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Long live the Empire!

Hello all! Just a quickie, but hopefully a goodie! I have a rather cool giveaway for you on this autumnal Sunday eve. This is unfortunately one for the UK residents only, and probably the South East particularly, but we shall see. Are you ready? Then I shall begin!
Do you love Boardwalk Empire? I know I do. It’s one of the only TV shows I watched religiously, and went to all possible lengths to see it, not having the Sky Atlantic channel myself. I shall do the very same when the new season starts on October 8th, of course. Prepare to be visited, friends!

I’m also a big fan of my friend Clayton’s notorious Candlelight Club, the pop-up 20s-style speakeasy that appears in London every couple of weeks. Well, it’s not just me who noticed the utter perfection of a pairing of the two, because the Candlelight Club has been chosen to host a Boardwalk Empire-themed extravaganza next weekend. They are hosting nights on both Friday 30th September and Saturday 1st October, and each event will feature “cocktails inspired by the era and the show plus live period jazz from our friends the Shirt Tail Stompers and vintage vinylism from MC Fruity, plus some wholly amoral burlesque from notorious showgirl Sophia St Villier. There will also be some Boardwalk Empire books, soundtracks CDs and episode DVDs up for grabs.” Sounds exciting, non? I would urge you to book some tickets soon if you’d like to go on one of those evenings as it’s absolutely bound to sell out.

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However… they’re also putting on a rather special, private event on the evening of Thursday the 29th, and it is for this soiree that I have been lucky enough to get a pair of tickets to give away! You lucky things!
This is EXACTLY what the party will be like…

The VIP party will be totally private, packed with Very Important Personages (apparently), and will also include a screening of the first episode of the new series of Boardwalk Empire! Not only that, but I will be there! I know!
So if you would like to win a pair of tickets to this exclusive bash, and be among the first in the country to see the new Boardwalk Empire ahead of its October 8th launch, then all you need to do is leave me a comment below.  Please don’t comment unless you’re entering!
One comment is one entry, and there is one entry allowed per person. You must be free on Thursday night to attend the party in London. I encourage you to follow the Candlelight Club on Facebook and/or Twitter, as we’ll announce the winner there first. I’ll do a quick blog post on Wednesday afternoon as well. And if you’re not lucky enough to win, then do ensure you visit the Club the following weekend!

Omar Little in plaid, well I never.


OK then, hop to it!

Fleur xx

PS. Sorry to be a pain, but please don’t comment unless you’re entering – makes doing the draw rather difficult! Thanks ladies and gents xx



Never heard of Boardwalk Empire (I'm in Australia and don't have cable, so maybe that's why…) But it looks fabulous! Perfect treat while I wait for the new seasons of Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs! 🙂 xo

Emily Givens

Hello! I'm an international student from Florida staying for a semester in Exeter. I LOVE to get dolled up and go swing dancing but I have yet to break into the vintage scene over here. You seem to have the goods. I would love to go to this event on October 1st but I would need a safe place to stay since it would have to be overnight. I am extremely low maintenance and basically just love life. I would not be a bother, PROMISE! My email is esgivens@mail.usf.edu.


There's nothing I'd love more to wave goodbye to Seotember with a Prohibition era knees up. I promise I won't smuggle in any Rye from Canada unless you ask me very nicely.


ThIs looks amazing. I have wanted to attend a candlelight club event for ages. Fingers crossed x


How exciting! I don't watch a lot of fiction on TV (I just clock the outfits and sets), but His Lordship follows the show religiously.

The candlelight club looks fantastic!

Sophie V

What a fantastic event!! Boardwalk Empire is one of those shows I've been wanting to see desperately, but not having sky I haven't been able to yet. I managed to watch a few of the episodes at the beginning and loved those. Am looking forward to the DVD coming out, so I can finally watch them all at once.:)

It was lovely meeting you yesterday at the Sunday Sale and Social, Fleur! I hope you got to have a nice relaxing evening when you got home.


Love the Boardwalk Empire style… Haven't been to the Candelight Club yet, but it's on my Autumn wishlist already! Good luck everyone… Rosie x


Oh, Boardwalk Empire premiered here in Canada and the US last night, so will keep lips sealed about the first episode. Let's just say the fashion continues to awe and inspire! As ever, I'm so envious of your London fetes! Looks amazing!!


I'm going to break my own rule here by commenting, but just to add – please don't comment unless you're entering my draw! It makes doing it a bit difficult. Thanks chiclets and chaps xx


Oooh, I'd love to enter too! (and being a little internet lazy means I don't have to enter the Candlelight Club mailing list competition which involved emailing and such and such) Any excuse to fill a tea-cup with gin and force the boyfriend into his pinstripes/braces/trilby and spats! I need no excuses to dress like an extra from Carnivale but also welcome valid opportunities to frolic with other dressed in a similar fashion… xx


Doesn't Boardwalk Empire look fab. Hopefully I get lucky and I am invited, as I will definitely dress up vintage for the occasion! x


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