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Velocipede adventures

Here’s a little snippet of autumn fashion inspiration for you… I generally refuse to put my summer frocks away until the first frosts have appeared, but yesterday’s atrocious weather forcast and the day’s activities called for something a little more practical. Most unlike me!

Yesterday was the Mayor of London’s Skyride – 55,000 people on bicycles, cycling around some of London’s most famous landmarks. The ‘snazzy’ luminous yellow tabards being worn on this gentle jaunt made it something of an anti-Tweed Run – barely a thread of vintage in sight, apart from a friend of mine, Tony Lee and his lovely wife who were both clad in tweed. But Bethan and I wanted to bring a touch of much needed glamour to the proceedings. Practical glamour, of course, which is usually an oxymoron, but we did our best!

We were hugely privileged to be lent Pashleys* by the very dashing Jack of Tally Ho! Cycle Tours. This splendid company runs guided bicycle tours around London, as well as lending his magnificent steeds to those Londoners and tourists in need of more elegant transportation than the rather unstylish Boris Bikes that are available for hire around this great city of ours.

*I do, as you may know, have a Pashley of my own; but I stayed round VM Towers on Saturday night as I so often do, and thus it was many miles away. And anyway, it’s really nice to promote Tally Ho a little bit!

But anyway, about the outfits… as you can see, as well as having Big Ben growing out of my head, Bethan and I both are clad in the rare and endangered species that is a Vivien of Holloway dungaree. These awesome overalls only occasionally come into stock at Viv’s boutique, but can occasionally be picked up on eBay. If you’re looking for something similar, might I recommend Freddies of Pinewood? Or, you could have some custom-made on Etsy, by Allure Originals, Jack’s Daughter (these are the very same pattern as ours) or Time Machine Vintage (who are fab!). I’m also wearing a Vivien of Holloway gypsy top. So, totally repro, pretty darn authentic and still glamorous, just like Pashley bicycles!

Thank you Jack, for lending us these lovely boneshakers, I think the Mayor should have picked us to lead the crowd, rather than Kelly Brook – don’t you agree? At least she is on a Pashley as well, though!

Fleur xx

*token trendy Instagram pic*



You look fabulous! I love the dungarees and I'd adore a pair myself, but I'm scared that with my big boobs and hips, they'd look a little bit too 90s housewife. I need something that shows off my waist a bit more.

Stephanie Lynn

Oh so stylish! I think I may have to go scout out a pair of dungarees for myself! Although, the Big Ben "hair accessory" may prove a bit more of a challenge. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Gosh Fleur, you and Bethan are so gorgeous! Your bicycle outing reminds me of Carefree. I agree with you, you should definitely have been at the front of the crowd. You put that Kelly Brook in the shade! (Who the heck is she, by the way? Should we know her?)

Wow, you aren't kidding about Jack being very dashing! *swoon!*

Amii x

I've always wanted my own Pashley, it doesn't help I don't know how to ride a bicycle properly, but I'd learn so I could get one!

As per usual, amazing outfits – I never knew VoH did dungarees! Adorable. x

Toby Wollin

Taking a bike tour of London is something my husband and I have talked about doing for a very long time. I'll have to put Tally Ho into my London book of 'to do'. You guys look great; I hope you all had a lovely time.


I love your looks and think the dungarees are simply divine! Well two ladies to lead the way would have been the correct choice and when you look as lovely as you two, how you were passed over is beyond me ๐Ÿ™‚


Brilliant! You look fabulous!!!! I did the Skyride last year 3 months after learning to ride a bike- it was soo fun but a bit scary with all the stopping at traffic lights with everyone so close by! We dressed up in Regency wear last time which was a little impractical wearing a bonnet and gown- loving the Vivien look. I'd love to find some of these so thanks for the heads up!


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