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Feminine Florals

I am unashamedly feminine, as if you didn’t know already. I adore anything floral, flounced, ruffled, and downright girly, and, coming from someone who spent the best part of a decade in baggy jeans, boys’ skate shoes and hoodies, this is saying something. And I’m tall – taller than the average man. As a teenager with a flat chest, huge feet and gangly limbs, I found it easier to have a slightly androgynous side as alternative fashion wasn’t that feminine anyway, but as I grew up it became something I embraced. I will say that I’m not very keen on any of the other traditional womanly pursuits though – cleaning, baking and so forth. But luckily, I don’t need to be – thanks feminism! I do, however, take huge pleasure in creating a look of ultra-femininity for myself. Ironically, this has attracted a following of trans-women on Flickr – they all love vintage looks! It does occasionally cross my mind that they think I am just a particularly good transvestite though… 😉

Designing, and picking fabrics for my and Heyday’s range of Fleur dresses is a terrible, horrible job. I know you all pity me deeply! But we do try to cater for everyone – we’ve done everything from huge florals, to relatively plain versions so far, and we definitely intend to do more graphic and novelty prints in the future to please those of you who don’t worship chintz as I do. But the latest limited-edition version is definitely something for the real girly-girls.

Presenting the Ditsy Lilac Fleur! We ran across a tiny amount of this floral fabric in a shop and couldn’t resist turning it into a tiny run of frocks. The background is a pale pinkish-lilac, scattered with blossoms and blooms in deeper mauves, pale blue, teal and cream. It’s pure polished cotton with a gorgeous sheen, so it’s lovely for parties as well as every day wear. I’ve worn matching earrings here, but it looks smashing paired with cream celluloid jewellery! Revlon’s Cherries in the Snow lipstick and nail varnish are also a fabulous complement – better than red, I think.

Pockets on this one so you can store all your spare bobby pins and tissues… don’t be like me every…single…time and forget to check them before you wash it! 😉

The button is another vintage special from Shona’s stash – a lovely pearlised rose.

I’m wearing mine with Rocket Originals Nancys, they’re the perfect every day shoe, especially when you’ve done your knee in, as I have…

Now for the salesy bit… we have only FOUR of these dresses – two medium, one large and one extra-large (I nabbed the small!). Since we sell a lot of frocks to the US and Australia, the chances of seeing someone else in one are as slim as a minty Vogue. The Classic Fruits sold out in less than 12 hours, and we’re positive there are plenty of other girly girls out there who’ll be all over this, floral delight so if you want one, then do be quick and grab one now!

Yours in unabashed girliness,

Fleur xx


Eugenia Woods

Lovely dress~ I've been addicted to purchasing vintage fabrics with the hopes of turning them into dresses- Alas, I have a pile of fabric and no dresses yet! Soon… =) Lovely post and like the cranberry lipstick as a nice alternative to the red.

The Glamorous Housewife

Beautiful! I am currently breast feeding, so I am only wearing skirts and tops right now, but when I wean my 'prize' is going to be a Fleur dress! I cant wait.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife


Yet another gorgeous dress! I too am a bit batty for pretty florals, and find that if I'm not careful, my wardrobe is quickly taken over! lol.


Oh wow, I love this. I wish I could buy it right now – it will be all sold out by the time I can! Also, you are having an amazing hair day. I am enormously jealous of your rolls 😉


I agree, your hair looks great. I spotted this dress in your last post, loving the fabric, ditsy florals are a fave. What can I say, I had to buy one, no restraint. I too have the Nancy shoes so I hope we don't run into each other!


Hello Fleur,

I love your dresses to bits. I just wanted to know if you have ever thought about an option that includes satin fabric frocks? I think they would be such a lovely addition to your already ingenious line of vintage inspired clothing.


Lovely dress. Too bad I'm flat broke. Also love the hair. Any chance of a tutorial? Because I could really need some help them 'em rolls.


"Very pretty for young gels," as my great aunt would have said!…I would go for the darker floral one myself now that I am on the older side of things, but just because I don't feel comfortable in anything very pale anymore, doesn't stop me eyeing it up of course, but If I did I'd need to team it with a darker cardi or something but that's just me.
All you young ones reading this, enjoy it while you can and experiment etc, it flees all too quickly. I feel myself reeling when I realise how old some of my favourite songs are now!
And I envy you the height, I really do.


It can be tough to know how to dress when you're tall, I think you just need to stand tall and embrace it,which you do, and you always look great. I'm also tall and I find one tricky thing is getting nice shoes that are not too high, as I don't want to be towering over everyone like a drag queen. Also, I'm interested in how you find wearing vintage as a tall person. I'm about 5'11" and find that with some vintage items the proportions are just all wrong on me!


Kristel – you'll see a roll tutorial on the side bar!
Kestrel – yes, finding a dress that has a waist at my waist! That's why I like repro as well.

Thanks all! It's now sold out 🙂


Oh how darling is that dress! It looks fab on you.

Sadly it wouldn't look so good against my red hair, I will have to await further incarnations of the dress, I am sure one for me will come soon.

I'm more of a simple-n-bright colour (or urban-rock) person- being short, babyfaced and busty. Mind you I love girly things like baking and tea. Ah well like you say, thanks to feminism I can bake in my black sequins to my hearts content!


I love the button the most, ha ha! She really does have an amazing button collection, judging by the ones which crop up on Heyday clothing!
I'm really quite envious of this job you have currently, designing with Heyday!!

Márcinha Mendonça

P, S: I loved the blog of passion, I'm incredibly passionate about tdo that is connected to Vintage and Retro, tdo this very beautiful here, congrats I'm following you, I always come here, my kisses.


Will there be any new autumn/winter fleur dresses? My birthday is in November and I think I'll have to save my pennies and treat myself (being very tall myself, I also have problems finding dresses that work).


Sadly not Eliza – we already have darker ones and releasing new cotton frocks over the winter wouldn't make very good business sense 🙁


the dress looks fab on you! i've always wondered though, does repro mean using vintage pattern and vintage fabrics together or just using a vintage pattern ?


W the Florals !
Great Look, Artistic . . .Vintage Fashion is Art and You're a Great Artist wearing so Amazing . . .
Il tuo look Vintage è Meraviglioso
Saluti dall'Italia
Greetings from Italy by fellow Artist Aurè


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