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Ginger me up…

Well in the few hours since I posted my last entry, tickets to the first Vintage Mafia Presents night – the Ric Rac Club have started to sell like hotcakes! I’m so excited, I can’t even tell you.

But what I CAN tell you is a little bit about one of our lovely sponsors, because actually, I’m going to be working with them a lot over the forthcoming weeks and months. This is great for me, but also for you dear readers, because they’re sending me on all sorts of exciting adventures, where I’ll dress up and take lovely photos to show you, as well as writing up some (hopefully) interesting, historical posts. So the former isn’t much different from my usual bloggy business, but like all my sponsors, their interest and help will ensure I can keep writing all my nonsense for you for the foreseeable. Lucky you!

So, who is this smashing new sponsor? Why, it’s the ruddy gorgeous King’s Ginger Liqueur!

I love colour coordination so much, I even match myself to my chosen drink!

I’ve been a fan of The King’s Ginger ever since I was lucky enough to get myself invited to their elegant, Edwardian-themed launch party, back in November 2009. This invitation was extended through The Chap Magazine, but since then I’ve cultivated a working relationship between myself, Berry Bros. & Rudd, and the splendid Marcin Miller of Quercus Communications. I have them to thank for my Glenrothes whisky press trip to Scotland in March and the No. 3 Gin launch do, all of which have been written up on here. Evidently, they appreciate a vintage lady who appreciates a vintage tipple, what can I say. But the King’s Ginger is a BBR brand that fits in perfectly with my character and my blog, so I’m truly honoured to be working for them.

Created in 1903 by the aforementioned Berry Bros. & Rudd, it was originally a medicinal tonic, made for King Edward VII by his physician; who was slightly concerned that his Majesty might catch a cold while out driving his Daimler horseless carriage. It’s not at all a subtle drink, being a fortified liqueur, so it’s lucky his Maj was one of the very few people actually out on the roads in a piece of heavy machinery! While KGL has seemingly been drunk mainly by gun-toting, grouse-shooting country chaps over its 108-year history, its relaunch has made it the perfect drink for vintage folks as well – steeped in history, quirky, fun… and bloody strong. So when they got in touch with me and asked me to come on board as a sort of ‘brand champion’, I jumped at the chance of getting KGL better known amongst the vintage scene. Mainly by getting more of you lot to try it!

Neat, it’s definitely more of an autumn and winter drink – it warms you all the way through (especially mixed with whisky), hence the reason it’s so beloved of outdoorsy types. But this summer I’ve tried it a variety of colder ways – mixed with bitter lemon, tonic, champagne (on my birthday) and my favourite way – like Pimm’s with lemonade and chopped fruit. It’s got a hint of lemon oil added to it, so it goes marvellously with citrus mixers and juice. Apparently it’s wonderful mixed with freshly squeezed lime juice, something I am determined to try next!

The one snag to me telling you how nice it is, is that it’s currently quite hard to get hold of, unfortunately. It’s sold at shows – I’ve already spent a day regaling the attendees of the London Foodies Festival of its gingery virtues, and this bank holiday I’m off to Oxford to do the same again. If you’re a resident of the city of Morse and other historical excitement, then do come along and try a sample from my art deco tray! And if you’re lucky enough to live near a specialist wine-merchants or BBR itself, then you can pick up a bottle there (or online of course). But while the KGL team work on getting it into the supermarkets, I’m going to be giving some away instead!

When I write up my first excursion, ad every month from then on; I’m also going to be offering a bottle to one lucky winner, along with a cocktail to try that’s appropriate for the season. I realise this is no use if you’re not a fan of ginger, for it couldn’t be more emphatically fiery if it tried. But I do hope to convert some new fans to its revivifying charm while also getting some good stories to tell you all.


Obviously you’ll have to be 18 to enter, and I think in the UK (I’ll check this…). I couldn’t live with myself if I let anyone underage drink something so strong. I personally never even tasted a drop of alcohol until I was legally allowed to…….. but seriously folks, it’ll be adults only.

So do look out for my monthly gingery adventures, and prepare to be regaled with tales of our rather naughty King. I promise they’ll be a jolly good read, even if you’re bonkers enough to be teetotal (or foreign). πŸ˜‰

Fleur xx

PS. Don’t forget we’ll be serving it at the Ric Rac Club as well!



Glad there's some interest in my gingery giveaway!

Miss M: The foodies website says where (not sure myself) and it'll be Monday πŸ™‚


Not up my street – but RIGHT up The Beards. And he would be mixing it with his beloved Whiskey. *adds to chritmas list for said Beard in back of fiolfax*

Straight Talking Mama!

mmm love ginger, so alcohol and ginger is a must!

As a seasoned drinker you have already converted me to Hendricks Gin so I'm guessing I need to try this is I can find it, in the meantime, fingers crossed I win a bottle he he!

I can't believe I'm being led astray at my age ;o)


I was lucky enough to taste a wee drop of this at the Bath Tea and Coffee Festival earlier this year – they must have fancied it would go well with the java bean, but since I don't drink coffee I just got a shot of pure ginger! Whiskey and ginger just so happens to be my new favourite tipple, so I wish you all the best in your quest to spread news of its virtues across the land!


Ooh ginger yummo! What a fun gig. I too hope you may be able to make the comp international as I am another Aussie!


Miss Margarita

Ooh, I would love to taste that! πŸ˜‰
Great and very well put together outfit. Cream and black looks great on you and that brooch is so nice!

elisa rathje

how fabulous. i adore the king's ginger. just the thing for a chilly night when we were living in an edwardian flat! draughty, you know. x


Oh, that sounds absolutely heavenly! Ginger is one of my favourite flavours! Too bad they can't send it to Canada – it's ruddy cold here in fall and winter! πŸ™‚


You pretty thing! fabulous photos, I shall look forward to your future adventures.

I remember this stuff, used to be a bottle of it in my great uncle's gun cupboard. My mother said she remembered the ancient aunts indulging in a little whispered tittering about King Edward's bad behaviour when they were young!

Pippa De Winter

Can't wait to try this – I'm a BIG fan of Ginger! I just hope I'll be able to get hold of it over here in Ireland. I'm going to see if it could replace the sloe gin for Autumn hip flask imbibing??? Hard to beat the sloe gin mind you…


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