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Fleurs for all the family!

Good Monday, people!

I have a feeling I shall be blogging an awful lot this week, as I have loads to talk about. But the first thing I’d like to post is some photos from a recent photoshoot I did with Tony Nylons for the brand-new Heyday Fleur dresses!

Shona and I had such a tough time picking two fabric and colour combinations for our main summer collection, but we’re both delighted with the results. These two frocks have been made in a fairly limited quantity, and have already been selling like hotcakes. So, before theyall disappear, allow me to present… the two-tone Green and Gingham Fleur!

I absolutely love our first two-tone Fleur wrap dress (with many more to come)! The colour and fabric pairing here has been made with classic 1950s styles in mind. Cool mint green on the top is perfectly complemented with a striped skirt in black gingham edged with tiny springs of pink flowers, and if you look closely, you’ll see I’ve accessorised it with a glorious elbow scab that’s all colours of green, red and brown, courtesy of my recent tumble when out running. 😉

We decided to eschew the pockets on this version for a clean and sophisticated look, but it also means you can wear a vintage pinny over the top! Not that you can’t anyway, but the lack of pockets mean it will look smoother, not to mention as cute as a button.

Talking of which, the button on the back is a pink flower, and I’ve modelled mine with Rocket Originals Nancy playshoes, which are gorgeously casual for every day summer wear. Take a look on the Heyday site for pictures of the lovely Kitten von Mew modelling her Green and Gingham Fleur with a snood. I am so jealous of her amazing vintage caravan, the aptly named Miss Gracie Wheels.

The next confection for your delectation is the navy blue Garden Circles Fleur! I posed for these shots on the hottest day of the year so far, and so I tried to keep to the shadier areas of the local park. Cor, blimey it was a scorcher! But these dresses at made from pure, crisp cotton, so they are cool to wear. I won’t lie and say I was feeling less than absolutely sweltering though, so let me just add that they luckily wash with absolute ease (good thing when you’ve ‘glowed’ your way through several of them in a shoot)!

The fabric choice for this Fleur looks so vintage, in my humble opinion. Ivory circles are filled with sweetly climbing sprigs of red and pink roses, all on a deep navy blue background. This style does have the classic pleated pcokets, which echo the neckline and are handy for keeping all sorts of stuff in. Train tickets, bobby pins, brow-mopping hankies… you name it! 😉

The back button is a coordinating red flower. This one is a perfect day-to-night dress, as it can be dressed up or down. Well, they all can, really (I may be biased!). Check out the site to see more pictures of Kitten modelling it!

The cute brooch is from a company called Acorn and Will. Isn’t it lovely? I have invested in a few of their lovely Bakelite-esque bits and pieces.  One other prop I was particularly delighted to have on this shoot was a box of the moth mouth-wateringly delicious cupcakes from Vintage Teatime. Pink ones and white ones, oh my! The lovely Salina bakes a mean treat, and her parties are just wonderful. If you’re looking to throw a vintage-themed bash then do check her site out!

These two new Fleur dresses are available for purchase from Heyday right now, but I’m super excited to say that I’ll be posting pictures of some really, incredibly limited edition versions later this week. When I say limited, I mean we’ve literally made four or five of them (and Shona and I have probably nabbed one each!), so they’re the closest thing to custom-made you’ll find. Keep your eyes peeled. Oh, and one more thing, all these Fleur dresses are made with love and care, right here in the UK. This makes me very proud.

Kindest wrap-dress regards,

Fleur xx

PS. our inaugural rose-print dress is now down to single-figures as well, so if you want to own this iconic (humble, me?) frock then now’s your final chance!



I think those dresses are wonderful, particularly the Garden Circles one.

I love the Heyday clothes, and hopefully once I have an income I can invest in a few pieces.

You look fab, Fleur, as always.

The Glamorous Housewife

Love them both, but the print with the circles is something I have never seen before! I also adore the hat and floral clip you wore in the photos. Are they both yours?

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife


I love the Fleur dresses. I have a thick-waisted body, and they work even on figures like mine, plus the cotton is really good quality, not like so many of the flimsy frocks on the high street. Well worth the money, imo. I'll definitely be looking out for the limited-edition ones.


Hello Monday Fleur – lovely dresses, lovely you…as always! I must go and buy something soon. See you at Mafia Party soon xoxo 🙂


That two-tone one is splendid. Just right for summer. I'm a bit of a seperates fan because I love different colours/patterns, but I adore the clean lines of a dress, so the different fabrics are right up my street as they offer the best of both worlds!

I hope your elbow isn't too sore. It's such a nasty place to knock but it always seems the way that they get bumped easily.


I have seen these lovely dresses in the flesh and they are corkers!I can't decide which one I prefer.. I do have a penchant for green! And Acorn & Will – how fab are they? (*non biased sponsorship speak … ahem*)


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