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A night of delight

Do forgive my complete lack of posting this week. It’s been a mad one! Did some filming for a new advert, started a new course, caught a debilitating cold… you know. The usual.

But I couldn’t let another day slip by without posting up a few photos from last weekend’s Ric Rac Club, which was absolutely smashing, by the way! I think everyone who came had a smile pasted on their faces for the entire evening, and that, dear readers, is all we could have wished for. As a first event, there are some things to be learned, but overall, it was brilliant. Here’s how it went, in pictoral form.

For decoration, we used Ric Rac… of course!

The Ric Rac Raffle of joy contained prizes including a Fleur dress, food, silly bits and booze!

Naomi and Lisa took the first door shift, accomapanied by some ginger root brew courtesy of one of our fine drinks sponsors…

We danced…

We posed…

Gorgeous Shona Heyday paid us a dancing visit…

I did a boogie myself…

Our special guests, the Marjorie Belles went down a storm!

Our attendees were gorgeous…

And so well-dressed…

All Fringe, No Knickers played a storming 60s set that had everyone dancing until lights up…

The simply divine Bright Young Twins came along…

As did that dangerous dame Red Legs

We had a truly excellent time and can’t wait for the next one!

Fleur xx

PS. Huge thanks must go to our drinks sponsors, Jeremiah Weed and The King’s Ginger, as well as Freixenet who sent us a bottle of their fizzy joy to share before the party started. What a treat!

And in case you wondered, my amazing dress with its bum curtain came from South Side Market on Etsy! What a find! I can’t wait to wear it again, even if it does make men run a mile.

Next from The Mafia is our monthly Sunday Sale & Social, which will happen on the 25th September... but also make a note in your diaries for the very next Ric Rac Club, which is rumoured to take place on the 5th November. It’ll be an explosive party, I can tell you!

PPS. To see all the photos of the night, head over to our Facebook Page! See you soon! x



Oooh, looks splendid! I'm terribly jealous, but perhaps one day I'll make it. Your dress is divine, and I doubt it was in the least man-repelling – the frills are quite fetching!


Oooh! The 5th of Novmeber – I'm actually in England and London then. I have a conference fro Csotume historians but then I could go. Squee!


You all look super. I love that fabulously bright dress on you!

I do hope you do another as I couldn't make this one, much to my disappointment.


Great photos looks like you had fun, I love the dress and you would not want to attract men that cannot handle ruffles anywho!

wacky tacky

My Dear Ms. de Guerre,

I cannot tell you just how wonderful you look in that frock. I am sow glad that it found the perfect home. If men are doing any running, surely they are running a mile to get closer! It is hard to complain about living in Southern California, but every event you attend and about which you post makes me ready to head off to London. Thank you for your kind acknowledgment! Enjoy the dress; I hope you get miles and miles of wear out of it – or is it kilometers over there? Nevertheless, enjoy and thank you!

Mr. Tiny
South Side Market


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