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Feeling fruity…

This is just a quick one as I’ve already done an almighty plug this week, but I’m just going to do one more bit of marketing for my namesake dress. Shona and I have just released one of the super duper, ultra, mega, limited-edition Fleur dresses… Classic Fruits!

I can’t even explain how much I love this dress.  Putting it together gave me an almost illicit thrill! We paired delicious plain forest green with a super rare fruit print cotton for a classic wrap dress colour combination and theme…

It’s a fruity festival! Pears, apples, peaches, grapes and berry clusters as well as blossoms in shades of red, yellow, orange and blush pink are mingled with deep green geometric patterns and Arts and Crafts motifs. It goes perfectly with bangles of coloured plastic, bamboo and Bakelite! We left off the pockets as we wanted it to keep its clean lines and feel more like a party frock.

The peach floral button on the back is from Shona’s extensive vintage stash!

I’ll get a lot of wear out of mine while it’s still summer, to picnic, party and drink King’s ginger cocktails, but it’s also the perfect autumn colour scheme, don’t you think? (Thanks again to Vintage Teatime for the sweet treats!)

This frock is easy-care and easy wear, practical and chic, cute and sophisticated, and will be incredibly rare, for we have only made eight, and one is mine, and one was Bethan’s birthday present. UPDATE: They sold out…within 12 hours.


Fleur xx



Wowzers! What a perfect frock. I am now debating whether 'don't spend money Perdita you are moving house next week' is actually that concrete a rule…

Retro Chick

Love that print, but I just went to look and they came up as £160!

Is that right? If it's right it's a bit (a lot) out of my price range I think sadly! I'll have to leave it for someone else 🙁


What a coincidence! I've been searching on ebay and etsy for an inexpensive vintage wrap dress pattern. Haven't found the right one yet though.

This dress is great and you look beautiful. Great idea to have a plain top and printed bottom…hmm, might have to try that out.


I love this look of yours, you are totally lovely. And, what a great post that one above! I truly enjoyed reading it. You look absolutely gorgeous even with less make up. Well, I think everybody does.


Is there any way of buying a pattern for this dress? I just found the blog and it is stunning and I would love to be able to make a dress like this for myself as they have sold out.

wrap dress lover

I love this! And sold out by the time I noticed 🙁 Not to keene on the ditsy lilac. Not my colours. But oh, what luck! Someone seems to have returned (?) a classic fruit, as it is suddenly one left in M! I would prefer a small, but as the button can be moved I happily grabbed it 🙂 I can't belive my luck for getting at it before someone else noticed 🙂


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