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Winsome booze

Now that the weather has stopped being COMPLETELY MENTAL started giving us an actual excuse to drink strong booze (to keep warm), and I start clinging onto my summer wardrobe by wearing super sexy thermal vests and big pants underneath thin frocks (why yes boys, I AM single), I thought it was about time I did a seasonal giveaway. Not of big pants as I wouldn’t wish them on my arch nemesis (which is, in fact, winter… ooh, physics conundrum) but of a warming bottle of strong liqueur.


The King’s Ginger is guaranteed to ward off cold germs, SAD, evil spirits and chilblains.* And if you haven’t tried it yet, then quite simply, you need to rectify this. So I’m offering one lucky reader (in the UK, sorry – import laws and that) a whole bottle of said regally piquant palliative to do with as you please. What you might do with it is entirely up to you. It might even work as a super luxurious version of Deep Heat… don’t try it at home though.

If you want to be normal about it, and just drink it, god, then try this month’s recommended way to imbibe KGL.

The King’s Squeeze

35ml King’s Ginger
125ml Bitter Lemon
A generous squeeze of fresh lime

To enter, you simply need to leave me a comment below. It can be anything you like, from ‘Comment’, to ‘I love boooooshe I doesh’ (if you’ve been tippling already), to your favourite joke (best option).

If you would like another entry, you can tweet about the giveaway, mentioning @TheKingsGinger (so we can keep track), but please ensure you leave me a SECOND comment here saying you’ve done so (I like to make these competitions as simple as possible for my own simple brain.

OBVIOUSLY, you need to be over 18 to enter.

And UNFORTUNATELY you can only reside in the UK as we can’t post booze abroad.

But those are the only rules.Winner will be drawn by random number generator so witty comments won’t be favoured, but they will be appreciated.

I’ll draw the winner on Sunday 16th October. Follow The King’s Ginger on Twitter or Facebook to find out the winner first and to be a party to more goodies soon…

Enough from me – over to you!

Fleur xx

*Guaranteed only by my imagination and not by actual scientists.


Miss Peelpants

A number of chaps seem to be very into the whole big pants thing, so I'm sure you will get some phone numbers off the back of that admission!

I'm very into ginger so I wouldn't mind trying a new way of imbibing it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I'd like to enter.

I like ginger wine in hot chocolate, I wonder if this works as well in it? Or it might be good mixed with creme de cacao. Mmm. Booze!


Pleassssh…pwretty pleasshh…I need the boooshhhzzzz…(To wipe out the reality of no longer being able to avoid BIG pants in favour of skimpier numbers if I want a remotely tidy silhouette in a pencil skirt…they're not called magic knickers for nothing…some of us need a little more magic than others…and a little more booze!


oh, Lovely! I'd love to offer my entry in the form of a very silly, very cringe-worthy, but somehow still makes me chuckle-type pun as requested on fb!


I entered ten of my very best puns into a competition to see whether one of them might make the final…

No pun in ten did. ๐Ÿ™


Love that dress you're wearing in the photo!
Fittingly I'm currently drinking a bottle of Crabbie's ginger beer whilst I read your post!
Anushka x


I wonder if KGL would prevent ones whiskers from drooping in inclement weather? Winter can be the nemisis of the mustachioed Chap as well as the summer frocked Chapette!


I'd like to enter please.

I offer you the following, which was told to me by an elderly chap one lunchtime. I must have been looking glum as he walked up and told me this joke.

What exercise do rabbits do?


I know everyone says this about all of your pictures, but you are absolutely spellbindingly beautiful in this photo. Bewitched, I am. Fact. Ally xxxx


tweet complete @vintagecrumpet

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.
Ernest Hemingway

Up Toon Girl

I MUST HAVE THIS! I have been mocked for years for being an old woman by drinking gin and ginger. I love ginger so I don't care but this may give me a veneer of sophistication that Morrison's own brand ginger wine can't quite bestow.


My current favourite joke (ie, the only one I can remember) is this: what's white, chilly, and goes up and down? A bipolar bear!
And that's even vaguely wintry.
Plus, mmmmm, ginger. And here was me thinking I was single-handedly keeping the bitter lemon market alive.


I honestly thought it would be impossible to discover a new favourite drink at 36 years old. I love a little with my fizz. How decadent! x


Here is my favourite cheese joke as an entry!

Which cheese would you use to entice a grizzly down from a mountain?



No? I still get to enter right?!

Sian E Williams

Ooo I would love a bottle of this to try :0) I also adore cocktails and think this would be a brilliant addition to my drinks cabinet which is slowly growing :0)

Sandy P

Oh go on then! I've just discovered I like sloe gin so now could be a time to discover I like ginger too!?

Here's my witty bit…
Knock Down Ginger: A game played as kids……..
Also known as Parcelforce.

forties gal

Sounds lovely. Count me in…
I'm terrible at remembering jokes, but the punchline of one of my favourites is "well, put some cold water in then!" Hmmm, loses it a little without the beginning…

The Baron

If I win I do solemnly swear to invent a brand new King's Ginger cocktail in your honour.


No contructive crticism, I think your blog is fab. Two jokes it is then, both snake related, just cause they are the funniest ones
What do you call a snake who works for the government?
A civil serpent.

What would you get if you cross a trumpet and a serpent?
A snake in the brass.

Ha ha ha, Please let me win the booze, my hendricks has sadly run out (I blame magic pixies) and the sloe gin is still sloeing…

Vikki x


I enjoy ginger and I enjoy being drunk, so please do sign me up!

(Also my word verification was 'gurgy', which seems oddly appropriate)


Boys be damned, I'd rather not have a cold bottom!

An entry for me please, I bet it would make a lovely festive tipple, full of spicy goodness.

Retro Chick

I got a little bottle of this in the Vintage Patisserie goodie bag and it was yumsome.

Wintery loveliness mixed with whisky! I don't know where I can buy it, so I would like that bottle there please ๐Ÿ˜€


All this blogging about The King's Ginger has really made me want to try it!

Upon request, here is a (cheesy) joke:

What does a reindeer do when he has an upset stomach?

… He takes an elk-a-seltzer!

Trรจs fromage!


oh,ive never heard of this before, it looks yummy!!!

Heres a funny drinking quote for you –
"And you, madam, are ugly. But I shall be sober in the morning." – Winston Churchill, replying to Bessie Braddock who told him he was drunk.

hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

Jo xx




I would like to be entered please. My favourite joke? I don't really have one but since I work in a lab, this always raises a smile:

Mircobiologists do it with culture and sensitivity.

Thank you


Leanne A

Yes please! I have been stealing my other halves whiskey this evening in an attempt to warm up…would be great to have some of my own!


Hmm, I made a christmas cake a few years ago, where you soaked the fruit in ginger wine…I wonder what it would be like if the fruit were soaked in The Kings Ginger instead? I may have to try that out…


I like to mix Stone's Ginger Wine with Tanqueray Rangpur gin. I call it the "Back and Forth" because it's hot in the front of the mouth and the back. It's a good way to transition from the G&T of summer to the dirty gin martini of winter. Maybe King's Ginger would work as well as Stone's?

BTW, I always thought you were of a different persuasion, so maybe if you're still single vis-a-vis boys, that's why. Or it could be that you have better taste than your prospects. Or a bevy of other reasons. Just saying…

Biddy Stanford

Dear Fleur,
Your 'why yes boys, I AM single' has made me laugh aloud, even on a day as dreary as this one.
Thank you.


Darling, you so Ginger me up! You not only look beautiful, so's your blog.

I so wish, I had your elegance (and youth) However, my autum years will be heavily vintaged, with your help, but I'll match you in sophistication by guzzling this with you through the winter nights.

Ciao Bella!


Fleur, I just tweeted on the Kings Ginger site but didn't realise the Kings Ginger is the perfect accompaniment to my LOVE of all things sensual and Belle Epoch, Jazz Age and Deco! (In case you haven't guessed, I haven't a waist.) And then you give me the LeLuxe catalogue! Can my day ever get any better!!! Oh I can see a winter of serious bohemian lounging.
Gimme the Kings Ginger to calm me down.
Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.


Hope I'm not too late! Meant to post sooner but i'm still nursing a wee bit of a hangover from a weekend of flapper-esque behaviour(!) but a cheeky king's ginger hair of the dog might just do the trick!

Love your blog!



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