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(Touch)paper Anniversary

This week marks a pretty momentous event in my calendar, for it is now precisely one year since the formation of that most fabulous, most glamorous, most dangerous and most wonderful of the London-based, six-strong, vintage-wearing girl gangs there is. The Vintage Mafia is now one year old! Happy Birthday to La Maf!

 I’ve posted on here before about our origins, and it’s been detailed on the site in our Meet the Mafia section, but if you’re too laid back to click (and who would blame you), then the story is quite simple. It was the first time we’d all got together, and we went to the Candlelight Club (which was newly launched back then), drank some cocktails and some dreadful cheap wine, kidnapped a dapper chap, and sang Kate Bush songs into the night. You know, as you do. The rest is history.

I met those gals at a time when I needed distraction, entertainment and laughter. Thankfully, and thanks, in fact, to the gals, that time is long behind me, but the friendship and partnership just grows with every passing week.

Friends are great, aren’t they? I mean, I have other friends that I love dearly, but to have some that share almost ALL your obsessions (vintage, gin, shoes, Beyonce) is truly special. And if Bethan, whom I’d met only once before, and who had never met the others, hadn’t plucked up the courage to come out, then who knows what she would be doing now! Much the same as she is doing… but without us 😉

But seriously, you guys. We’ve had some mega highs and some mega lows within the group, but we all rally round to support each other. And we’ve met some amazing new family members along the way. The whole aim of our events Company, if it can so be called, is to bring a new level of social interactions to the vintage-loving, music-digging, silly-fun-having scene of London and beyond. This is why we created our Sunday Sale & Social, with people travelling from miles around to come and hang out. And be photographed by the immensely awesome Hanson Leatherby.

Give this man a medal! Or a commission.
But we’re also extremely proud of our Ric Rac Club, the last of which was described by our guests as being like an ‘amazing vintage house party’, with people dancing everywhere, hanging out, meeting each other and generally having an awesome time. And this one on that most explosive of dates, November the 5th, promises to be even better; with two guest DJs, a live set of Ukelele music (including some modern hits!) by Gemma, free drinks, the Ric Rac Raffle, and tons more. Since we sadly can’t all be together this weekend, we’ll be celebrating our paper anniversary in style (and in just over a week) with toasts, indoor fireworks, dancing and more fun than you can shake a stick of dynamite at on the next. All this party action and social splendour for a mere £8? Heck yeah!
5th November apparently the hardest night of the year to sell out, but we aren’t doing too badly. Still room for lots more revellers before we sell out though! I have to say, so far, male guests are slightly outnumbering female ones! Come on vintage gals of London Town, roll up to the Ric Rac!
Come, come, come! We promise it’ll be better than being cold outside with drunken chavs. Come and be warm inside with drunken anachronists instead! You’ll see plenty of fireworks next August. 😉 If that wasn’t enough, you’ll be immortalised by the vintage lens of Mr Leatherby while you party.
Extra free drinks are guaranteed for Fireworks night themed costumes! Our Ginger Gunpowder cocktail is made with gunpowder tea and King’s Ginger, and we promise it will be delicious. I’m thinking about getting a seasonal Guy Fawkes V mask – V for Vintage? I think a bowlcut and moustache would suit me, non?
I’ll stop banging on now, but I’ll be back next week with the full list of prizes for the free Ric Rac Raffle. Oh, the excitement! And I will actually have some actual fashion on here soon. Actually promise.
Stay classy, ladies and gents!

Fleur xx



You sound like a blast! I think I'm the only woman on the net whose in my late 50s and not deliciously slim and gorgeous. I suppose that's why I'm considered eccentric, but who gives a ginger! Have one one me.

wanda von wink

Why, oh, why do Kitty and I live in Edinburgh? We would love to impromptu dance with you all and absolutley will one day! We will be sure to pass on the details to all of our pals (especially gals) in the big smoke! Would you like a raffle prize for this one? Let us know asap and we can post something off!
Wanda xxx


I have to say I have no problem with the chav word and this comes from a gal who, when occasionally watching Jeremy Kyle, is waiting to spot a family member. Love ya ladycakes.


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