stuff. Worth every penny!

What about the rest of my outfit? Well…

Sorry for the scowl! I love my one-of-a-kind Heyday Fleur dress, made by Shona as a sample in some quilting cotton. Bangles abound, as usual!

Just look at these smashing folks, dancing despite the downpour…

This little number is one of Heyday’s forthcoming designs… perfect for autumn. 

Health and safety is paramount here at Diary of a Vintage Girl, so it would be remiss of me not to caution you to dress appropriately for this Saturday’s Chap Olympiad! You’ll need a cardi and a brolly, if the weather forecast is to be believed. Boo! But a stiff upper lip and large amounts of gin are all we really need… Who else is going? I can’t wait to unveil my outfit. See you there!

Fleur xx


Roxie Roulette

Stunning as ever, Miss Fleur! I've always wondered about perming my hair but then I kind of like the process of doing my hair…

I wish I could go to the Chap Olympics! Seems like a spiffing day out!

Miss Marie

Deeply distressed about Saturday's forecast for the Olympiad. But, as you say, one just needs to be well-prepared – plenty of gin on hand to warm the toes. Oh, yes, and of course, umbrella and jacket.


Love your outfit! 🙂 So bright and cheery.

Ah… I wish I could perm my hair… I know it would help loads with curling it for 40s 'dos! I did get it permed years and years ago and had a horrible reaction to the chemicals. So annoying. :p

Ruby Rach

Very jealous of your successful perm! I had my hair permed once, and by the following day my hair was dead straight again.

Loving the fabric of your dress – very summery.

Miss Amethyst

Your hair looks lovely.. as always!!!
Yes perms do make hair sets last longer, ( its the secret.. and Lotta body as well 😉
usualy my clients at the salon 'the cute elderly ones' get there perm done by me every 3 to 4 months, But its always good to get a protein treatment to your hair since the perm is chemically changing the hair strand stucture from straight to curls. Which can "stress your hair". I highley recommend 'Mizani'protein treatments! It makes your curls sooo dewy shiney and healthy!!


Wow that impressive, your hair looks gorgeous. My hair is so limp without pin curling, perhaps a perm is the way forward. You look beautiful in the dress, your waist is tiny! x


Hi Fleur – love the blog ! Just wanted to add that The Chap Olympiad was in the main paper in Western Australia today ( as well as the news websites already mentioned) and there's a picture with the lovely Bethan in the background 🙂


What should one ask for when getting a perm? I would like to get one for sure- but am a bit afraid i'd ask for the wrong thing : )


I was just wondering if you could tell me which salon you went to for your perm. I'm really struggling to think of any suitable places in my area (East London). Thanks!

P.s. Lovely dress!


Hello lovely lady, I was enthralled by your 'perm' tale. I think I want one. Do you know that many salons have 'perm snobbery'? They refuse to do them. Ok yeah they aren't great for your hair, but speaking as one who has poker straight locks and desires a little wave, it may be worth it. My latest quest for longer wavy/curly hair led me to £200+ hair extensions which I hated and pulled after 3 weeks, disaster.


I have a question! I've been wanting a perm that helps or looks like vintage waves like yours! But what kind of perm do you ask for? Please help!


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