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Ps and Qs. Mostly Qs

Manners are very important. I was brought up to be a nice girl and always say please and thank you. And, as this blog grows in popularity and readership, I often get sent things, or invited to things; and so quite a few thank yous have been in the pipeline and it’s time I addressed them. I only undertake a small number of actually sponsored posts, and the following things are not sponsored per se – I didn’t receive any actual remuneration, and if I didn’t think them worth mentioning, I wouldn’t. I think they will be either useful or interesting to you lot, though. So here goes nothing!

Firstly, since everyone thinks I only get invited to glamorous soirees, this might seem a bit of an odd choice. But I can be a sensible girl, and so I thought going to the following event was a bloody good idea. Yes, it was a ladies’ evening at my local Kwik-Fit.

Upon a quick Google, I just found some rather disdainful blogs from last year, scoffing at the idea of a ‘Ladies’ Evening’ – what, no men’s evening? they cried! But as someone who is quite pathetic when it comes to my car (apart from pumping tyres and checking oil and water), I have no such qualms about attending such an event, given that the very first thing I do when I have a problem with my motor is to call my dad. Sorry feminists.

So useless am I with it, that when I did prang a wheel in this January’s snowfall, I called him, got very detailed instructions about jacking it up and, feeling all Rosie The Riveter-like was all proud of myself… until the jack slipped and I caused very significant damage to my sill. Turns out I, in fact, can’t do it.

I’ve also been to an (un-named) garage with my dad in tow (for backup) and found they did address him the whole time, even when I was the one asking questions. Irritating! Anyway, I did want to feel a bit less useless so off I popped to the event.

Some of it was very basic and aimed at the totally clueless, but we did learn useful maintenance and guidance on things like changing lightbulbs, replacing spark plugs, doing oil changes, differences between makes and engine sizes and other odds and sods, including products we can use to clean our engines (inside) and improve performance. The chaps were absolutely non-patronising, helpful and sincere, even when asked such girly questions as, ‘Is there anything I can use to clean the outside of my engine as it gets awfully dirty?’ This wasn’t me – I couldn’t give a monkeys about the outside of my engine! Anyway, the event was completely free and I’d recommend it to anyone who is a bit useless around cars – it might help you save money on servicing or avoid failing your MOT… and saving money is always a winner.

The next thing is a bit of a strange one. There’s a real trend at the moment for immersive theatre, and quite right too – it’s ACE. I was recently lucky enough to win tickets to a Punchdrunk production for Playstation’s new Resistance 3 game, and spent a terrifying half hour wandering round a post apocalyptic office complex and bravely being the only one in our group to grab a key from a playing-dead-but-clearly-alive (but biding his time) ‘body’ before running for my life through a warehouse filled with zombies. These things make peoples’ true colours shine, I tell you – none of the men being brave enough for the key part, and at one point leaving me at the back where I tripped up and scuffed my new shoe, not to mention being at the mercy of the ‘reanimated’ body. No one noticed, or helped me! I blame feminism for this, too (kidding). The adrenaline was totally worth it!

These things aren’t new, as anyone who ever got fondled by grown men in rubber alien suits at the Aliens thing that used to be in the Trocadero in the 90s will attest. But they have gained in popularity recently. Last week I went to a rather less scary version, Office Party.

That video is kind of nothing like it actually was, but it gives you an idea. Upon arrival, you’re sorted into Departments at the fictional Product Solutions – HR, Accounts, Executives, Domestic Services, Creative and Consumer Social Responsibility. I got sorted into Executives, before realising my friends were in CSR, so I swapped, not realising the Executives got taken into some VIP lounge… so I have no idea what happened in there. But everyone then went off with their heads of department for a ‘pep talk’ before heading into the party proper. Ours was a hippy type – all the heads seemed to be quite well cast. Especially the cleaning lady, Kath. But without spoiling it, it’s kind of quite a realistic lame-tastic office party, complete with painfully cheesy disco, ‘low-budget’ entertainment, skits from the heads and so forth. The authenticity was inadvertently improved further thanks to the people who’d obviously come straight from work and standing about awkwardly in their suits, not talking to anyone. So actually… I wasn’t sure I liked it! Was that the point, though?! I didn’t *dislike* it, but it wasn’t as exhilarating as Punchdrunk or as satisfying as a good play. But it was a real experience and like nothing I’ve ever been to before. There were some very unexpected and well-acted parts though. It’s very hard to explain without spoilers. All I can say is, just go along and see it for yourself… and tell me what you think.

Finally, onto a more standard glamorous shindig. The Vintage Mafia were invited along to the launch party for Soap & Glory‘s brand new cosmetics range. I had a preview of them (more on this later), but none of the other girls had. Four of us made it along, and not only was it a lovely bash with pink wine and canapes (I love a can-ape, I do), and the products are incredibly good. We all had different favourites, but I will be getting good use from the Show Good Face foundation (for shoots when I’m not using my mineral one), the It’s About Prime eyeshadow primer and brown/nude Lid Stuff palette, and the Arch de Triomphe eyebrow duo. Oh, and the Kick Ass Concealer. Seriously, try them out, gals. They’re in all good Boots stores now. Here are some photos!

They took some cute polaroids of us as well… have a look on the Soap & Glory Facebook page if you’d like to see them all!

I’ve actually filmed some videos for them, but whether they’ll use them, I’m not sure… stay tuned!

So thank you everyone who has invited me to stuff lately. I’m sure there will be more thanking to come.

Have a good week, gang!

Fleur xx



I love the idea of immersive theatre. I suppose the closest I've been was a Halloween haunted house where actors were zombies or mad men with chainsaws. I literally trampled a poor teenager to try and get out.

What great opportunities you've had, well done. x


Oooh I love a bit of total theatre. I used to dabble myself (in the reworked horror-meets-fairytale genre…of course with an evil feminist twist mwahahaha).

You've reminded me of teenage trips to the Trocadero, too- for that, thank YOU! 🙂


Oooh, those car workshops sound really useful. How did you find out about it? I just perused the kwik fit website, but no joy.


Hi sweetie, here a new follower of this gorgeous site 🙂 I love Soap & Glory! I've got some of their products of the bath line. But I dare say that my favourite one of all times is Baylis & Harding. Beautilicious!! Love from Spain


I love Soap and Glory! The packaging is so vintagesque it's adorable! However I haven't particulary used their products. are they good?

~Vixen~ x


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